Season Servers Guide

Season Servers Guide

Sep 02 Tansie  
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Season servers are a new addition to BDO which first arrived on the 17th June 2020.

Season servers are designed for new and returning players to help them get started in BDO but anyone can participate. There are various rewards you can collect by participating, which will give you a great start in terms of gear. The daily quests also help to introduce you to certain parts of the game without throwing you straight into the deep end. If you’re a veteran player then you can still benefit from playing on the season servers and it can be refreshing to play on them, but the rewards are not too desirable that you would feel forced to participate if you don’t want to.

Autumn Season (current season) will last until December 2020. The exact end date is currently unconfirmed. You must create a special Season Character to have access to the Season server (only 1 character can be created per season). At the end of the season, your character will become a regular character.

The Season servers themselves are not actually season servers at all. They are special channels that are added and only Season characters can connect to them. The channels have a special icon on them so you can tell them apart from regular channels

On these channels there is a Combat EXP +100% and a Skill EXP +20% buff running at all times, but PVP is not allowed (you cannot flag up but guild wars will still work) unless you join the specific PVP channel. The Central Market and Storage is not seperate to other channels. You can use your pets, fairy, tent and maids that are already on your account as well. All horses (except T9 horses) and other mounts are available in your stables. It is also worth noting that Season Characters can connect to regular channels as well, but only Season Characters can connect to the Season Channels.

Season Gear

Season characters cannot equip regular gear!

Season specific gear (Tuvala gear or Naru gear), Asula accessoires and main story quest gear is the only gear that can be equipped by a season character. These items have special icons on them.

Naru Gear

Naru gear is easier to obtain and enhance than the Tuvala gear and is also given out as a reward when completing the main story quests in Serendia and Calpheon.

You can obtain Naru gear as a drop when fighting monsters in Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah.

You can also exchange the new Beginner Black Stones for Naru gear:

  • Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x1 = Naru Armor x1
  • Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x5 = Naru Accessory x1
  • Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x1 = Naru Main Weapon Box x1
  • Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x1 = Naru Sub-weapon Box x1
  • Beginner Black Stone (Weapon)x5 = Naru Accessory x1

You can obtain Beginner Blacks Stones from the main story quest, or by heating regular black stones to turn them into Beginner Black Stones.
They are also used for enhancing Naru gear

Processing (L) > Heating
Obtained item
Black Stone (Weapon) x 3 Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x 1
Black Stone (Armor) x 3 Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x 1
Black Stone (Weapon) x 30
Black Stone Powder x 1
Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x 10
Black Stone (Armor) x 30
Black Stone Powder x 1
Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x 10


Enhancing Naru Gear

To enhance Naru gear, you will need the new blackstones called Beginner Black Stone. Information about how to obtain them is shown above.

Naru gear is much easier to enhance than Tuvala gear. If you fail when enhancing they only reduce the maximum durability by -2. They also require less cron stones to safe enhance (eg. 3 cron stones needed for TET > PEN attempts).

Naru armor and weapons can be enhanced up to PEN and accessories can be enhanced up to TRI.

Once you reach PEN Naru armor/weapons and have completed the Mediah questline, you can take this gear to Fughar and he will exchange them into PRI Tuvala gear.

Tuvala Gear

To obtain Tuvala gear, you must collect Tuvala Ore by hunting monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan and Sycraia Underwater Ruins. Then exchange the Tuvala Ore (x1 for Armor/Weapons, x5 for Accessories) for pieces of gear at a blacksmith. Tuvala gear pieces can also drop from monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan and Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

Enhancing Tuvala Gear

To enhance Tuvala gear you will need new blackstones called Time-filled Black Stone. In the Korean patch notes it says these drop from monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan and Sycraia Underwater Ruins, but players have found they can drop in all regions.
When killing monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia or Dreighan, you can also drop an item called [Season] Ouk Pill of Rift.

These can be exchanged for:

  • Exchange 10 for: Time-filled Black Stone Bundle (contains 30–50 stones)
  • Exchange 20 for: Tuvala Ore Bundle (contains 10–30 ores)
  • Exchange 30 for: Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle (contains 10–30 stones)

Tuvala gear is much easier to enhance than regular gear. For example, your chance of success when enhancing to PEN with 60 fail stacks is 21%. Your chance of success when enhancing to TET with 40 failstacks is 25%. You will need lots of the Black stones though

Enhancement Stones


Enhancement Stones


+1 1 +11 11
+2 2 +12 12
+3 3 +13 13
+4 4 +14 14
+5 5 +15 15
+6 6 PRI 10
+7 7 DUO 10
+8 8 TRI 10
+9 9 TET 15
+10 10 PEN 15

The new time-filled blackstones can also be exchanged at a new Seasonal NPC for items such as Advice of Valks (up to +40), or Valk’s Cry.

Refined Magical Black Stone can be used to force enhance the gear from +15 to TRI but reduces the items max durability by 50 each time.

You can repair the max durability again by going to the blacksmith and using an unenhanced weapon/armor of the same type.

All Tuvala ore Time-filled Black stones and Refined Magical black stones will deleted once the season ends and cannot be used in the next season.

Tuvala Enhancing Rates info can be found below:
Check our failstacking guide for our recommended optimal failstacks

Base Chance
of success
% per FS
Base Chance
of success
% per FS
+1 to +5 100% +13 5% 1.5%
+6 70% 1.8% +14 10% 1%
+7 25.64% 1.6% +15 8% 0.8%
+8 70% 1.4% PRI 17% 1.7%
+9 60% 6% DUO 12% 1.2%
+10 50% 5% TRI 8% 0.8%
+11 30% 3% TET 5% 0.5%
+12 20% 2% PEN 3% 0.3%
Base Chance
of success
% per FS
Base Chance
of success
% per FS
+1 to +7 100% +14 10% 1%
+8 70% 1.4% +15 8% 0.8%
+9 60% 6% PRI 17% 1.7%
+10 50% 5% DUO 12% 1.2%
+11 30% 3% TRI 8% 0.8%
+12 20% 2% TET 5% 0.5%
+13 5% 1.5% PEN 3% 0.3%
Base Chance
of success
% per FS
Base Chance
of success
% per FS
PRI 70% 1.4% TET 30% 0.6%
DUO 50% 1% PEN 20% 0.4%
TRI 40% 0.8%


Daily Quests

Daily quests were available last season from Fughar to give you items to help you enhance your seasonal gear. Fughar is located in all large towns next to the stable keeper.

However, this season Fughar does not have daily quests and instead a questline will be added later in the season to receive Perilla’s Star. You are only able to compelete Fughars quests if you started the 40 daily quests last season and still need to complete them.

For the first 16 days you have simple quests that only require you to talk to Fughar to complete, afterwards you will need to do various tasks for him each day.

You can complete quests on a different character to make it a little faster! You can also complete the 40 quests after season ends and receive your Alchemy Stone reward, as long as you start the quests before the season ends.

Day Quest Requirement Day Quest Requirement
17 Purchase a Residence 29 Use the Scroll Written in Ancient Language
18 Give Beer to a Worker 30 Defeat Moghulis
(You can buy a scroll in the pearl store for 500 loyalties)
19 Milk a Cow
(Cow locations in Olivia, Duvencrune Farmland, Faires Dirt Farm)
31 Complete [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness
20 Solve Fughar’s Riddle x3 32 Talk with the chief of Iliya Island
21 Meet Alustin in Velia, Show Fughar an Energy Potion (Medium)
(Select the exchange option with Alustin and use 100 energy to get an energy potion from him)
33 Learn about farming
(Grow a Crow Merchants Guild’s Improved Pepper on a farm)
22 Learn about the people of Sand Grain Bazaar 34 Craft Wheat Flour x10, Hand over Wheat Flour x10 to Fughar
(Press L > select Grinding > use Wheat)
23 Filter Water in the River for Alluvial Gold
(Press L > Select Filtering > use Bottle of River Water)
35 Talk with the chief of Arehaza
24 Use the Traveler’s Map 36 Complete “Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill”, Obtain a Tent and Anvil
(Find the quest in quest log [O] > Suggested tab > [ADV Support] Start of Camping)
25 Solve Fughar’s Riddle x3 37 Learn about Skill Add-On from the Skill Instructor
26 Grind the Spirit Stone to obtain Mystical Spirit Powder
(Press L > select Grinding > use a Guardian/Destruction/Life Spirit Stone)
38 Fill up and Give Marni’s Stone (Polly’s Forest) I to Toshi
27 Learn about the people of Florin village 39 Complete the Book of Margahan Vol. 1
(Check out our guide for help)
28 Learn about Imperial Delivery from an Imperial Delivery Manager 40 Achieve 200 AP, Achieve 250 DP

Enhancing Quests

Additional quests can be received from “Fughar” the Seasonal NPC which reward you with Advice of Valks and involve simple tasks such as showing him different gear you have enhanced (such as TRI Tuvala armor rewarding you with Advice of Valks +40).

Advice of Valks are basically stored failstacks. If you currently have no failstacks you can right-click an Advice of Valks to obtain that amount as a failstack. Advice of Valks can be found in your pearl inventory tab. The enhancement quests from Fughar should give you quite a few Advice of Valks to get you started with enhancing your Tuvala gear to higher enhancement.

Main Quests

Each time you complete one of the main questlines (Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah) you will also recieve a [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze. This item can be used to gain a large amount of skill points. You get a certain amount of skill points EXP so you can use these at any level and it is not worth saving them for after you have gone over the skill point softcap. However, it is worth noting that the amount of skill EXP you get is effected by skill EXP buffs so it is important to use as many as possible. I recommend waiting until you have finished the Mediah questline, then when you go to grind to level 58, pop all the skill EXP buffs you can and use the items at the same time to make sure you aren’t wasting the buffs.

Below is a Skill EXP Buff List. Aim to use as many as you can but don’t worry if you can’t get them all, some are only available at limited times or through the pearl store/events. At the very least, make sure to use Beast’s Draught, Simple Cron Meal, Family Fame buff and Loyalty buff.

Name of Buff EXP % Name of Buff EXP %
Beast’s Draught 20% Daily Blood Frenzy!
(loyalty buff)
Rugged Valley Helmet (Mediah Story Quests) 3% [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V
(family fame buff)
20% – 30%
[Villa] Skill and Experience (180 min.)
[Camp] Mercenary’s Experience
10% Extra Combat EXP Scroll
Book of Combat

Simple Cron Meal
20% Blessed Message Scroll (pearl store/events) 30%
GM’s Blessing 1 (1h) 10% State of Perseverance (Guild Buff) 20%
[Event] Cold Dark Beer (event items)
(usually unavailable)
20% Call to Battle (Guild Buff) 10%
Value Pack 10% Lemoria gear (3 set bonus)
(cannot be worn by season characters)
Any Pearl Costume (6 set) 10% Black Spirit Energy Burning – 50 Energy
(speak to Black Spirit > Exchange)
Birthday Cake (returning players only) 100% HAN Magic Crystal – Gervish
(not recommended to use, expensive crystal)
3% – 4 set bonus
Fever Time/Olvia Server/Season Server EXP buff 20% Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min)
(not recommend to use this, wait until you are level 61+)
Tachros Spirit Stone (season leveling boxes) 30% Secret Book of Old Moon 50%

If you get stuck or confused at any point, you can open your main quest log [O] then go to the “main” tab to view your progress.

The main story questlines will also give you combat EXP to level your character, as well as lots of Beginner Black Stones to help you progress your gear in the early levels. You must complete the Mediah questline to receive the rewards in your Season Pass so if you are a new player then following the Main Story quests is the best way to get started with the game.

Weekly Quests

There are weekly quests you can complete which will give you a lot of of the time-filled blackstones (you can choose to get Tuvala Ore instead but time-filled blackstones are used up much quicker so I recommend getting those). You need to be at least level 20 to get these quests but we recommend you are over level 56 because they involve killing monsters in certain zones. You can find the weekly quests by pressing [O] to open your quest tab, then going to Reccuring and they are under the (Season) section. There may be platoon parties you can join to make the killing quests go quicker!

Make sure you have switched on all quests or you will not receive the weekly quest. Do this by pressing [O] then clicking the icons at the left bottom so that they are yellow like in the image below.

Regional Quests

  • New regional quests have been added to certain monster zones in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan. There will be two quests per monster zone.
  • You will get the quest automatically when you enter the area.
  • You must kill a certain amount of monsters in that area to receive Time-filled Black Stones and some combat EXP.
  • The quests can be completed once on each of your characters. However, completing the quest on a non-season character will not reward you with the season items and only give you Combat EXP.

Monster Zone Level Requirement Rewards
Bashim Base Lv. 56 250 monsters: 20 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 20 Refined Magical Black Stones
Desert Naga Temple Lv. 56 250 monsters: 20 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 100 Time-Filled Black Stones
Titium Valley Lv. 56 250 monsters: 100 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: DUO Tuvala Earring
Cadry Ruins Lv. 57 250 monsters: 20 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: DUO Tuvala Belt
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Lv. 57 250 monsters: 20 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 20 Refined Magical Black Stones
Crescent Shrine Lv. 57 250 monsters: 20 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: DUO Tuvala Ring
Fadus Habitat Lv. 57 250 monsters: 120 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 30 Refined Magical Black Stones
Polly’s Forest Lv. 58 250 monsters: 120 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 montsers: 30 Refined Magical Black Stones
Sherekhan Necropolis Lv. 60 250 monsters: 150 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 40 Refined Magical Black Stones
Blood Wolf Settlement Lv. 60 250 monsters: 150 Time-Filled Black Stones
500 monsters: 40 Refined Magical Black Stones

Rift’s Echo (Boss Summon Scroll)

Rift’s Echo is a new boss scroll recommended for parties of 5 and can only be summoned on Season servers.

To create Rift’s Echo, you must obtain Rift’s Fragments x5 by defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamaslyvia or Drieghan. You can also obtain them as a reward from Savage Rift. Once you have 4 pieces, open your inventory and uncheck the “Auto Arrange” box. Then move the fragments into a + shape in your inventory. A small “+” button will appear on one of the items and you can click this to combine them into a Rift’s Echo.

Rift’s Echo will summon 3 waves of Violent Boss monsters. Each wave will reward you with better rewards that will further aid your Season Character’s growth, such as Time-filled Black Stones, Tuvala Ore, Refined Magical Black Stones, and Tuvala Accessories.

Season Pass

A special seasonal pass has been added to the season servers. You can open the season pass by clicking the icon in the top right next to your mini-map. You must do each part of the season pass in order to unlock the next reward, but you can complete them in advance and your progress will be saved.

Complete various achievements to unlock rewards in your battle pass. All players have access to the free version and can buy a Seasonal Pass in the pearl store to obtain the premium rewards.

At level 10 you will also be given a leveling aid box. Do NOT delete this box because you will not get it back again. You can open this at certain levels to receive awards and a temporary EXP buff.

Challenges Completion Reward Black Spirit Pass Reward
Leveling Up, One Step at a Time!

– Reach Lv. 10 on a season character

[Season] New Adventure Box [Season] Coco Leaf x5
Steel Imps! You’re All Dead Meat!

– Defeat 20 Imps

Elion’s Tear x3 [Event] Classic Outfit Box x1
Rudolph’s Cousin?

– Complete quest [Main Quest] [Boss] Red Nose: Engulfed in Darkness

Gold Bar 100G Value Pack (7 Days)
Conquering the Goblins!

– Defeat 30 Goblins

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 Inventory +2 Expansion x1
The Start of a Real Adventure!

– Complete the quest Embarking on an Adventure

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 Premium Elixir Box x3
I’m a Novice Adventurer!

– Reach Lv. 20 on a season character

Advice of Valks (+10) Advice of Valks (+20)
What’s on Top of the Wizard’s Altar?

– Complete the quest [Main Quest] [Awakening] Wizard’s Altar

[Event] Energy Tonic (S) x3 Elion’s Tear x5
Hmph, a Coward!

– Complete the quest [Main Quest] [Boss] Dastard Bheg

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 [Season] Coco Leaf x10
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 1

– Enhance a Naru main weapon to +1 then show it to the Black Spirit

Elion’s Tear x3 [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
Complete the Serendia Main Quest

– Complete the quest Into the Tangled World, Serendia

Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x2 Advice of Valks (+20)
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 2

– Enhance a Naru armor to +1 then show it to the Black Spirit

Naru Earring x1 [Event] Advice of Destiny x1
Me, Already?

– Reach Lv. 30 on a season character

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 [Event] Contract: [Storage Maid] Fairy Irene x1
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 3

– Enhance a Naru main weapon to +5 and show it to the Black Spirit

Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x10 Inventory +2 Expansion x1
Just Like This!

– Reach Lv. 40 on a season character

Advice of Valks (+15) x1 [Event] Artisan’s Memory x3
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 4

– Enhance a Naru sub-weapon to +10 then show it to the Black Spirit

Gold Bar 100G x2 Cron Stone x10
He’s Qoobe!

– Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen

Advice of Valks (+20) x1 [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1
Helping the Rhutum Sentry Outpost!

– Defeat 50 Rhutums

Beginner Black Stone (Armor) x30 [Season] Coco Leaf x5
Becoming a Lumberer!

– Defeat 50 Treants in Treant Forest

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 Inventory +2 Expansion x1
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 5

– Enhance a Naru Ring to PRI (I) then show it to the Black Spirit

Valks’ Cry x3 Valks’ Cry x3
Secret Behind the Statue of Redemption

– Complete [Main Quest] Original Sin

Beginner Black Stone (Weapon) x30 Mount Skill Change Coupon x1
Yikes! Moving Skeletons!

– Defeat 50 monsters in Hexe Sanctuary

Advice of Valks (+25) Advice of Valks (+40)
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 6

– Enhance Naru Shoes to DUO (II) then show it to the Black Spirit

Cron Stone x10 Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) x3
Where is the Sealing Stone?

– Complete [Main Quest] Retrieve the Sealing Stone

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 [Season] Coco Leaf x10
Those With Terrifying Faith

– Complete 50 monsters in Serendia Shrine

Advice of Valks (+30) 1 Memory Fragment x5
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 7

– Enhance Naru Gloves to TRI (III) then show it to the Black Spirit

Cron Stone x15 Elion’s Tear x5
The Return of Kzarka

– Complete [Main Quest] Looking for Adventurers

Elion’s Tear x3 Advice of Valks (+50) x1
The Lava Cave is on Fire!

– Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave

Gold Bar 100G x3 Cron Stone x50
Not a Bad Adventurer!

– Reach Lv. 52 on a season character

Advice of Valks (+35) Ancient Spirit Dust x20
Save the Abandoned Iron Mine!

– Defeat 100 Rhutums and Saunils at the Abandoned Iron Mine

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 Cron Stone x50
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 8

– Enhance Naru Armor to TET (IV) and show it to the Black Spirit

Cron Stone x20 [Event] Artisan’s Memory x3
A Match with the Black Spirit!

– Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit

Advice of Valks (+40) [Season] Coco Leaf x5
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 9

– Enhance a Naru main weapon to TET (IV) then show it to the Black Spirit

Time-filled Black Stone x100 Valks’ Cry x5
Complete the Mediah Man Quest then talk to Fughar

– Exchange PEN: Naru Gear into PRI: Tuvala Gear

[Season] Coco Leaf x5 Advice of Valks (+60)
Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 1

– Enhance a Naru main weapon to DUO (II) then show it to the Black Spirit

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x3 [Season] Coco Leaf x10
Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 2

– Enhance a Naru Ring to TRI (III) then show it to the Black Spirit

Advice of Valks (+50) Advice of Valks (+80)
I’m a Seasoned Adventurer Now!

– Reach Lv. 60 on a season character

[Event] Artisan’s Memory x3 [Event] Artisan’s Memory x10
Defeat Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption!

– Utilize the Boss Monster Alarm

Tuvala Ore x30 Elion’s Blessing x5
[Recommended] What is an Adventure Log?

– Complete the quest Traces of a Great Adventurer then talk to the Black Spirit

Memory Fragment x5 Cron Stone x50
Trading Energy for EXP!

– Summon the Black Spirit and exchange energy with an EXP buff

Time-filled Black Stone x300 Item Collection Increase Scroll: Advanced (60 min) x3
Adventurer At Its Finest

– Reach Lv. 61 on a season character

[Event] Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Combat) [Event] Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Life)

You can also receive a new item “Coco Leaf” from the season pass rewards and from the Leveling Aid Boxes.

  • These can be exchanged at Patrigo in Velia for various items (some items can only be exchanged a certain amount of times):
    • Unlimited exchange:
      • Exchange 5: Valk’s Cry x1
      • Exchange 5: Cron Stone x1
    • Up to 3 times per family:
      • Exchange 7: Artisan’s Memory x3
      • Exchange 7: Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
      • Exchange 10: Advice of Valks (25 – 35)
    • Once per family:
      • Exchange 20: Advice of Valks (+50)
      • Exchange 20: Caphras Stone Bundle (10 – 50)
      • Exchange 20: [Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone
      • Exchange 30: Advice of Valks (+60)
      • Exchange 30: Blessing of Kamasylve (20 days)
      • Exchange 30: Caphras Bundle (50 – 100)
      • Exchange 30: Wizard Gosphy (Pet)
      • Exchange 30: Secret Book of Old Moon (20 days)
      • Exchange 30: Horse Emblem: Tier 8 White Horse (Female)
      • Exchange 30: Manos Riding Crop
      • Exchange 30: Manos Neckalce
      • Exchange 30: Manos Earring
      • Exchange 30: Manos Ring
      • Exchange 30: Manos Belt
      • Exchange 40: Main weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 40: Offhand weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 40: Awakening weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 50: Weapon exchange coupon (3 set) – this includes a Main weapon exchange coupon, Offhand weapon exchange coupon AND Awakening weapon exchange coupon


End of Season Rewards

At the end of the season you will have various rewards. The most note worthy of the rewards is the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon, which allows you to convert one Tuvala piece to boss gear or yellow accessories. More infomation on this can be found in the section below.

Full details can be found here:

Item Name Description
[Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box Box containing Tuvala Conversion Stones.

※ The Tuvala Conversion Stone allows you to convert Tuvala gear into one that can be equipped by non-season characters.
This will give you one full set of Tuvala gear (including accessories). If you have two Tuvala Boots for example the highest enhanced will be kept only.
But the gear can no longer be enhanced and is bound to family.

[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon An item that lets you exchange a converted Tuvala gear for a same piece of Boss gear. More information can be found below explaining the full process.
Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement A sincere letter from Fughar for Adventurers who will adventure in a rougher world.
Graduation Cap An outfit celebrating your season server graduation that can be worn on your head.
20% Discount Coupon An item that gives you a 20% discount on items purchasable from the Pearl Shop (F3)
Advice of Valks An item that changes Enhancement Chance for gear enhancement.
Golden Graduation Cap A golden Graduation Cap celebrating your graduation from the season server

– Shop Price: 10,000,000 silver

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) Item that grants various buffs including Combat EXP +100%, Skill EXP +50%, ability to reset skills/skill add-ons freely,
[Event] Elion’s Tear Instantly revive your character if they die. Also restores Combat EXP that was lost when dying.
Blessed Message Scroll An item that will help you level by granting the buffs: Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30%. The buffs can be stacked with other buffs.
[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll Item used to get Item Drop Rate +100% and Item Drop Amount +50% while defeating monsters.
[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll Item that has buffs: Life Skill Mastery +100 and Life EXP +20%
[Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone A spirit stone that grants the following buffs:

Extra AP Against Monsters +5
Combat EXP +50%
Skill EXP +30%
Attack Speed +4%
Casting Speed +4%
Weight Limit +50 LT

Premium Elixir Box An item box containing one each of the following items:

[Event] Perfume of Courage,
[Event] Perfume of Swiftness,
[Event] Khalk’s Elixir

Finto’s Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice Each item can boost of Health, Breath, and Strength EXP respectively.

Finto’s Filling Juice: Max. HP up.
Finto’s Sweet Juice: Stamina up.
Finto’s Fresh Juice: Weight Limit up.

Finto’s Juice can be only used by characters that are under level 29 for Health, Breath, or Strength.

Other rewards:

  • Special Alchemy stone – Perilla’s Star (details announced in the future).
    • DP: 1
    • Item Effects:
      • Damage from monsters -5%
      • All Damage Reduction +4
      • HP Regen +! per hit
      • All Resistances +5%
      • Movement Speed +5%
      • Max HP +200
      • Max Stamina +100
    • Duration: 5 minutes
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Durability: 150

How to Graduate (Early Graduation)

The current season will end in December 2020. However, players will have the option to graduate early in an upcoming patch. You cannot create a new season character for the same season if you have graduated early. Graduating early allows you to receive all of the end of season rewards and turn your charcter into a regular character. All characters will automatically graduate at the end of the season if they have not chosen to graduate early.

Early Graduation is unavailable at the moment and will be added in a later patch. The process may be different as the quests have changed and the information we have is based on the current summer season in Korea which you can read about here. According to this, there is a new requirement to graduate early for the first 2 weeks that Early Graduation is available. During the two week period, players must have 239 AP and 303 DP or higher and must have completed the full season Pass. You will also receive a unique title for graduating early this season. Afterwards, players can early graduate without those restrictions but will not receive the title. Please remember that early graduation is not mandatory and all character will be automatically graduate at the end of the season even if they do not meet the requirements.

  • To graduate early, you simply go to Fughar and tell him “I want to convert my season character to a regular character”.
  • He will then have the quest [Season Server Graduation] New Challenge.
  • After completing the quest you will be given an item called “Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate” and another quest called [Season Server Graduation] Like the FIrst Time Again.
  • You must move to a regular channel and use the Honorable Adventure’s Certificate. This will convert your season character to a regular character.
  • After you have converted to a regular character,you can go back to Fughar again and tell him you have “Used the certificate”. He will then give you your season rewards.

You will get Conversion stones which are used to convert your Tuvala gear into gear that can be used by regular characters. Using Tuvala Conversion Stones will maintain crystals and creator Family name for PEN (V) items. However, you cannot exchange Tuvala gear with a crystal inserted into Boss gear and must remove the crystal first by going to your Black Spirit > Transfusion > RMB the crystal.

You must use these Conversion Stones on each piece of Tuvala gear you would like to keep. There is 1 conversion stone for each Weapon/Armor, 1 for necklace and belt, and then 2 for your rings and earrings, meaning you can convert one full set of gear.

To convert the gear, speak to your Black Spirit and choose the “Upgrade Gear” option. You can then select the gear and conversion stones to convert each piece individually. Make sure to select the correct piece of gear! If you do select the wrong piece of gear, send a ticket and they will help you get it sorted out, but will only do this once per account.

Unconverted Tuvala will be deleted at the start of the next Season (exact date is currently unconfirmed). Make sure to convert your Tuvala Gear beforehand!

The converted Tuvala gear will be changed to Family bound and can be moved to and equipped by regular characters.

How to get Perilla’s Star (Season Reward)

Perilla’s Star is a special Alchemy Stone which can only be obtained through the Autumn Season.

In a future patch later in the season, you will be able to start a questline called “[Perilla’s Star] Fughar’s Worries” by speaking to your Black Spirit on your season character. There are a total of 16 quests to complete and afterwards you will be given a Season Gift Voucher. Take this voucher to Fughar and use the “Seasonal Gifts” tab to exchange the voucher for a Perilla’s Star.

If you were unable to receive a PEN (V) Capotia accessory from the Summer Season, you can choose between a PEN (V) Capotia accessory or a Perilla’s Star. However, if you have already received the PEN Capotia accessory then you are only able to select the Perilla’s Star as your reward.

Perilla’s Star has the following effects:

  • DP: 1
  • Item Effects:
    • Damage from monsters -5%
    • All Damage Reduction +4
    • HP Regen +! per hit
    • All Resistances +5%
    • Movement Speed +5%
    • Max HP +200
    • Max Stamina +100
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Cooldown: 5 minutes
  • Durability: 150

How the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon works

When the season ends, one Tuvala item (armor or weapons) can be converted into boss gear using the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon.

However, the armor/weapons will drop by one enhancement level (eg. PEN Tuvala becomes TET boss gear, TET Tuvala becomes TRI boss gear).

The gear also becomes family bound and you can still enhance the gear afterwards, put caphras levels into it, etc. You just can’t sell it on the market!

Season Gear can be exchanged into
Tuvala Shoes Muskan’s Shoes
Tuvala Armor Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
Tuvala Helmet Giath’s Helmet
Tuvala Gloves Bheg’s Gloves
Tuvala Main Weapon Kzarka Weapon
Tuvala Awakening Weapon Dandelion Weapon
Tuvala Offhand Weapon Kutum Weapon


To exchange Tuvala gear for a boss piece, you must first make sure you have graduated and converted the tuvala gear to regular gear using the Conversion Stones. You cannot exchange Tuvala gear with a crystal inserted into Boss gear and must remove the crystal first by going to your Black Spirit > Transfusion > RMB the crystal.

Then go to Fughar and accept the quest for the gear piece you would like to exchange:

  • [Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Main Weapon – Converts your Tuvala Main Hand Weapon to a Kzarka weapon box (you can open this on any class)
  • [Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Sub-Weapon – Converts your Tuvala Offhand Weapon to a Kutum weapon box (you can open this on any class)
  • [Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Awakening Weapon – Converts your Tuvala Awakening Weapon to a Dandelion weapon box (you can open this on any class)
  • [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Helmet – Converts your Tuvala Helmet to Giath’s Helmet
  • [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Armor – Converts your Tuvala Armor to Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
  • [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Gloves – Converts your Tuvala Gloves to Bheg’s Gloves
  • [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Shoes – Converts your Tuvala Shoes to Muskan’s Shoes

After accepting the correct quest, go to Tranan Underfoe (the blacksmith in Velia) and use the “Chat” option. He will exchange your gear for you.

Other advice for New Players

  • Additonal information can be found here on the offical website:
  • I would also recommend checking out our Enhancing Guide which will teach you the basic systems and how to get started with enhancing your gear. Failstacking can be scary and complicated for new players so I recommend also checking Youtube guides to learn more about the process.
  • We have a Gear Progression guide, which aims to aid new players with their gear and what they should be aiming for at the different checkpoints. Check this out for a walkthrough of how to gear up your season character.
  • Follow the main story quests and complete the Mediah story quest. You should now be around level 55 and can use our grinding leveling guide to reach level 58. Once you are level 58 you can use our Level 58 – 59 guide, Level 59 – 60 guide and Level 60 – 61 guide though to level very quickly using quests and minimal grinding. You will need a Chenga Tome to do this but the questline to obtain the Chenga Tome is easy to complete and doesn’t require you to kill any monsters.
  • We also have lots of other basic guides to help teach you things like how to increase your inventory space, how to use the central marketplace, introductions to nodes and contribution points, etc. Check out our list of guides page for more, just be careful you don’t try to learn too much too quickly because the game can be very overwhelming at first!
  • If you are confused about anything or have any questions check our Season Server FAQ to get an answer as quickly as possible. Feel free to pop into our Discord server as well and ask questions!


  • Aug 5, 2020 @ 16:00 pm

    Do I need to remove the crystals before the gear conversion ?

    • Aug 5, 2020 @ 22:51 pm

      You should be able to leave any crystals in the Tuvala gear and they will remain intact when you convert the gear. However, if you are converting a Tuvala piece to boss gear you must remove the Crystals first. You can find more information about this in our new Season Server FAQ

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