Deve’s Encyclopedia

Deve’s Encyclopedia

Jun 08 Tansie  
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Deve’s Encyclopedia is a set of quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log.

Deve’s Encylopedia involves collecting a variety of items and showing them to Deve (the storage keeper) in Altinova. To show him the items, click the “Chat” option then show the items to Deve. Some items are harder to get than others and more expensive. Items do not get taken out of your inventory or consumed when you show them to Deve.

The rewards are family wide and are permanent rewards. Below is a list of all the rewards you will get once completing all 6 chapters.

  • All AP +1
  • Max Stamina +3
  • Max HP +27
  • Weight Limit Increase +2LT
  • Crown/Tiara Helmet (choose which you would like based on class gender)
  • Desert Fox Pet

To unlock the Adventure Log, you must have a total Family Fame of over 600 points and be level 57 or higher. Your character level, lifeskills and energy/contribution points all effect your family fame. You can find your family fame by pressing “P” to go to your profile. The yellow icon/number on the right side shows your total family fame. You can also hover over these icons for more information.

Now that you have unlocked the adventure log, you can view the chapters and begin to complete the tasks in each one. Open your ESC menu and go to the “Adventure” tab and then select “Adventure Log Bookshelf” to view your available adventure logs. 

Click the book under “Deve’s Encyclopedia” to get started. You will start with chapter 1 only, and will unlock the next chapter once you have completed all of the tasks in the previous one.

When you complete a goal, you must press the reward text in your Adventure log to receive the reward. Use the buttons at the bottom of the pages to turn each page of the chapter.

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 1

Collect 7 Ores (Max HP +1)

I recommend buying the ores straight from the market place. It’s very unlikely, but if you are not able to get 7 different ores then you can find information about where you can gather them by click their names.

Copper Ore Tin Ore iconNickel Ore
Platinum Ore Titanium Ore

iconOld Iron Ore

Iron OreGold OreiconShiny Iron Ore
Zinc Ore Noc OreiconRough Iron Ore
Lead OreSilver OreiconPolished Iron Ore
Vanadium OreiconCoaliconHeavy Iron Ore


Collect 2 Coins (Max HP +1)

I recommend going to pirate island to collect as many of the Ancient Coins as possible. You can also grind in various places in Mediah to collect the Iron, Silver and Bronze Ancient Coins. You can get the Gold Acient Coin from Adrian Loggia in Velia but it requires 500 Amity to unlock the quest which rewards it. The Sylvia’s Silver Coin is available from the Kamaslyvia Main questline and if you have lost it you can get it back for 50 energy by talking to Lanka in Grana. The Oquilla Coin is also on the list of coins that should work (it didn’t for me though).

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin[Event] Ancient Coin of the Deep Sea
[Level 2] Cron Castle Gold Coin[Event] Desert Coin
[Level 2] Pirate Gold Coin[Event] Golden Gilded Coin
Ancient Bronze Coin[Event] Golden Imp Coin
Ancient Gold Coin[Event] Golden Troupe Coin
Ancient Iron Coin[Event] Tulem’s Coin
Ancient Silver Coin[Event] Halloween Coin
Black Turtle Coin[Event] Lauren Family Coin
Sylvia’s Silver Coin[Event] PC Cafe Coin
Cron Castle Gold Coin[Event] Terrmian Coin
Glish Commemorative CoiniconRainbow Petal Coin
Golden Desert CoiniconRainbow Fish Bone Coin
Goldmont Pirate Golden CoiniconAncient Kingdom of Orzeca Coin
Oquilla CoiniconOld Moon Grand Prix Coin
Crow Coin


Collect 4 Gold Bars (Max HP +1)

The easiest way to do this part of the quest is to exchange your silver for gold bars at a storage keeper. Exchange 4 different Gold Bars (1G, 10G, 100G and 1,000G), this will cost just over 111,000,000 silver in total but don’t forget that the items are not consumed when you show them to Deve, so you will not be losing any money. You can also buy a Gold Ingot from the marketplace if you don’t have 100 million silver spare.

Gold Ingot
Bartali Gold Bar
Gold Bar 1,000G
100,000,000 Silver
Gold Bar 10,000G
1,000,000,000 Silver
Gold Bar 100G
10,000,000 Silver
Gold Bar 10G
1,000,000 Silver
Gold Bar 1G
100,000 Silver
Gold Bar from the Citizen Bank
Lauren Family’s Gold Bar


Collect 10 Flowers (Weight Limit +1LT)

The easiest way to do this part is to buy as many of the flowers as you can from the Central Market. The Sky Blue, Purple Pink, Voilet, Yellow and Blue Flowers can all be found around Grana and also in Navarnne Steppe if you are struggling to find some of them on the Market. Roses and Tulips are also easy to collect around Calpheon city despite not being very common on the marketplace. Click on the names of the flowers below to find where to gather them. 

Also, it is worth noting that you cannot use the same flower in a different quality as they do not count as seperate flowers. For example, you can use a Special Sunflower as part of the 10 flowers, but you cannot use a High-Quality Sunflower and Special Sunflower together to count as 2 different flowers.

Audria Sky Blue Flower iconVedelona
Rose Insectivore Plant Flower iconSaffron
Tulip Purple Pink Flower iconFlax
High-Quality Sunflower
Special Sunflower
Fire Flake Flower
High-Quality Fire Flake Flower
Violet FlowerYellow Flower
Blue Flower Silver Azalea
iconDalvenia Alrea
iconHigh-Quality Dalvenia Alrea
iconSpecial Dalvenia Alrea
iconHigh Quality Delotia
iconSpecial Delotia

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 2

Collect 7 Chairs (Max HP +1)

I recommend buying as many chairs as you can from the Central Market. I had no problem at all buying 7 different chairs but if some are unavailable then you can go to different cities/towns (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, etc.) and buy their unique chair from the furniture dealer. You will need to have a certain amount of amity with the NPC to buy the item. It’s also worth noting that pearl store chairs do not count!

Calpheon Chair Kamasylvian Squared Chair
Calpheon Handcrafted Chair Mediahn Chair
Chair with Armrests Mediahn Handcrafted Chair
Crio’s Fishing Chair Rocking Chair
Duvencrune Interlocking Chair Valencian Chair
Duvencrune Wooden Memorial Chair Valencian Handcrafted Chair
Duvencrune Wooden Square Chair Velian Chair
Heidelian Chair Velian Handcrafted Chair
Heidelian Handcrafted Chair Kamasylvian Commander’s Chair
Kamasylvia Backrest Chair Kamasylvian Meeting Chair


Collect 3 Chandeliers (Max HP +1)

The fastest way to do this one is to go to the Candlestick Vendor (Annabella Belucci) in Calpheon and to buy the 3 cheapest chandeliers. On your way back from Calpheon I recommend going to Glish to collect some of the items for the next quests (Chapter 3: Underwater Items, Chapter 3: Collect Keys and Chapter 4: Presentable Items), this will save you a lot of time running back and forth.  You can also go and hunt Ogres in advance to collect the items needed for Chapter 5: Ogre Items.

Ambroke’s Chandelier (Fluorescent)
Bianstimi’s Chandelier (Fluorescent)
Kris’ Chandelier (Fluorescent)
Serendian Chandelier (Fluorescent)
Valley Lily Workshop Chandelier (Fluorescent)
Xian Workshop Chandelier (Fluorescent)


Collect 3 Beds (Max HP +1)

The fastest way to do this one is to buy 3 different beds from the Central Market.  I had no problem at all buying 3 different beds but if some are unavailable then you can go to different cities/towns (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, etc.) and buy their unique bed from the furniture dealer. You will need to have a certain amount of amity with the NPC to buy the item. It’s also worth noting that pearl store beds do not count!

Calpheon Bed
Calpheon Handcrafted Bed
Heidelian Bed
Heidelian Handcrafted Bed
Mediahn Bed
Mediahn Handcrafted Bed
Valencian Bed
Valencian Handcrafted Bed
Velian Bed
Velian Handcrafted Bed


Collect 3 Stuffed Heads (Weight Limit +1LT)

The fastest way to do this one is to buy 3 different stuffed heads from the Central Market. The stuffed heads must be blue grade Artisan’s Stuffed Heads.

Artisan’s Stuffed Bear Head Artisan’s Stuffed Llama
Artisan’s Bear Hide Carpet Artisan’s Stuffed Belladonna Elephant Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Fox Head Artisan’s Stuffed Baby Belladonna Elephant Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Weasel Artisan’s Stuffed Gazelle Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Gray Wolf Head Artisan’s Stuffed Black Leopard Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Wolf Head Artisan’s Stuffed Feather Wolf Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Giant Boar Head Artisan’s Stuffed Phnyl Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Elk Head Artisan’s Stuffed Ferrica Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Valencia Mountain Goat Head Artisan’s Stuffed Ferrina Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Giant Lion Head Artisan’s Stuffed Kamasylvia Weasel
Artisan’s Stuffed Valencian Lioness Head Artisan’s Stuffed Drieghan Female Goat Head
Artisan’s Stuffed Drieghan Male Goat Head Artisan’s Stuffed Yak Head

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 3

Collect 3 Corals (Max HP +2)

These should be very easy to find on the marketplace! If they are unavailabe for some reason then you can gather them underwater. Click the names of the items below for more infomation.

iconBlue Coral
iconWhite Coral
iconGreen Coral
iconRed Coral
iconGolden Coral


Collect 7 Underwater Items (Max HP +2)

Buy all 4 of the different elixirs from the central marketplace. To get the other 3 items you will need to grind for trash loot. If you are lucky enough to have a Vadabin Diving Mask then you can just grind around Glish and save yourself some time! You will need to get the Naga Webfoot by grinding at the Swamp Naga in Glish, just northwest. The Fogan Webfoot can also be obtained by killing the Swamp Fogans east of Glish. The trashloot will drop no matter what level you are, you just need to be patient. Don’t forget that while you are in Glish you can do the other quests which are nearby for Chapter 3: Collect Keys, and Chapter 4: Presentable Items. Finally, the last of the trashloot is from Desert Naga Temple in Valencia (just above Sand Grain Bazaar).

Desert Naga’s Webfoot
Fogan Webfoot
Naga Webfoot
Vadabin Diving Mask
[Party] Agile Seal Elixir
[Party] Elixir of Seal
Agile Seal Elixir
Elixir of Seal


Collect 3 Fishing Rods (Max HP +2)

You should easily be able to buy 3 fishing rods from the market! Material vendors also sell the Old Fishing Rod. Please note that enhanced fishing rods will not work!

iconOld Fishing Rod
iconFishing Rod
iconTriple-Float Fishing Rod
iconThick Fishing Rod
iconMediah Fishing Rod
iconBalenos Fishing Rod
iconEpheria Fishing Rod
iconCalpheon Fishing Rod
iconSteel Fishing Rod
iconGolden Fishing Rod
iconTerrmian Fishing Rod


Collect 3 Keys (Max HP +2)

The easiest 3 to collect are the bronze, silver and gold keys since they are the most common. To get the Bronze key, I recommend doing the Sharp Orc Tooth quest while you are in Glish. You get the quest from Urahr and it requires you to obtain a Sharp Orc Tooth from the Orc camp mobs west of Glish. The quest will not complete when you obtain the Sharp Orc Tooth so keep an eye on your inventory. Once you have the item, take it back to Urahr to give it to him and complete the quest. For the silver and gold key, I recommend buying 101 silver keys from the Central market, then speaking to Morco (he is just behind Deve) to do the daily quest and exchange 100 silver keys for 1 gold key.

Afuaru’s Storage Key Golden Ruins Key
Ancient Ruins Key Key of Truth
Bronze Key Lake Jail Key
Cracked Mysterious Key Old Mysterious Key
Drieghan Gold Key Pure Gold Key
Fake Key to the Ruins Rabam’s Storage Key
Gold Key Rusty Key
Gold Key from Gray FogSilver Coral Key
Golden Coral Key Silver Key

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 4

Collect 5 Traps (Max HP +1)

These ones may take a little bit longer because you may have to craft some of the traps yourself and guild traps will not work. I managed to preorder all the traps apart from the stun trap so I was very lucky! Start off by buying the Capturing Rope from a Stable Keeper, then check the market for the rest of the traps. If any of them are unavailable, you can craft them at a Siege Weapon Workshop (Level 2). There is one in Altinova at the house “Altinova 9” which doesn’t need any other buildings but it costs 5 contribution points. There are also a few others that are cheaper if you already have the required building so make sure to check first. Most of the items needed to create the traps should be readily available on the marketplace. I found it hard to get ahold of the traces needed and this slowed me down a little. Click the names of the items below to find more infomation about them. 

I haven’t tested these ones but a Torn Net is also on the list of items which should work! Let me know in the comments if you try it out since it can save a lot of time.

Capturing RopeBuy from Stable Keeper
Ankle TrapCraft at a Siege Weapon Workshop (level 2)
Recipe: Herbal Gunpowder x2, Melted Copper Shard x5,
Trace of Despair x1, Black Stone Powder x2
Flame TrapCraft at a Siege Weapon Workshop (level 2)
Recipe: Herbal Gunpowder x2, Melted Copper Shard x5,
Powder of Flame x1, Black Stone Powder x2
Stun TrapCraft at a Siege Weapon Workshop (level 2)
Recipe: Herbal Gunpowder x2, Melted Copper Shard x5,
Trace of Violence x1, Black Stone Powder x2
Venom TrapCraft at a Siege Weapon Workshop (level 2)
Recipe: Herbal Gunpowder x2, Melted Copper Shard x5,
Herbal Poison x1, Black Stone Powder x2


Collect 3 Presentable Items (Max HP +1)

Buy the Silk Honey Grass from the Central Market. I was lucky and managed to find the Loria’s Hand Mirror on the market but you can craft it yourself at the Florin 1-3 Florin Workshop (requires 7 contribution points). You will have to connect Florin to Calpheon as well to send a worker there. Finally, the Fogan Skin Oil is a trade item which comes form Larc, the Trade Manager in Glish. You need at least skilled 5 in trading to be able to buy the item.

Fogan Skin OilTrade item from Larc (Glish)
Requires Skilled 5 or higher in Trading
Silk Honey Grass
High-Quality Silk Honey Grass
Special Silk Honey Grass
Buy this object from the central marketplace
Loria’s Hand Mirror

Craft at Florin 1-3, Florin Workshop
Recipe: Melted Silver Shard x12, Tin Ingot x5
Rough Translucent Crystal x6, Black Stone Powder x25


Furniture Item

iconMirror of Equilibrium

Sold by Hughol, the blacksmith in Duvencrune, for 10 million silver


Collect 2 Love Items (Max HP +1)

I used the Rose flower from the first chapter and then bought a Perfume of Courage from the marketplace. If one of these is unavlable, you can get the trade item (Love Potion No.6) from Lolly in Olvia.

Love Potion No. 6
Perfume of Courage


Collect 5 Alcholic Items (Max HP +1)

I also found this one incredibly easy to complete since most of the items can be found on the central market.

BeericonAssorted Side Dishes
Cold Draft BeericonFull-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine
Date Palm WineiconLuscious Fruit Wine
Fruit WineiconTangy Honey Wine
Honey WineiconPlentiful Assorted Side Dishes
iconCoconut CocktailiconKhalk’s Fermented Wine
iconExotic Herbal WineiconKhalk’s Strong Fermented Wine
iconMild Date Palm Wine


Collect 7 Energy Items (Stamina +3)

You should be able to buy all of these items from the marketplace. I had to put some preorders for the Armor pieces but they didn’t take long to come through. Please note that enhanced or upgraded/ultimate versions of the gear do not work. You can also make the energy potions yourself by going to Alustin at Alejandro Farm (North West of Heidel), Glish or in Velia. There are other places you can go to but these are the closest options.

Armor of Hercules’ Might
Gloves of Hercules’ Might
Helmet of Hercules’ Might
Shoes of Hercules’ Might
Energy Potion (Extra Large)
Energy Potion (Large)
Energy Potion (Medium)
Energy Potion (Small)

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 5

Collect 3 Ogre Items (All AP +1)

The Ogre Blood and Ogre Ring can be bought straight from the Central Marketplace. You can get the Ogre Excrement from Luke the Trade Manager at Western Guard Camp. You will need Apprentice level 2 or higher in the trading life skill.

I don’t recommend collecting the Soiled Ogre Ring because it is the most difficult to get and you only need 3 items. To collect a Soiled Ogre Ring you must kill Ogres located in Mansha Forest (Southwest of Calpheon). The Ogres and they have a 10 – 15 minute respawn and the Soiled Ogre Ring has a low chance of dropping.

Ogre Excrement
Ogre Ring
Soiled Ogre Ring
Ogre Blood


Collect 2 Memory Items (Max HP +1)

These items can easily be bought from the central market.

iconTrace of Memory
iconMemory Fragment


Collect 5 Sun Items (Max HP +1)

These items can easily be bought from the central market.

iconFruit of the Sun
iconEssence of the Sun
iconGolden Sun Coral
iconMagic Crystal of the Sun – Assault
iconMagic Crystal of the Sun – Boulder
iconMagic Crystal of the Sun – Precision
iconMagic Crystal of the Sun – Sturdiness
iconMagic Crystal of the Sun – Valor


Collect 5 Fortune Teller Items (Max HP +1)

These items can easily be bought from the central market.

icon Fortune Teller Mushroom
icon Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
iconHigh-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom
icon Special Fortune Teller Mushroom
iconFortune Teller Mushroom Hypha
icon High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha
icon Special Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha


Collect 3 Mud Items (Max HP +1)

These items can easily be bought from the central market.

iconRound Pottery  iconGolden Hand Vase
iconQuagmire Pottery iconImperial Platinum Kettle
iconLong Pottery iconAncient Artifact China
iconRuby Gourd-Shaped Bottle iconTarif Gourd-Shaped Bottle
iconFancy Sapphire Vase iconFabulous Exotic China
icon Emerald Gourd-Shaped Bottle iconRatt Lacquer Ware
iconFancy Topaz Kettle iconHaso Celadon Porcelain
iconBeautiful Opal Vase iconDragonhead Kettle

Deve’s Encyclopedia: Chapter 6

Collect 5 Pure Items (Max HP +1)

These items can easily be bought from the central market.

iconPure Iron Crystal
iconPure Lead Crystal iconPure Silver Crystal
iconPure Copper Crystal iconPure Gold Crystal
iconPure Tin Crystal iconPure Platinum Crystal
iconPure Zinc Crystal iconPure Mythril Crystal
iconPure Vanadium Crystal iconPure Powder Reagent
iconPure Titanium Crystal


Collect 1 Fancy Piece of Clothing (Crown/Tiara Helmet)

You must collect one of the Calpheon Noble Dresses or Suits. It doesn’t matter which class you get it for. I placed preorders for different classes and managed to get one within a couple of hours. The other way to get this item is to craft it yourself. You will need 400 amity with Merv, in Calpheon, then you will need to buy the design from her and make it at a Costume Mill level 2. The recipe is 30 Flax Fabric and 7 Ruby, which are both easily obtainable.

icon[Any Class] Calpheon Noble Suit 
icon[Any Class] Calpheon Noble Dress


Collect 2 Tear Items (Max HP +1)

Buy the Aal’s Tear from a Material Vendor and then buy the Tear of the Great Ocean from the central market.

iconAal’s Tear
iconTear of the Great Ocean


Collect 1 Friendship Item (Max HP +1)

I recommend buying the Token of Friendship from the central market.



Token of Friendship

iconToken of Promise
iconSeal of Promise


Collect 5 of Deve’s Favourite things (Max HP +1)

You should be able to buy the Soaring Wings Elixir, Flare, Honey Wine and Transparent Empty Bottle from the marketplace without any trouble. I placed a preorder for the Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife and it arrived the next day. You can craft it yourself at a Tool Workshop (Level 1) by selecting the Sharp Tanning Knife. There is only a 10% chance of the tool coming out as a lucky tool so you may have to craft quite a few of them. The recipe for them is Ash Timber x1, Bronze Ingot x1, Tough Hide x1, Black Stone Powder x1.

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