Maids/Butlers Guide

Maids/Butlers Guide

Apr 05 Tansie  
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Maids/Butlers are available from the Pearl Store, under the function tab, for 1,200 pearls and can be used to access your storage or marketplace from anywhere, depending on which one you buy. There are 2 types of maids/butlers, and 4 different appearances you can choose from.

A quest was also added on 20th Dec 2017, which rewards a free storage or transaction maid/butler (of your choice). The quest is available from your Black Spirit on any character that is level 52 or higher. It can only be completed once per account and the maid/butler cannot be exchanged once it has been chosen. It is currently unknown if this quest will be removed at a later date.

Storage Maids/Butlers

Storage Maids/Butlers are used to access your warehouse. It’s important to note that the maid/butler will open the storage in the region you are currently in. For example: if you are currently at Sausans, it will open your Altinova storage and if you are at Pirates, it will open your Calpheon storage.

You can deposit and withdraw any items, excluding trade items. You can only transfer a maximum of 100LT weight however and there is a 20 minute cooldown for using the maid/butler.

Transaction Maids/Butlers

Transaction Maids/Butlers are used to access your Central Market Warehouse (for more information on the Central Market, click here to view our guide).

You can move one item stack from your Central Market Warehouse per maid/butler. You can also withdraw and deposit silver. You can browse the Central Market from anywhere and buy items, then use your maid/butler to move the item from your Central Market Warehouse straight into your inventory. You can also move items from your inventory to the Central Market, so that you can place them up for sale immediately without having to go to a Marketplace NPC. Transaction Maids/Butlers have a 20 minute cooldown once they have been used.

How to use Maids/Butlers

Once you have purchased a maid/butler, you will need to register them by right-clicking the maid/butler in your pearl inventory once registered there will be a 20 minute cooldown before it can be used.

To use your maid/butler, click the icon in the top left of your screen then select the storage or Central Market button. In the Maid/Butler list, you can view the current cooldowns of your maids/butlers.

You can also set up Quick Hotkeys to Summon the maid/butlers directly. This can be done by going to your ESC menu and then “Quick Hotkey”.

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