Rich Merchant’s Ring Guide

Rich Merchant’s Ring Guide

Jul 27 Tansie  
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iconRich Merchant’s Ring is a very rare treasure to collect. It requires you to collect 5 rare items to craft it. The pieces have a very low drop chance and it will take you a very long time to obtain them all. But it is worth it in the end because the ring gives you a permanent buff, which is family wide, and gives you an extra +5% silver when you collect sales from the Marketplace. The buff is applied by right-clicking the item in your inventory and this only has to be done once. You do not need to have a character wear the item. The ring will stay in your inventory though once you’ve activated the buff, and can be stored as a reminder of the pain you went through to obtain it.


Creating the Rich Merchant’s Ring

The Rich Merchant’s Ring requires the following items to create it:
icon Al Yurad’s Ring Piece #1 (Rare drop from Ash Forest)
icon Al Yurad’s Ring Piece #2 (Rare drop from Padix Island or Sea Monsters)
icon Al Yurad’s Ring Piece #3 (Rare drop from Dark Rifts or Sycraia Underwater Ruins)
icon Al Yurad’s Ring Piece #4 (Rare drop from Crypt of Resting Thoughts or Special Barter)
icon Al Yurad’s Ring Piece #5 (Rare drop from Olun’s Valley)
icon Red Coral (Obtained by underwater Gathering)
icon Blue Coral (Obtained by underwater Gathering)
icon Rough Ruby (Obtained by Mining)
icon Ruby (Obtained by Processing > Grinding, Rough Ruby x5)
icon Resplendent Ruby (Obtained by Processing > Grinding, Ruby x5)
icon Rough Sapphire (Obtained by Mining)
icon Sapphire (Obtained by Processing > Grinding, Rough Sapphire x5)
icon Resplendent Sapphire (Obtained by Processing > Grinding, Sapphire x5)
icon Resplendent Topaz (Obtained by Processing > Grinding, Topaz x5)

Once you have all 14 items you must place them in the following pattern in your inventory to create the Rich Merchant’s Ring:

How to identify the pieces

When the parts drop, they all have the exact same name and icon:
iconRich Merchant’s Ring Piece

This can be frustrating because a random piece has a very low chance of dropping from Atoraxxion: Syrackea, but if it does, you won’t know which one you have unless you already have a duplicate.

You can identify the parts by taking them to the NPC Shakatu at the Shakatu town in Valencia. This will exchange your Rich Merchant Ring Piece for an “Al Yurad’s Ring Piece.” The piece will work the exact same, but will now have a different icon to help you visibly see which piece it is.

In addition, having the ring piece inspected by Shakatu will grant you knowledge of Al Yurad’s Ring Pieces (which you can get 5 in total).
If you crafted the Rich Merchant’s Ring without obtaining all 5 Al Yurad’s Ring Piece knowledge entries, you can talk to Shakatu to obtain them.


Obtaining the Pieces

As well as the methods listed below, there is also an alternative (old) method of obtaining the pieces.

The Rich Merchant Ring Pieces can rarely drop when you sell specific trade items to a Trade Manager.

  • Rich Merchant Ring Piece #1 – Obtained by killing the Desert Traders that roam Valencia Desert, but this has a 0.0004% drop rate and heavily decreases your karma.
  • Rich Merchant Ring Piece #2 – Obtained by selling Valencia City Goods (0.0003% drop rate)
  • Rich Merchant Ring Piece #3 – Obtained by selling Sand Grain Bazaar or Shakatu Goods (0.0003% drop rate)
  • Rich Merchant Ring Piece #4 – Obtained by selling Ibellab Oasis or Ancado Inner Harboor Goods (0.0003% drop rate)
  • Rich Merchant Ring Piece #5 – Obtained by selling Arehaza Town Goods (0.0001% drop rate)

Obtaining a Rich Merchant Ring via this method is next to impossible, which is why the Rich Merchant Ring was reworked in July 2020 (patch notes) and this guide focuses on the new method of obtaining the pieces.

Item 1: Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece

The first piece is obtained as a rare drop by grinding monsters at Ash Forest. This area has a recommened minimum AP of 300 (with Kutum) and at least 350 DP. The piece has been confirmed to drop from the Volkras monsters.

Click the image below to enlarge.

Item 2: Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece

The second item piece has been confirmed to drop from the Drunk Treasure Hunter monsters at Padix Island, which is a party grind spot designed for 2 players with a recommended AP of 270 with Kutum.

The second piece has also been confirmed to drop from various Sea Monsters, such as Nineshark, Black Rust, Candidum and Saltwater Crocodiles.

You can use our Interactive Map to show Sea Monster locations.

Item 3: Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece

The third item piece is a rare drop from Dark Rift bosses.

Make sure to check out our Dark Rift guide for details about the bosses.

Dark Rift

The third part can also drop from the Elmermol and Damaged Lykin monsters at Sycraia underwater ruins.


Item 4: Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece

The fourth item can be obtained a couple of different ways:

  • Special Bartering – check out our Bartering guide for more information about Special Bartering (unconfirmed)
  • Rare drop from Margoria Lost Item (unconfirmed)
  • Rare drop from an Oquilla’s Eye treasure chest (unconfirmed)
  • Rare drop from Crypt of Resting Thoughts (confirmed)

Margoria Lost Item:
Margoria Debris can randomly spawn in the Margoria Sea. You must use a Silver Key to get a reward from it.

Possible rewards include: Faded Margoria Treasure, Plain Margoria Treasure, Beautiful Margoria Treasure, Resplendent Margoria Treasure, Bottle with a Note, Gold Bar 1G – 100G, Sealed Golden Treasure Chest, Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece.

Oquilla’s Eye Treasure Chests:
Every 3 hours plumes of water will appear on Oquilla’s Eye and drop treasure chests that have been resting deep in the ocean. A notification will appear and the powerful plumes of water will appear at this time. They do deal damage but there is no death penalty if you die to them.


When a treasure chest is dropped, you have 1 minute to open it before it disappears. You will need a silver key to open the chests and can recieve a varity of different items. Check our Great Ocean Expansion patch guide for full details about other loot you can get from the treasure chests.

Crypt of Resting Thoughts

The fourth piece is confirmed to drop from the Ahib Dark Mage monsters at Crypt of Resting Thoughts. This is a solo spot in O’Dyllita with a recommended AP with Kutum of 310.

Item 5: Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece

The final piece is dropped from monsters in Olun Valley, which is a 300 AP (kutum) grind spot intended for groups of 3 and is one of the hardest grind spots. The piece has been confirmed to drop from the Olun’s Golem monsters.

Exclusive Furniture and Title

After completing your Merchant Ring, you can acquire an exclusive furniture item and title.

  • You must have completed the Crow’s Nest questline which takes you to meet Patrigio (Quests (O) -> Suggested -> [The Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest)
  • You must have the treasure item in your inventory
  • Then go to Patrigio at Crow’s Nest to accept the quest – The Treasure’s True Owner: Rich Merchant’s Ring
  • Show Patrigio the Merchant Ring to complete

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