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Damage % Ratios by Class (Dec 2021)

 Warrior When the warrior class attacks an opponent, the damage ratio applied according to the opponent class is as follows. Warrior Warrior HashashinSage Ranger Guardian SorceressNova Corsair 105.53% 102.28% 105.53% 105.53% 105.53% 105.53% 97.41% 99.03% LahnBerserkerTamerShai StrikerMusaMaehwaMystic 105.53% 100.66% 105.53% […]

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Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide

Mysteries of Summer 2020 has been completed! We will still update the guide if there is any additional information discovered.Thank you to everyone who has used our guide through the event. I hope it helped you in some way and [...] Read more

Mysterious Painting Questlines

IntroductionMysterious Paintings can be obtained by destroying Cargo Ships which can spawn randomly in the sea. There are 5 different painting with the same name but the description will be different:Mysterious Painting #1: A faded drawing of a sharp blue […]

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Why Black Desert Needs a Casino

Jul 27  Tansie  

Visitors to Black Desert Online’s Valencia City will have noticed a casino stand, complete with a fortune teller. Sadly, gamers cannot interact with it, which begs the question; should BDO look to incorporate somewhere for players to indulge in mini-games? […]

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Event – Find the Hidden GM [Locations]

Event RewardsYou can complete each of the two quests once per family. The event period is between 24th June to 8th July.LocationQuestAccept & Complete withCompletion RewardGrándiha[Event] Find the Hidden GM in GrándihaGM Edan/GM MarianoAdvice of Valks (+50)Papua Crinea[Event] Find the […]

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Life Skill Mastery Events!

Life Skill Mastery is now in EU/NA and completely changes Life Skills! You can read all about the newest update here: https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/life-skill-mastery/Below are a list of all the current events.Event 1: Help the Old Moon Guild!(September 4th – September 25th)Complete […]

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Bottle with a Note – Gardaka’s Treasure Map (locations)

Introduction Bottle with a Note is an item you can randomly obtain whilst fishing in Kamasylvia, Drieghan or when harpoon fishing. When you right-click a Bottle with a Note, there is a chance of obtaining a treasure map. You can […]

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