How to find and use the Central Market

How to find and use the Central Market

Jul 22 Tansie  
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You can view the Central Market from any location by opening your menu (ESC) then clicking the Central Market icon in the top right of the window. 


Even though you can view the market from anywhere, you will need to go to a Marketplace Director NPC to place silver or items into your Market Warehouse. You are only able to buy items from the Central Market, using the money in your Market Warehouse, and can only sell items which have been put in your Market Warehouse.

The advantage of the Central Market, is that you can purchase items at any time as long as you have the silver already stored in your Market Warehouse. With the old marketplace system players had to travel to a city to retrieve the silver from sales, or to buy an item from the market. 

In the future, the Central Market will be accessable via a mobile web page, so that players can buy or sell items even when they are away from their computer, and not logged in.


Marketplace NPC Locations



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What is the Central Market Warehouse

Before you can sell or purchase items on the Central Market, you will need to place the item in your Marketplace Warehouse or have silver funds in your Warehouse. To do this, you will need to go to a Marketplace Director NPC. Once you have arrived, speak to the NPC by pressing “R”, then select Central Market.


This opens up the marketplace. On the left of the window, you will see a button which says “Manage Warehouse”.


Now you can transfer silver or items from your inventory or town storage, to your Market Warehouse. This warehouse can be accessed on all characters on your account and is shared across them all. 

Your Market Warehouse has unlimited slots but has a maximum weight capacity of 5000VT, which you can see at the bottom of the window. 


Now that you have deposited funds and items into your Market Warehouse, you can purchase or sell items on the Central Market. 

Tip: You can also access the Market Warehouse from the storage manager as long as there is a Marketplace Director in the same town. Here you can transer silver funds or items directly from your inventory or storage. Simply click on the “Warehouse” button when viewing your storage warehouse.

More information is available in our Storage Warehouse guide

How to buy items on the market

Once you have placed silver into your Market Warehouse, you can purchase items from the Central Market. Open the Central Market by pressing ESC and selecting the Central Market icon, or go to a Marketplace Director NPC. 

On the left of the window, you can see all the catagories for the types of items you can buy and select subcatagories to help filter certain items. You can also search for a particular item, and set up to 10 searches as your favourites as well.


All items on the Central Market have a base price, the base price is always changing. If the item is bought at the highest end of the price range, then the base price will rise. If the item is sold for it’s minimum price, then the base price will drop.

Volatile Price items are items where the prices are constantly changing. These items appear on the first screen and you can see how the price has recently been changed by the colour of it’s background. If the background of the item is blue, it means that the item has gone down in price recently, while a red background means that the item is more expensive now than earlier.

Select the item you would like to purchase, on the left you can see how many are in stock at the moment and what their current price is. 


If an item is in stock at your desired price, you can instantly buy the item. Select the price you would like to buy it for and how many you would like to buy. Once you’ve bought the item, don’t forget to go back to your Market Warehouse and put the item in your inventory or town storage to use it. 

If an item isn’t in stock, you can place an order and once it is available, it will automatically be sent to your Market Warehouse. Placing an order puts you into a queue and the first placed preorder will receive the item first if it goes into stock. However, if the item is at it’s maximum price then this does not apply and instead of a queue, the receiver is randomly selected. Placing an preorder lower down in the prices does not work because no matter what price the seller selects, it will always be sold to the highest preorder first.

To cancel a pre-order, go to the sell tab on the left and then select the buy tab. Here you can see all your pre-orders and can cancel them.

You can also pre-order pearl store items but for these you can only place a preorder on one item at a time. For example, you can preorder a Value Pack from the central market, but you can only preorder 1 value pack at a time and you cannot preorder other items from the pearl store, such as pets, costumes, Kamaslyve Blessing, etc. until you cancel or receive your preordered item.


How to sell items on the market

First, make sure to move the items to your Market Warehouse. Then, you can sell the items by clicking the sell tab in the Central Market on the left. You will see a list of all the items in your Market Warehouse.

Simply click on the item you can to sell. You can see if someone has placed an order for your item on the right. If you accept the price they are offering, you can sell the item instantly and the silver will go straight to your Central Market Warehouse. If there is already a lot of stock for the item you are selling, you can also list the item for cheaper to try and get a quicker sale.


Items that are placed on the market are instantly available to buy. When your item sells, the silver must be collected in the “Sell” tab by clicking “Collect All” or the “Collect” button on the item. The silve will then go into your Market Warehouse. You can cancel a sale by going to the Sell tab and clicking the cancel button.

The marketplace has a 35% tax for sales and it is automatically taken when you recieve the silver for your sale. This means you will receive 65% of the silver from your sales. If you are using a Value Pack, you will receive 84.5% of the total.

Marketplace Maids/Butlers

You can also use a Marketplace maid to access your Market Warehouse from anywhere, and you can withdraw/deposit 1 stack of an item or silver funds. 

For example: If you are grinding on your character and an item drops, you can use your Marketplace maid to place the item in your Market Warehouse without having to go to town. You can then instantly place this item on the Central Market.

Also, if you are grinding on your character and need to buy more food or elixirs, you can buy these from the Central Market, but then you will need to either go to a Marketplace Director NPC to pick them up, or you can use your maid to take the item straight out of the Market Warehouse.

For more information on Maids/Bulters, click here to view our guide.


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    Hi, where is the Marketplace NPC in Altinova?

    I see that Altinova *has* a marketplace, but the NPC’s icon does not show up on my mini-map. Does someone have a pic? What is it near? Thanks!

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