Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal

Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal

Feb 28 Tansie  
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Herald’s Journal is a series of timed quests/achievements you can complete for extra rewards in your Adventure log. There are 3 books in total with 4 chapters in each one. The timed quests are usually not hard to complete and only require a standard horse. The only quest which I had a lot of trouble with was the fishing one due to it being heavily influenced by RNG. Some of the time limits are also unknown as they are not listed in the adventure log themselves or in the quest log. If you find out any of the missing times please leave a comment to let us know!

The rewards are family wide and are permanent rewards. Below is a list of all the rewards you will get once completing all chapters.

  • All DP +1
  • Max Stamina +43
  • Max HP +5
  • Weight Limit Increase +2LT
  • Enchanted Scroll (+80)

To unlock the Adventure Log, you must be at least level 58 and must have knowledge of Rubin (located near the storage keeper in Calpheon)You must then accept and complete the quest “Adventure Log: Herald’s Journal” by talking to your black spirit.

Now that you have unlocked the adventure log, you can view the chapters and begin to complete the tasks in each one. Open your ESC menu and go to the “Adventure” tab and then select “Adventure Log Bookshelf” to view your available adventure logs. 

Click the book under “Herald’s Journal” to get started. You will start with chapter 1 only, and will unlock the next chapter once you have completed all of the tasks in the previous one.

When you complete a goal, you must press the reward text in your Adventure log to receive the reward. Use the buttons at the bottom of the pages to turn each page of the chapter. All chapters must be completed in order.

Herald’s Journal: Book 1

Talk to 5 people in Calpheon City (Max Stamina +3)

In this timed quest you have only 2 minutes to speak to 5 particular people in Calpheon: Grandus, Bartholomeo, Elle Belucci, Angela and Romary. You will need a horse to complete this quest in time.

Each time you start a new chapter, you will have to speak to the NPC (in this case Rubin) to get the next quest. After picking up the quest, chat with him again and make sure to tell him you are ready. The timer will only begin when you tell him you are ready and completing the quest without first telling him you are ready will result in a fail which says you ran out of time.

After telling Rubin you are ready to go, you can find the first NPC Grandus who is the Armor Vendor on the corner of the street. Next speak to Bartholomeo the Wharf Manager on the docks. Cross the bridge and turn to your right to speak to Elle Belucci the Marketplace Director, then go back towards the bridge and straight down the opposite street. Angela can be found on your right and is the 4th NPC. Finally, continue down the street to the very end where Romary the Stable Keeper can be found. After speaking to all 5 NPCs, go back to Rubin as fast as you can and complete the quest. 

Conquer Calpheon’s Highest Place (Max HP +5)

In this quest you have 5 minutes to climb the tower in Calpheon then go back to Rubin. You will need a horse to complete this quest in time.

After telling Rubin you are ready to go, cross the bridge and head up the stairs towards Calpheon Tower. You must climb all the way up to the very top of the tower and then interact with the object before going back to Rubin.

Talk to Geranoa (Max Stamina +3)

After telling Rubin you are ready to go, find Geranoa the Material Vendor and then go back to Rubin to complete the quest.

Talk to Crio (Max Stamina +5)

In this quest you have 6 minutes to go to Crio in Velia. You do not need to go back to Rubin to complete this chapter. You will need a horse to complete this quest in time.

Herald’s Journal: Book 2

Catch 2 Sea Eels (Weight Limit +2LT)

In this timed quest is by far one of the most annoying and hardest just because it highly revolves around RNG and has such as small time frame. You must catch 2 Sea Eels in 6 minutes.

You will need to buy a Triple-Float Rod and get your Fishing Speed to level 5 (using food/elixirs). You can also use an enhanced Ash Tree Float to increase your chances. I higly recommend fishing just outside Velia on the west side of the beach where the water is still Abudant. You can also hold space when casting to use 10 energy and increase your chances of catching higher grade fish. You will have to go back to Crio many times to reset the timer on this quest. Do this by simply telling him you are ready again. Once you catch the fish, go back to Crio to complete the quest. Good luck! 

Successfully Bargain (Max Stamina +2)

In this timed quest you simply need to go to Bahar the Trade Manager in Velia and then successfully bargain with him. Go back to Crio to complete this quest.

Travel to Iliya Island (Max Stamina +5)

In this timed quest you must go to Iliya Island and speak to Diega. You do not need to go back to Crio to complete this chapter.

To save yourself time in this quest, I recommend using a Traveller’s Map. You can use the Traveller’s Map while in Velia (I swam just outside Velia to be sure) and you will be able to choose where to teleport to. If you don’t use a Traveller’s Map, you can either take a boat to the island, or use the flying Griffon in Velia to take your there by simply jumping onto the crate. The Griffon will depart 3 minutes after arriving in Velia and the journey takes around 3 minutes. Once on the island find Diega and complete the quest. 

Find the Hidden Cave (Max Stamina +5)

In this chapter, you must first go to Kunga, located north east of Kusha (you cannot searth for him or see him on the map). Speak to him to accept the quest and tell him you are ready. You must then cross the sea east to Valencia and enter a cave there. Here you will find an object to interact with and complete the final chapter in book 2.

If you have the shark or fish costume you can cross the sea by just swimming and won’t need any additional buffs to get there in time.


Herald’s Journal: Book 3

Kill 650 Gahaz Bandits (All DP +1)

This timed quest begins with Rafa, who is the Node Manager of Gahaz Bandit’s Lair. After accepting the quest and telling her you are ready, you have 10 minutes to kill 650 Gahaz Bandits.

Enter Hystria Dungeon (Max Stamina +5)

Go to Sand Grain Bazaar and speak to Tavu the Storage Keeper to begin this chapter. You will have to find a Hystria Dungeon portal and then find Bert and speak to him.

Head north straight out of Sand Grain Bazaar and there will hopefully be a portal to the east of Desert Naga Temple. The portals are very RNG in terms of their locations and may send you to Aakman. There should be enough time to find a second portal before having to go back and reset the timer. If you are having trouble, you can use a Black Spirit’s Claw to teleport to Hystria directly. Speak to Atosa to gain a direct teleport to Hystria.

 Desert Dungeon

Find the Pilgrim’s Santum Node Managers (Max Stamina +5)

This chapter begins with Siriya Min, the Node Manager of Pilgrim’s Tower: Obedience. You must speak to 5 of the other Pilgrim’s Santum Node Managers: SaimarSemicaSamayaTarik and Dian.

Speak to the City Cheifs (Max Stamina +10)

This final chapter begins in Valencia with the king Sahazad Nesser. You have 18 minutes to speak to Neruda Shen in Altinova, Igor Bartali in Velia, Crucio Domongatt in Heidel and Herman Feresio in Calpheon, before returning to Rubin to complete this last chapter.







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