Leveling 59 – 60 Guide (Questing)

Leveling 59 – 60 Guide (Questing)

Aug 14 Tansie  
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Currently the fastest way to level from 59 to 61 is to do non-repeatable quests whilst having the Chenga Tome equipped. This should only take you a few hours with the help of this guide.

We also have a guide for level 58 – 59 via questing and level 60 – 61 via questing.

To reach level 58, I recommend following the main story questline which should get you to level 55. From here you will need to level to 58 using our grinding leveling guide. You can level from 56 – 58 via questing but it is a little slower compared to grinding. If you do choose to do this then I highly recommend checking out EvilDoUsHarm on Youtube he has great video guides for new players and also has a video guide for 60 – 61, which is what this guide is based on which a few changes to make things more efficient.

If you don’t have the Chenga Tome already, you will need to complete a questline first to obtain it. The questline is easy to complete and does not require you to kill any monsters but you will need  at least one character in your family to be over level 53 and you will also need 170 energy in total to complete.

Check out our Chenga Tome Questline Guide if you do not have the Chenga Tome.

The Chenga Tome is very important because it gives additional EXP from questing and if you do not have the Chenga Tome you will not get enough EXP to reach level 60.

We will be starting with the quests in Brellin Farm, this area is not available on console so if you are playing on Xbox or PS4 you will need to skip to the Kamaslyvia quests and then get the remaining EXP from grinding. You can go straight to the level 60 – 61 guide while you are still level 59 but you will not get enough EXP to reach level 61 this way and it’s much easier to grind the remaining EXP to 60 than to grind to 61.

Make sure you do not accept and complete quests which are repeatables, because these give very low EXP and will waste your time.

You can see whether a quest is a repeatable or not by looking at the quest icon above the NPC. I recommend turning off the repeatable quests in your quest log and this will hide most of them. To do this, open your quest log (O) then make sure only these 4 icons are yellow across the bottom.

You should also bring a Fried Fish x1 and Deer Meat x5 (or bring a Butcher’s Knife) with you because these will be required for the quests. You should be able to buy the Fried Fish from the central market, or you can make it yourself. Deer Meat can also be bought from the Central Market. A butcher’s knife can be bought from any material merchant (Dull Butcher’s Knife will work).

Brellin Farm

There are 4 quests to pick up from Brellin Farm which will give follow on quests for you to complete.

You can click all the images in this guide to enlarge them. Check the mini-map in each screenshot to help you find the NPC.

Once again make sure your Chenga Tome is equipped.

List of all quests in this area:

Do not bother with the quest “Back to Reality II” because this quest requires you to kill monsters in Star’s End, which is a high level AP/DP zone.

Outpost Supply Port

After completing the Brellin Farm quests you need to go down to Outpost Supply Port, which is just west of the farm along the shore. There are 2 questlines to pick up from the NPCs located here.

List of all quests in this area:

Calpheon Northwestern Outpost

This area is located south of Outpost Supply Post and is the next area to pick up quests. There will be 4 questlines here for you to do.

List of all quests in this area:

Do not bother with the quest “Red and Strong” because this quest requires you to kill monsters in Star’s End, which is a high level AP/DP zone.

Star’s End

We will not be doing the kill quests in this area because it is a high AP/DP area. Be careful of the monsters and stick to the road. Only complete the two quests listed in this section. You can find the quest NPC at the dock.

List of all quests in this area:

Do not bother with the “Their Identity” quest because this quest requires you to kill monsters in the area.

Ash Forest

Now that we’ve completed the 2 quests at Star’s End, we will be heading south towards Acher Guard Post in Kamsylvia. On the way there is one quest you can pick up along the road.

List of all quests in this area:

The second quest requires you to kill monsters at Star’s End and Ash Forest so we will only be doing one quest here for a quick and easy 1.3% on the way to our next location.

Acher Guard Post

After completing the quest at Ash Forest, we will be moving down to Acher Guard Post and picking up 3 questlines here.

List of all quests in this area:

  • Small, blue and strong – obtained from Salim
  • Fadus’s Present – obtained from Mokassa
    • Kill Lapis Lazuli Crab to obtain a quest item (50% chance of dropping)
  • Surge of Ash Fog – obtained from Mignor
    • Interact with two of Guardian Towers to complete
  • Dimmed Light – obtained from Acher Scout Lead
  • Chronic Wound – obtained from Acher Priestess (hidden inside a tent)
    • Interact with the Pile of Herbs outside the tent (on the left side when you are looking at the tent)
  • General Goods Vendor Feilrak – obtained from Acher Priestess
  • Feelers Make Great Medicines – obtained from Feilrak
    • Kill Arched Hummingbird to obtain quest item x2 (80% drop chance)
    • These monsters can be hard to hit if you are melee because they hover in the air and won’t aggro. There are a few that are closer to the ground or near rocks and you can reach those ones
  • Stolen Supplies – obtained from Feilrak
    • Kill Fadus Blue Box to obtain quest item x10 (60% drop chance)
  • Craft Medical Kit – obtained from Feilrak
  • Curing Someone – obtained from Feilrak
    • Deliver the medical kit to the Acher Priestess (located inside the tent)

I personally do not bother with the quest “Fadus’s Present” because this quest can sometimes take a while for the item to drop and there aren’t many of the monsters around. You may have to come back to it at the end if you are short on EXP

Polly’s Forest

Next, we will travel down to Weenie Cabin and do all of the quests around Polly’s Forest. Some of the quests in this questline require you to kill monsters with a recommended AP of 160. If you don’t have enough gear to kill these monsters then you can skip some of these quests and go straight to Looney Cabin to pick up the questline which will send you over to Grana.

List of all quests in this area:


There are also two questlines in Grana which can be obtained from Kara (the material vendor) and the Villager. However, the one from Kara requires you to have completed the Kamaslyvia Questline and the one from the Villager . You can come back to these quests after finishing the Kamaslyvia Quesline if you are missing any EXP at the end.

List of all quests in this area:

Manshaum Forest

Next, we will be going to Manshaum Forest to the node manager there. Some of the quests require you to kill monstesr in the area and this is a 240 AP zone so only do the first quest listed in this guide and skip the kill quests if you don’t have the gear for this area. If you’ve never unlocked this area before then I recommend just skipping this quest to be honest because it can be hard to find the node manager for a new player.

List of all quests in this area:

  • [Co-op] Unpleasant Happenings – obtained from Viverza
    • Interact with the three objects around Manshaum Forest
  • [Co-op] For What Reason Did This Death Happen? – obtained from Viverza
    • Obtain knowledge of Manshaum Shaman, Manshaum Warrior and Manshaum Fighter
  • [Co-op] What They Want – obtained from Viverza
    • Obtain quest items from Manshaum Charm x3 (drop chance 30%), Manshaum Totem x4 (drop chance 30%) and Manshaum Hut x2 (drop chance 50%)
  • Co-op] An Eye for an Eye – obtained from Viverza
    • Obtain quest items from Manshaum Shaman x5 (drop chance 20%), Manshaum Great Warrior x5 (drop chance 15%), Manshaum Warrior x15 (drop chance 10%) and Manshaum Fighter x10 (drop chance 20%)

Viv Foretta Hamlet

Viv Foretta Hamlet is located on the mountains north east of Manshaum Forest. You will need to gain 400 amity with Norn Federers to unlock one of the questlines.

To do this, choose the “Conversation” option when speaking to him. We have a full guide about the conversation mini-game but you basically want to watch out for what the “requirement” is on the left side. Use the following topics to gain high amity with him: Treant Stub, Tough Tree Spirit, Treant Crystal Tree, Young Treant or Owl Treant.

List of all quests in this area:

Old Wisdom Tree

There are a total of 7 different questlines to complete here. One of the quests can be found by climbing on top of the tree. You may already be level 60 at this point if you didn’t skip the Polly Forest quests but if you did then the quests here should get you to 60 and you can then continue to the 60 – 61 guide.

List of all quests in this area:

  • Book Loved by a Girl – obtained from Napolia
  • The Story of Krogdalo – obtained from Krogdalo Legend
  • Facing a Legend – obtained from Krogdalo Legend
  • The Untold Secrets – obtained from Arduanatt
    • this quest sends you back to Bacho to complete so hand it in afterwards
  • Battered Equipment – obtained from Merchant
    • kill Lapis Lazuli Bison to obtain quest item x5 (80% drop chance)
  • Cutting Through the Wind – obtained from Merchant
    • kill Lavender Kuku Bird to obtain quest item x5 (80% drop chance) and Red Beak Devourer to obtain quest item x3 (60% chance)
    • Be careful in this area. I was able to kill the monsters needed with only 150 AP and 150 DP but there are Black Leopard mobs around which can one shot you if you have low gear.
  • Coal from Afar – obtained from Puritora
    • pick up a Coal Bag and bring it to Puritora
  • Have you seen my Ferrina? – obtained from Sentinel
    • interact with the Ferrina and escort it back to Sentinel
  • Preparation for Deployment – obtained from Cavalry
    • interact with the leaf on the top of the Old Wisdom Tree
  • Medicine for Ferrica – obtained from Kamaslyve Priestess
  • A Lost Book – obtained from Sentinel (on top of the tree)
    • Click here for the book location


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