Fallen God Armor Guide

Fallen God Armor Guide

Jan 03 Tansie  
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The Fallen God’s Armor is the best in slot chest piece in BDO and first arrived with the O’Dylita region in October 2020. It is the first item in the “Ancient” armor set, the second item is the Labreska Helmet, which arrived Globally with the Mountain of Eternal Winter region in 2022.

Base Stats:

  • Defense (DP): 99
  • Evasion: 45 (+126)
  • Damage Reduction: 54 (+29)

Item Effect:

  • Max HP +310
  • Max MP/WP/SP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +13

3 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1 Level
  • Casting Speed +1 Level
**2 Set Ancient Gear Effect:
  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

**Obtain by equipping with a Labreska Helmet

How to Obtain

The Fallen God Armor is obtained by completing a family questline from Dorin Morgrim at Helm’s Post (Mediah), with a character Lv. 56 or higher.

You will need the items for one of these 3 options:

Quest Requrements
Option 1 [Crafting] Fallen God’s Armor – Blackstar Armor icon PEN: Blackstar Armor
icon Flame of Despair x1
Option 2 [Crafting] Fallen God’s Armor – Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor iconPEN: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor (Caphras Lv. 10)
icon Flame of Despair x1
Option 3 [Crafting] Fallen God’s Armor – Red Nose’s Armor iconPEN: Red Nose’s Armor (Caphras Lv. 10)

icon Flame of Despair x1

icon  Number of Caphras Stones needed:

Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor

Caphras Level Stones Required per level Total Stones Required
1 176 176
2 264 440
3 352 792
4 352 1,144
5 817 1,961
6 817 2,778
7 1,258 4,036
8 1,368 5,404
9 1,408 6,812
10 1,448 8,260


Red Nose’s Armor

Caphras Level Stones Required per level Total Stones Required
1 153 153
2 230 383
3 307 690
4 307 997
5 713 1,710
6 714 2,424
7 1,098 3,522
8 1,194 4,716
9 1,234 5,950
10 1,274 7,224

Flame of Despair

iconYou can craft a Flame of  Despair by Processing > Heating 100 Embers of Despair.

Both the Embers and Flame of Despair have a low chance of dropping from monsters at the Tunkuta (Turos) in O’dyllita. The flame can also be bought from the central market. I would advise putting a pre-order on the item as early as possible since it can take months for the pre-order to go through.

Approx grind time for 100 Embers appears to be around 30 hours.

Tunkuta Grinding Spot

Tunkuta (Turos) is a duo party grind spot. In this area, a boss (Ulutuka) can appear and has a higher chance of dropping Embers.
  • Recommended AP: 270
  • Recommended DP: 320
  • Trash Price: 18,000 silver
  • Approx Silver per hour: 200 – 250 mil
  • Other drops: Turo’s Belt, Thick Turo Blood, Venomous Night Fang, Turo Heart, Quturan’s Ashen Leaf, Quturan’s Right Lung, Black Stones (Armor/Weapon), Ancient Spirit Dust, Caphras Stones, Mass of Pure Magic


Dorim Morgrim Location and Quest

Dorim Morgrim can be found in the lower caves of the mine at Helm’s Post in Mediah.

Make sure you have the Flame and your gear unequipped in your inventory then talk to Dorim to receive the quest.

  • Remove all crystals from the gear
  • Accept the relevant quest from Dorim
  • Hand over your gear
  • Hand over the Flame of Despair
  • Interact with the crystal ball behind Dorim to craft the Fallen God Armor

How to Enhance

Fallen God Armor is tricky to enhance!

A base Fallen God Armor will have the same stats as a PEN Blackstar armor, but Fallen God Armor can be enhanced from base to PEN. The % chance of success is very low.

Due to how difficult the item is to enhance, most players enhance to DUO and then come back to the item at a later date with cron stones to do TRI attempts with a high stack.

Each attempt requires a icon Flawless Chaotic Black Stone and a failed attempt reduces 30 max durability. You can use Cron stones but it is very costly and there is no Caphras levels or force enhance option for this item.

To create a Flawless Chaotic Black Stone you will need:

Processing > Heating
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • Mass of Pure Magic x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • iconFlawless Magical Black Stone x1

You can also use Black Stone Powder x1 with either recipe to make x10 at once

Fallen God Armor is displayed with a PEN (V) icon at all enhancement levels and has a special name to differenciate each enhancement level.

Enhancement Level  DP  Evasion  Damage Reduction 
Fallen God’s Armor  99  45  54 
(PRI) Desperate Fallen God’s Armor  102  47  55 
(DUO) Distorted Fallen God’s Armor  105  48  57 
(TRI) Silent Fallen God’s Armor  108  50  58 
(TET) Wailing Fallen God’s Armor  111  52  59 
(PEN) Obliterating Fallen God’s Armor  114  54  60 

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