Character Tag Guide – Marni’s Suspicious Device

Character Tag Guide – Marni’s Suspicious Device

Oct 25 Tansie  
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The character tag system allows you to connect two different characters together.

  • Tagged characters always share their location, so if you go to a certain place on one of the characters, the tagged character will also be in the same place.
  • You can “emergency swap” to your tagged character instantly by right-clicking the tag icon. This will bring up a confirmation box.
  • Swapping to your tagged character using the emergency swap will give you a short loading screen and has a cooldown of 5 minutes. This is shared with your emergency escape skill (V), meaning you cannot use the emergency escape skill for 5 minutes if you just used emergency swap, and vice versa.
  • You can swap to the tagged character without a cooldown using character select as normal.
  • You can only have two characters tagged at one time and must untag them if you would like to change the characters you have tagged.
  • If you use the emergency swap feature, you can access any items placed into your character’s tent (including gear). This can be used to swap your gear between characters.

Tagging characters also allows you to use a new feature called “Marni’s Suspicous Device”. This new feature allows tagged characters to share their equipped gear. More details can be found later in the guide.

How to tag/untag characters

You can tag the two characters by clicking the tag icon in the top left. Clicking the icon will bring up the tag window where you can view your characters and select the character you would like to connect. You can only tag characters when you are in a town, and both characters must be in the same town.

You cannot tag season characters or characters that have a trade item in their inventory on their mount inventory. Also, you cannot tag during Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, Battle Arena, Savage Rift, Horse Races, in the Ocean, or during Node/Conquest wars.

To untag the characters you must go back to the original town that you first tagged the characters. Bring up the tag window by left-clicking the tag icon, then select the “Untag” button and confirm.

Marni’s Suspicious Device (Shared Gear)

Marni’s Suspicious Device allows you to make a copy of your current characters equipped gear to use on your tagged character. The weapons will change to the equivalent weapon for the tagged class. For example, if your main character is a ranger and your tagged character is a mystic, you will keep your ranger gear and a second set of gear with mystic weapons will be copied and placed in the inventory of your mystic.

  • The tagged character will obtain a copy of all the equipped gear including any life skill tool that is equipped, and an equipped alchemy stone.
  • Original gear will remain on the original character.
  • Gear must be full durability to be copied.
  • Any crystals that were in the original gear will also be copied to the tagged character.
  • The copied gear cannot be sold or enhanced and you cannot extract the crystals from the copied gear. However, you can delete the crystals to put different cyrstals into the gear instead. This will not effect the original gear.
  • If the tagged character has negative karma, the gear will be deleted if you die. The copied gear is also deleted if you untag the characters.
  • If the original gear is deleted, the copied gear will also be deleted.
  • If the original gear is enhanced or caphras levels change, the copied gear will also be updated to reflect the change

Equipment that cannot be copied:

  • Costumes, such as Calpheon Noble Dress
  • Season gear (Naru/Tuvala)
  • Story quest gear
  • Rented CP gear
  • Equipment that does not use weapon vouchers
  • Shai Weapons
  • Life Tools that are equipped in the main weapon slot (eg. fishing rods and floats)

To use this system both characters must be level 56 or higher and you must complete a questline from your Black Spirit called “[Marni’s Suspicious Device] Great Deal” to unlock the feature.

Once you have unlocked Marni’s Suspicious Device, you must buy Marni Fuel from any Old Moon Manager in any town or city. Marni Fuel costs 10 million silver each and the amount you need depends on your equipped gear:

  • (All 3 Weapons) Central Market Price x 3% + (All 3 Weapons) Number of Caphras Stones used for Caphras Enhancement x 43,000 Silver

Once you have the Marni Fuel you can share the gear by opening the Character Tag window and clicking the Marni’s Suspicious Device button. This will show you the gear you are about to copy and you can also see the amount of Marni Fuel required. In this example I only need 20 Marni Fuel, which is the minimum amount required. This is because central market prices on Global Lab are very low.

Click the image below to enlarge

After switching to the tagged character you can now see that all of the items have been copied and placed into the inventory. Each copied item has a unique icon but is exactly the same as the gear from the main character.

Crystals can also be removed and replaced from the gear, but the crystals cannot be extracted and the gear cannot be placed on the market or in storage.

Marni’s Questline Walkthrough

To use Marni’s Suspicious Device you must complete a questline from your Black Spirit called “[Marni’s Suspicious Device] Great Deal”. This can be found under the suggestions tab from your Black Spirit.

Once you have the quest you will be taken to Abun, which is a small town in Mediah and can be found just south of Altinova. Speak to Shir Waklo in Abun to continue with the questline.

Shir Waklo will give you 9 items which you can now find in your inventory. Rearrange the items to create the picture as you can see in the image below then click the + icon in the corner to combine the images.

Speak to Shir Waklo again and select the 3rd chat option to complete the quest. You will then receive a follow-on quest from your Black Spirit which will lead you to the Splashing Point node. Speak to Bavio to complete the quest and receive another quest from him. Use the chat option twice to complete the quest objective then go to Captain Moguly to hand it in.

Captain Moguly will then have a quest for you and will give you a golden chalice in your inventory which you can interact with by right-clicking it.

Finally speak to Captain Moguly once more to obtain the final quest in this questline, which will lead you to speak to Jak the Old Moon Manager in Altinova. After speaking to Jak to complete the questline, you have unlocked Marni’s Suspicious Device and will be able to use the feature.

Old Moon Manager Locations

Marni Fuel can only be bought at Old Moon Manager NPCs. Their locations are shown below:

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