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Arena of Arsha Guide

IntroductionArena of Arsha is a private arena that can be rented by a Guild master or officer on a desired date.Renting Arena of ArshaYou must be the Guild master or officerRenting costs 10 million silver from the guild fundsYou can […]

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Miniature Elephants and Camels Guide

If you are looking for information about the Guild Elephant, check out our guide by clicking here Miniature Elephants The miniature elephant mount can carry one person and is used to actively transport trading goods across Valencia. Although this adorable [...] Read more

Guild Elephant Guide

Introduction Guild Elephants are important and every guild that is doing node wars needs the Tier 2 (Cadria) elephant and elephant gear to be competitive. During a node war, one member will be the rider for the guild elephant and [...] Read more

Guilds Guide

Clan vs. GuildClans are purely for social gatherings and can only accommodate up to 15 people. Anyone can create a Clan by talking to the Guild NPC. Once you have created a Clan you can invite other players by going […]

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Navigation NPC Quests Black Spirit Quests Guild Quests NPC Quests   These are the quest icons that will appear above an NPCs head. The yellow icon means the NPC has a quest for you, the blue icon means that a […]

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19/04/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Greetings Adventurers,We’re excited to announce the start of the Spring tulip screenshot contest, get out there and take some amazing pictures! Below you’ll find details covering this week’s patch notes, so catch up on the latest changes while you download […]

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