How to find and use the warehouse


How to find and use the warehouse


Warehouse Locations

How to put items/silver in the Warehouse

How to increase Warehouse space

Currency Exchange

Transporting Items

Warehouse Locations

Warehouse NPCs will appear as a “chest” icon on the map. To see the icon you will have to discover the NPC first by talking to them so here are the locations of warehouse NPCs in the main towns and cities.

You can also view your warehouse at any time by opening your world map (M), then clicking the town/city icon.


Olivia Town


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Velia Town


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Hidel City


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Glyshi Town


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Keplan City


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Calpheon City

For some reason this city does not have the Warehouse icon on the map. To find the Warehouse NPC go to this location marked on the map below. The NPC will be inside a building. This is a very crowded area so the NPC will be hard to see at first. Refer to the extra screenshots below if you have any problems finding him.


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O0n3u55 (1)



How to put items/silver in the Warehouse

Once you have found the Warehouse NPC, go up to them and press “R” to talk to them, then click “Warehouse”. To put items in your warehouse simply right-click the item and if you have multiple items enter how many you would like to put in the warehouse. To put silver in the warehouse you need to click the silver icon in your bag, enter how much silver you would like to deposit, then click “Confirm”.


To withdraw silver from your warehouse you simply click the silver icon in your warehouse, enter how much you would like to withdraw, then click “confirm”.


Please be aware that warehouses do not share across towns or cities so you will need to go back to the same location that you stored your items or silver, in order to withdraw them again. Warehouses do share across all your characters on the same server.

How to increase Warehouse space



Warehouse space can be increased by buying a Warehouse property. To buy a Warehouse property click the town or city icon then click a blue house icon. Most of the properties you can start with will have a Warehouse option.

Below is an example of a Warehouse property you can buy. This property costs 1 contribution point and takes 2 minutes to set-up. Buying this property will give you 3 extra warehouse spaces in the town or city you buy it in.

For more information on buying properties click here to view our “Housing & Workers” guide


Currency Exchange

You can exchange silver into gold bars using your warehouse. This is often used to transport money from one warehouse to another because it changes the silver to an item and weighs a lot less. You also need to use gold bars to use the “Office” nodes using your workers.

To use Currency Exchange, go to your warehouse and select “Currency Exchange”. A shop window will pop-up where you can purchase 4 types of gold bars. The prices are 100,100 silver, 1,001,000 silver, 10,010,000 silver and 100,100,000 silver. Select one of the gold bars then “Purchase” to convert your silver to a gold bar.


To sell the gold bar back to the shop again, go to a warehouse and select “Currency Exchange”, then go to the “Sell” tab on the shop window. Here you can sell back your gold bars to change them back to silver. As you can see, I paid 100,100 silver to buy the gold bar and I only get back 100,000 silver by selling it. This is because the NPC takes a small percentage (0.1%) of your money for converting it.


Transporting Items

You can transport items and trading goods from one warehouse to another. It does cost a small amount of silver and does take longer to transport than if you were transporting it yourself. However, it’s a great way to move items around whilst AFK, offline, or doing something else.

To transport the items, make sure they are stored in your warehouse first. Then select the “Transport” tab to open up the transport window. You may need to press the “Send” tab at the top. From here you can then select a Destination and Transportation method using the drop down boxes. Add the items you want to transport. You can transport up to 40 items at once.

You will also be told your Transport Fee, which is the cost for transporting the items. The Transport Fee will cost 3 times the amount if the nodes are not connected.

For more information on connect nodes, click here to view our Nodes guide.

Once you’re ready, click the “Send” button.


Now that your items are ready to be transported, you must wait for the wagon/boat to pick the items up. You can see the transport moving around the map at any time.


When the items have been picked up, the icon will change and you will be able to click the wagon/boat to see what is being transported. If you are transporting trading goods, they may be attacked by bandits along the road.

For more information on trading goods, click here to view our Trading guide.



2015-05-03_28916586[-2343_-25_-346]When the items finally reach their destination, you will need to open your warehouse. This can be done at any time by pressing (M) to open the world map then clicking on the City icon (left image). Then you must click the items you want to put into your warehouse.

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