Crystal Sockets Guide

Crystal Sockets Guide

Aug 08 Tansie  
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Crystals can be added to gear to give extra stats and have a chance of breaking when you die to monsters (or to players if you are negative karma). When hovering over a piece of gear, you can see how many (if any) crystals slots it has. For example, in the image below we can see that Grunil Armor has 2 empty crystal slots so we can add two crystals to this piece of gear.

iconCertain crystals can only be placed in certain slots, the slot it can added to is shown on the crystal icon. For example, this crystal can be placed in armor chest slots. If the crystal doesn’t have an icon on it then it can be placed in any slot. This is also explained on the item tooltip along with the effect the crystal will give you once it is equipped. Awakening weapons currently do not have any crystal slots. I recommend going to BDOCodex to view their full Crystal list.

If you are looking for which crystals to use for your class, check our class guides for specifics.

How to add Crystals to your Gear

To add a crystal, summon your Black Spirit and click “Transfusion”. Next select the piece of equipment and then click the Crystal tab at the top. Choose the crystal you would like to add and then click it and confirm. The crystal is then added to the gear and you can see the effects it gives when equipped.

Removing/Extracting Crystals

There are two ways you can remove crystals from your equipment. The first way will destroy the crystal. To do this summon your Black Spirit and click “Transfusion”. Next, right-click the crystal that is currently on your equipment.

The other way you can remove crystals will not break the crystal and instead it will be returned to you in your inventory. However, you need one of the following items:
  • Black Spirit Essence – This is a pearl store item and can be bought for 200 pearls by pressing “F3” then going to the “Function” tab.
  • Crystal Extraction Tool – Sometimes obtainable from attendance rewards or events and can be crafted once you obtain the knowledge (more information in the section below)
Once you have one of the above items, go to the blacksmith and click “Extraction” then “Extract Crystal”. Select the piece of equipment, choose the Black Spirit Essence or Crystal Extraction Tool, then click “Extract” on the correct crystal.

How to craft a Crystal Extraction Tool

Crystal Extraction Tools are used to safely remove crystals from your gear without them breaking. You can craft a Crystal Extraction Tool but must first complete a quest from Techthon (blacksmith) in Heidel. The quest can only be completed if you are level 50 or higher and can only be completed once per family.

The quest is called Techthon & the Crystal Extraction Tool and requires you to complete the following tasks:
  • Craft Magical Shard x10 and hand them over to Techton
    • Crafted by heating yellow grade black magic crystals
  • Hand over Pure Iron Crystal x100 to Techthon
    • You do not need to craft these yourself and can hand over 100 of them straigh tto Techthon
    • Crafted by heating Metal Solvent x2, Iron Ingot x3 (requires Heating: Skilled knowledge)
After completing the quest you will obtain a Crystal Extraction Tool and the knowledge to craft them yourself.

Item Name

How to Obtain
Crystal Extraction Tool

Processing (L) > [Simple Alchemy] 

Magical Shard x10

Pure Iron Crystal x100

How to add a Crystal to your Costume

You can add a crystal to a pearl store costume but you have to make the crystal yourself and will need a few items to get started. Unlike regular crystals, the crystal added to a pearl store costume will not break if you die

First of all, you will need a Pearl Store costume (armor piece) to add the crystal to. You can buy these from the pearl store (F3) under “Apparel” and then “Outfit”. Crystals cannot be placed on the Ghuille Suit, Fish Costume, Shark Costume, etc. Make sure to double check the item description if you are not sure.

Once you’ve chosen the costume you would like to equip the crystal to, you will need to create the crystal! These crystals cannot be sold on the market and you must make them yourself.

You will need one of the outfits listed below and then an Equipment Tailoring Coupon to turn the outfit into a wearable costume piece.

It does not matter what class you get the outfit for because we will be heating the outfit anyway to turn it into a crystal. However, make sure to choose the correct outfit depending on which crystal you would like to make.
For example: if you would like the Crystal with Critical Hit +1 then you will need to use either a Serendian Soldier Armor, Serendian Smith Garb, Delphe Knight Amor, Ahon Kirus’s Armor or Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes.

IconCostume NameHow to obtainCrystal Name and Effect
iconSerendian Soldier ArmorCostume Mill (Level 1)
Steel x40,
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Serendian Soldier Armor x1
Flax Fabric x15
Fine Hard Hide x10
Processing (L) > Heating to create:

iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Valor

Effect: Critical Hit +1
iconSerendian Smith GarbCostume Mill (Level 1)
Steel x10
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Serendian Smith Garb x1
Flax Fabric x25
Fine Tough Hide x15
iconDelphe Knight ArmorCostume Mill (Level 2)
Pure Iron Crystal x5
Silver Ingot x20
Black Stone Powder x50
Design: Delphe Knight Armor x1
Wool x15
iconAhon Kirus’s ArmorCostume Mill (Level 2)
Steel x80
Black Crystal x20
Black Stone Powder x100
Design: Ahon Kirus’s Armor x1
Silk x30
iconFlorin Herb Gatherer ClothesCostume Mill (Level 1)
Design: Florin Herb Gather Clothes x1
Cotton Fabric x30
Spirit’s Leaf x50
Trace of Forest x20
Lightweight Plume x30
Black Stone Powder 25
iconCalpheon Noble SuitCostume Mill (Level 2)
Design: Calpheon Noble Suit x1
Cotton Fabric x30
Fine Fancy Feather x20
Processing (L) > Heating to create:

iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness

Effect: Movement Speed +2
iconCalpheon Noble DressCostume Mill (Level 2)
Ruby x7
Design: Calpheon Noble Dress x1
Flax Fabric x30
iconEdan’s Travel WearCostume Mill (Level 2)
Iron Ingot x3
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Edan’s Travel Wear x1
Cotton Fabric x5
Fine Tough Hide x20
iconOrwen’s Travel WearCostume Mill (Level 2)
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Orwen’s Travel Wear x1
Silk x30
Supreme Soft Hide x3
Supreme Tough Hide x2
iconGarnier Troupe GarbCostume Mill (Level 2)
Iron Ingot x5
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Garnier Troupe Garb x1
Cotten Fabric x40
Wool x20
iconTerrmian Casual WearCostume Mill (Level 1)
Iron Ingot x1
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Terrmian Casual Wear x1
Sunflower x20
Old Casual x5
iconSerendian Formal SuitCostume Mill (Level 2)
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Serendian Formal Suit x1
Fine Tough Hide x20
Fine Thin Hide x3
iconValencian Travel WearCostume Mill (Level 2)
Black Stone Powder x50
Design: Valencia Travel Wear x1
Flax Fabric x20
Supreme Soft Hide x2
Supreme Hard Hide x10
iconFlorin Cook’s ClothesCostume Mill (Level 1)
Design: Florin Cook’s Clothes x1
Cotton Fabric x30
Fine Hard Hide x10
Flax Fabric x15
Black Stone Powder x25
iconKanna’s Naga DisguiseCostume Mill (Level 1)
Design: Kanna’s Naga Disguise x1
Fine Tough Hide x20
Naga Webfoot x10
Wool x15
Black Stone Powder x25
iconShroud Knights ArmorCostume Mill (Level 2)
Steel x50
Pure Silver Crystal x5
Black Stone Powder x30
Design: Shroud Knight Armor x1
Cheetah Dragon Hide x30
Processing (L) > Heating to create:

iconAncient Spirit’s Crystal – Viper

Effect: Attack Speed & Casting Speed +1
iconBlack Leopard ArmorCostume Mill (Level 2)
Pure Titanium Crystal x5
Gold Ingot x10
Design: Black Leopard Armor x1
Silk x15
Black Leopard Hide x50
iconJordine’s Casual WearCostume Mill (Level 2)
Silver Ingot x5
Brilliant Opal x2
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Jordine’s Casual Wear x1
Serendia Special Fabric x1
iconJarette’s ArmorCostume Mill (Level 2)
Brilliant Opal x2
Black Stone Powder x25
Design: Jarette’s Armor
Pattern-Engraved Golden Armor
Finest Casual Clothes for Women

Once you have the correct costume piece, use the Equipment Tailoring Coupon on it to turn it into a costume. Then open the processing window (L) and select the Heating option. Place the costume (Calpheon Noble Dress for example) and heat it. You will receive the crystal which you can now place into your pearl store costume.
Finally, to enable you to have a crystal slot on your pearl store costume. You will need a icon Black Spirit Claw. You can make one of these by placing iconBlack Spirit Claw Piece x3 in a horizonal line in your inventory. The pieces can be dropped by monsters at Wandering Rogues, Gahaz Bandit’s Lair, Pila Ku Jail and Roud Sulfur Works.

Right-click the Black Spirit Claw in your inventory. This will summon your Black Spirit enhancement window. Select the Pearl store costume you want to place the crystal in then click Enhance. There is a 100% success chance so do not worry.

Now add your crystal like you would with any normal crystal by speaking to your Black Spirit and selecting “Transfusion”.

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