Leveling 60 – 61 Guide (Questing)

Leveling 60 – 61 Guide (Questing)

Aug 16 Tansie  
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If you reached level 60 by grinding and did not quest at all, then use the Level 59 – 60 guide instead.

  • This is because it is a much faster and easier route but gives the same EXP. You only need to do the quests from this guide if you have already done the 59 – 60 ones.

Before we start

  • This is the fastest way to level to 60 – 61
  • You can do this guide on all your characters
  • You will need at least 190 AP or a friend to help you out
  • After level 61, you will need to grind, because quest EXP is not as good anymore


Approx 1 – 2 hours

I'm not even level 58 yet! What do I do?

  • To reach level 58, follow the main story questline to get you to level 55.
  • From here you will need to level to 58 using our grinding leveling guide.
  • You can level from 56 – 58 via questing, but it is a little slower compared to grinding. If you do choose to do this then I highly recommend checking out EvilDoUsHarm on Youtube he has great video guides for new players and also has a video guide for 60 – 61, which is what this guide is based on which a few changes to make things more efficient.

Other level guide links:

What is the Chenga Tome? Do I really need it?

  • Short answer: YES, you need it!
  • You will need to complete a questline first to obtain it. Check out our Chenga Tome Questline Guide if you do not have the Chenga Tome.
  • The questline is easy to complete and does not require you to kill any monsters, but you will need at least one character in your family to be over level 53 and you will also need 170 energy in total to complete.
  • The Chenga Tome is very important because it gives additional EXP from questing and if you do not have the Chenga Tome you will not get enough EXP to reach level 61.

Quick tips to make this guide easier to follow!

  • If you can’t find the NPC location, you can click all images to enlarge them, refer to the mini-map in the screenshots to help you find the NPC.
  • We will only be doing repeatable quests. Do not accept and complete quests which are repeatables, because these give very low EXP and will waste your time. You can easily filter them in your quest log to hide most of them. To do this, open your quest log (O) then make sure only these 4 icons are yellow across the bottom.

Shady Tree Forest

Make sure you have the Chenga Tome equipped!

We will be starting from where we left in the Level 59 – 60 questing guide.

  • Pick up the quest from Arteedman and follow it through. The last quest will send you to Trent to hand in a Broken Lapis Lazuli Fragment which you will obtain by killing the monsters earlier in the questline so make sure to loot them.

List of all quests in this area:

Kamaslyvia Vicinity

After stopping by Trent to hand in the last quest at Shady Tree Forest, we will be coming back into Kamaslyvia and there is a quest to pickup here at Kamaslyvia Vicinity.

List of all quests in this area:

Lemoria Guard Post

Our next stop is Lemoria Guard Post which is located just south of Kamaslyvia Vicinity. There are 2 questlines to pick up here.

List of all quests in this area:

Don’t hand in the “Old Wisdom Tree” quest just yet because we will be heading to Caduil Forest first and then making our way to Old Wisdom Tree.

Caduil Forest

List of all quests in this area:

After completing these 2 quests, head down to Old Wisdom Tree to hand in the other quest then make your way to Ahib Conflict Zone.

Ahib Conflict Zone

After going back to Old Wisdom Tree to hand in the last quest, we will now be going into Dreighan. The first area is Ahib Conflict Zone which is located north east of Old Wisdom Tree. The quests can be found on the left side of the camp as you enter.

List of all quests in this area:

Marcha Outpost

The next zone is Marcha Outpost. There are 3 questlines to pick up in this area.

List of all quests in this area:


Gayak Altar

Gayak Altar can be found just east of Marcha Outpost. There are a lot of quests in this area. The first ones can be found around the camp at the node and then additional quests are unlocked and can be found in other locations all around this area. Check my mini-map in each of the screenshots to help you find the exact location of the NPC. You can enlarge all the images in this guide by clicking them.

List of all quests in this area:

  • Winning a Woman’s Heart – obtained from Male Farmhand
  • Cowardly Love – obtained from Male Farmhand
    • Head west and kill the monsters to complete the quest
  • Supplying Food – obtained from Abirmed
    • Kill the monsters located east and west to complete the quest, whilst you are here pick up the next quest in this area (located north of the wolves).
  • The Makings of a Courser – obtained from Sorun
    • Interact with the 3 horses around the farm
  • Going Spelunking – obtained from Goblin Worker
  • Sparkling Rocks – obtained from Koi
    • Kill Sharp Stoneback Crab to obtain quest item x5
  • Hungry Wolves – obtained from Villager
    • Kill Gray Highland Wolf x10
  • Trouble at Gayak Guard Post – obtained from Villager
  • Yahq’s Troubles – obtained from Yahq
    • Interact with the 3 altars around Tuir Valley. Watch out for the 2 quests you can pick up near the second altar
  • Nutritous Yak – obtained from Dugarma
    • Kill the Yaks nearby to obtain quest item x10
  • Wandering Sister – obtained from Urumin

Sherekhan Necropolis

Next we will be heading to Sherekhan Necropolis. This is a high AP zone so be careful in this area. We will not be killing any hard monsters here but just be careful, especially since one of the quests leads you directly to the monsters.

List of all quests in this area:

  • Winning over the Drieghanese – obtained from Yakantum (located north of Sherekhan Necropolis. Refer to screenshots for location) 
    • Kill Yaks nearby to obtain quest item x50. This quest can take a while because there aren’t many Yaks around
  • High Priestess Camira – obtained from Yakantum
  • Ancient Drieghanese Documents – obtained from Camira
  • Chenga Sherekhan – obtained from Yakantum
  • The Return of the Sherekhans – obtained from Pilgrim
  • Nutritious Llama Meat – obtained from Emora
    • Butcher Llamas and use a butcher knife to obtain Llama Meat x10
  • My Precious Sister – obtained from Emora
    • Kill Stone Cobras x5 in the area. You can find them along the road (be careful because the quest locaton sends you to monsters at Sherekhan Necropolis which is a 210 AP area)
  • Persuading Camira – obtained from Emora
    • Requires 300 amity with Camira (you may need to skip this quest and the follow on quest then come back to it later because it requires knowledge from the Dreighan Story questline)
  • A Promise Between Sisters – obtained from Camira

Night Crow Post

Night Crow Post can be found east of Sherekhan Necropolis and North east of Duvencrune. There are 4 different questlines to pick up here and you will need to kill monsters with a recommended AP of 190.

List of all quests in this area:

Tshira Ruins

Now head up to Tshira Ruins, located north east of Night Crow Post. Be careful if you are autopathing because this is a grinding spot. There are 2 questlines to pick up here. One of them can be found at the node manager and the other is located east of the node up on the rocks. You will need to kill monsters here that have a recommended AP of 140.

List of all quests in this area:

Don’t go and hand in the “Transport Forbidden Zone” quest just yet because we will be going over to this area later on.

Black Spirit Questline

After completing the questline at Tshira Ruins you will get a new quest from your Black Spirit called “An Intervention from the Black Spirit”.

All quests in this questline:

After completing this questline you will be sent back to Melana at Tshira Ruins. Now you can go and hand in the quest at Khimut Lumber Camp then continue the questline there.

Khimut Lumber Camp

Head up to Khimut Lumber Camp to hand in the previous quest.

List of all quests in this area:

The quest “Traces of Retaliation” will send us all the way down in the mountains south east of Duvencrune. We will be doing quests along the way so don’t go there directly.

Marak Farm

Next we will be going down to Marak Farm, which is on the way to completing the “Traces of Retaliation” quest. There are 4 questlines here.

List of all quests in this area:

  • Signal to Retreat – obtained from Soldier
  • Crimson Statues – obtained from Soldier
    • Destroy Enraged Garmoth Statues x5 and Enchanting Garmoth Statues x5
    • Gain knowledge of Enraged Garmoth Statue and Enchanting Garmoth Statue
  • Special Ointment – obtained from Soldier
    • Kill Rockskin Boar along the road to obtain quest item x3
  • Cowardly Friend – obtained from Guard

After completing all the quests here go and hand in the quest “Traces of Retaliation”

Brellin Farm

Unfortunately if you are not 61 at this point, you are going to have to backtrack and go back to Brellin Farm to get the remaining EXP to hit 61. This questline will give you around 3%. To do this questline it must be between 10PM and 5AM in-game time. You can obtain the quest “Suspicious Farm”, which is the first quest in the story, by speaking to your Black Spirit. After completing that questline you must then speak to your Black Spirit again to get the quest “The Church of Elion?”.

So while you are waiting for night time, or on the way to Brellin Farm, I recommend going back and doing any quests from the level 59 – 60 guide that you skipped. If you didn’t skip any of the quests then you should have already reached level 61. You may also still have the quest Reversed Horoscope which you picked up in the level 59 – 60 guide and need to hand in at Calpheon. You can get a follow on quest when you hand it in so this should give you 2% as well.

All quests in this questline:

  • Suspicious Farm – obtained from Black Spirit
    • Interact with the observation point between 10PM and 5AM in-game time
  • Night at Brellin Farm – obtained from Observation Point
    • Take a look around the corners between 10PM and 5AM in-game time
  • The Chruch of Elion? – obtained from Black Spirit

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