How to increase weight limit


How to increase weight limit

There are a few different ways you can increase your weight limit. Such as: in-game items, buying a Pearl store item, or carrying trade packs.

In-game Items

Some items, such as food, clothing and gems may offer extra weight limit.

Belts give you extra weight limit. There are a couple you can buy for increasing your weight. For example: “Rhutum Belt” and “Elite Rhutum Belt” each have a base carry weight of 60LT . Enchanting either of these belts will give you an extra 10LT per enchant. Enchanting other belts will not give you extra carry weight unless stated.

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The Pearl Store

The Pearl store offers 3 products that can increase your characters weight limit by 50LT, 100LT or 150LT. Each of these 3 items can only be bought once per character. To open the Pearl store, press “F3” and you can find the products under the “Comfort/Features” section. The loyalty store also offer a weight limit increase of 50LT. You can buy these up to 4 times per character for 3500 loyalty each time.


Polar Bear Pet

The Polar Bear pet was introduced and is only obtainable by referring a friend. You can purchase a starter package for $10 and then gift the code to a friend. If your friend reaches level 30 then you will be able to pick between 1000 pearls or the Polar Bear pet. The pet is not obtainable any other way and increases your weight limit. You can only use the refer a friend a maximum of 10 times.

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  • Polar Bear Tier 1 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +20LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 2 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +20LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 3 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +30LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 3 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +40LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 3 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +40LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 4 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +50LT
  • Polar Bear Tier 4 Auto-fishing time reduced Weight Limit Increase +50LT

Using trade packs

Our final method for increasing weight limit is to carry trade packs. This method does take a long time but you can get a lot of additional carry weight for a small price. To begin you will need to buy a trade pack from the “Trade Administrator” by going up to them, pressing “R” then “Commerce”.


You only need to buy enough to make your weight limit exceed 100%, so I recommend filling your inventory with heavy items such as potions beforehand, then purchasing the cheapest trade pack from the trade administrator. If your trading level is low you can only buy trade packs from Velia, Olvia or Hidel. Once you have your trade pack, you will get strength experience every 10 seconds while you move.


Auto-run (afk leveling)

Black Desert offers a unquie feature where you could create an infinite loop. In this example I am on horseback, but infinite loops can be used for all mounts and walking. Begin by opening your interactive world map (M), hold the “Alt” key and right-click the first point of the loop. Next, whilst still holding the “Alt” key, add other points to create a journey. End the loop by placing your mouse over the starter position (where you are currently), the path should turn green and you can now press “Alt” and right-click to end the loop. Close the map again by pressing “M” the hold “T” to auto-run.

If you are using this method to afk mount level you can set it up so your horse automatically eats carrots when the horses endurance reaches zero. To do this, check the box under your horses health and endurance bars.

Old method

You may read elsewhere that you can purchase a house and run into the wall but this was patched over in a recent update. We have found a way around this which involves changing your key bindings. You will need to change forward to num8, left to num4 and sprint to num7 as shown in the screenshot below. Then click “Apply” and “Confirm”.


Once you have done this, go to a house you own or visit a house. Press “P” to open your profile beforehand as it will stop you moving if you open it afterwards.

Make sure your number lock is turned on, then hold num8 and turn number lock off. Turn number lock on again and hold num7, then turn it off again. Finally, turn number lock on and hold num4, then turn number lock off.

I would recommend using this method in a house because it is an exploit and you can use it at your own risk.


If you do move out of town be careful of bandits along the roads as they will attack you. Bandits can be seen on the map with this icon:


During my trip from Hidel to Calpheon, I ran into 2 packs of bandits so do not go afk if you are going to move out of a safe zone or at least make sure there are no bandits along the route.


This is a long process but currently it is one of the only ways to increase your weight limit. Once you are finished, you can drop the trade pack out of your inventory, or sell it to a different “Trade Administrator” than where you bought it from. Selling the trade pack will also increase your trading level. Your strength level can currently go as high as 55.


Strength per level

Strength Level Bonus Weight Limit Total
1 +0LT
2 +2LT
3 +4LT
4 +6LT
5 +8LT
6 +10LT
7 +12LT
8 +14LT
9 +16LT
10 +18LT
11 +19LT
12 +20LT
13 +21LT
14 +22LT
15 +23LT
16 +24LT
17 +25LT
18 +26LT
19 +27LT
20 +29LT
21 +30LT
22 +31LT
23 +32LT
24 +33LT
25 +34LT
26 +35LT
27 +36LT
28 +37LT
29 +38.5LT
30 +40LT


  • Dec 30, 2017 @ 22:50 pm

    Treant Spirit’s Accessory set:
    5-Set Effect: Weight Limit +100 LT
    Armor of Hercule’s Might
    2-Set Effect: Weight Limit +150LT
    3-Set Effect:Weight Limit +50 LT

  • Mar 9, 2016 @ 5:57 am

    Being at less than 100% weight, with a single trade pack, gave me strength experience at a comparable rate then when I was above 100%.

  • Mar 9, 2016 @ 5:49 am

    While walking with 2 trade packs in my inventory, I’m getting an experience increase every 60ish seconds instead of 10 seconds. At Strength level 1, 109 weight%, NA version.

  • Feb 25, 2016 @ 2:21 am

    Does anyone know what the weight limit cap is?

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