Red Battlefield Guide

Red Battlefield Guide

Dec 31 Tansie  
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You can join the Red Battlefield at any time by opening the main menu (ESC) then selecting “War” then “Red Battlefield”. A window should pop-up explaining the rules and rewards of the battleground. Click the “enter” button to join.

There are three Battlefield maps you can join:

  • Castle Ruins (original map)
  • Garmoth’s Nest
  • Valencia City

There are also 3 different modes of Battefields you can join:

  • Normal/Default: anyone can enter, ghuille suit effects are enabled
  • Season: only season characters can enter these channels
  • Camouflage Effect Disabled: on these channels, ghuille suit effects are disabled for all players


Common Rules

Once you’ve joined the battleground you will be teleported to the arena. Here you will be assigned a red or black faction and will be able to kill any other player on the opposing faction without any PvP penalties.

  • Each battle requires a minimum of 1 player on each team to start and can have a maximum of 30 players on each team.
  • The battle will last 20 minutes.
  • You can only join the battle within the first 10 minutes from the start of the match.
  • You cannot join the battleground if you are in a party.

Whilst in the Red Battlefield, you can talk to Daz and buy extra large HP (+275), MP (+375) and Herbal Juice (+250). These potions can only be used in the Red Battlefield but weigh 0.01LT and cost 1 silver each.

Daz also offers a special buff which will give you increased evasion and damage reduction for 20 seconds. To obtain the buff, simply talk to Daz at the spawn and click the button “You are under teh effect of Strong Protection”.

To leave the Red Battlefield, open your main menu (ESC) at any time. Logging out, leaving the battleground, or when the battleground is finished, you will return to your original place in the world.

Castle Ruins Map

The objective of the Castle Ruins Map is a team death match. Players must work together to kill the opposite faction and the aim is to have the most team points at the end.

Each person will start with 10 points by default.

Killing a player with higher points will give you a higher point reward, while killing a player with low points will give you a lower point reward.

  • Killing a player with 0-10 points  rewards you with 5 points
  • Killing a player with 11-19 points  rewards you with 7 points
  • Killing a player with 20-29 points  rewards you with 14 points
  • Killing a player with 30-39 points  rewards you with 21 points
  • Killing a player with 40-49 points  rewards you with 28 points
  • Etc.

If you kill an enemy, the points you earn depends on the points of your enemy.If you kill an enemy, you will earn 1/2 of the enemies score

If you die, you will lose 1/4 of your score

You will always have and earn a minimum of 1 point

Garmoth’s Nest Map

The objective of the Garmoth’s Nest Map is a team death match. Players must work together to kill the opposite faction and the aim is to have the most team points at the end.

Garmoth’s Nest is very similar to the original Castle Ruins map and has many of the same rules, but there are some small differences:

  • Garmoth’s Nest has 3 random spawn locations for each team instead of being a fixed spawn location
  • Garmoth will randomly attack adventurers by breathing fire both on land and while flying overhead
  • 5 minutes after the battlefield begins, pots will appear in the area, which you can break to obtain items that grant you powerful buffs


Valencia City Map

The objective of the Valencia City map is different to the other available maps. For this map you must occupy the capture points to increase the team’s score. The first team to accumulate 3,000 points will win the match. If the time runs out, the team with the highest score will win.


There are a total of 5 areas that can be occupied. Each occupied area gives 1 point score per second. Below you can see a map showing the spawn locations and the 5 capture points.

Unoccupied Area  Black Desert Occupied Area  Red Desert Occupied Area 
Yellow icon Blue icon
Red icon


If the area is contested, a flame will appear above the icon as indicated below:
For each second that the area is being captured, the icon will change as shown:



Once the battle is complete, rewards will automatically be sent to the Black Spirit’s Safe for all participants.

Results Rewards
  • Red Seal x5
  • Combat/Skill EXP
  • 10,000,000 Silver
  • Red Seal x2
  • Combat/Skill EXP
  • 6,000,000 Silver
  • Exchange Red Seal x50 for Red Essence at Ornella, the Arms Dealer NPC in Heidel.
  • These can then be used to create Red Battlefield Crystals

Daily and Weekly Quests

NPC Daz also has a daily and weekly quest available which you can complete for extra rewards. Weekly quests reset every Thursday.

These quests cannot be accepted by trial characters but the quest objective can be completed by them. You will need to swap to a different character to accept the quest and accept the reward afterwards.

Quest name How to Complete Quest reward
(Daily Quest)
Victory at Red Battlefield!
Obtain Red Seals x5
(winning 1 match)
  • 300 Contribution EXP
  • Recover 200 energy
  • Red Seal x3
  • Tears of War x1
  • Ancient Spirit Dust x100
(Weekly Quest)
Participate in Red Battlefield to Get a Reward
Hand over Red Seal x5 to Daz
  • 300 Contribution EXP
  • Spirit Perfume Elixir x3
  • Giant’s Draught x4
  • Whale Tendon Elixir x5
  • Ancient Spirit Dust x25

▼ Select Reward (Choose 1)

  • Finto’s Filling Juice (Health) x5
  • Finto’s Sweet Juice (Breath) x5
  • Finto’s Fresh Juice (Strength) x5




You can view the Rankings by pressing “ESC” then clicking “Information” and “Ranking” on the main menu.

Here you can view the rankings for each profession as well as the battleground rankings. The buttons along the top will filter the rankings for each of these. The last button is for the Red Battlefield and is based on how many points the player has earned in the battleground.

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