Labreska Helmet Guide

Labreska Helmet Guide

Dec 31 Tansie  
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This content is currently unaviable on EU/NA which is why there may be a lack of information at the moment. More details will be added as it is discovered.


The Labreska Helmet is the best in slot helmet in BDO and arrived with the Mountain of Eternal Winter region. The helmet was the second piece to be released in the set, with the Fallen God Armor arriving first in the O’Dyllita region.

The armor piece has similar base stats as a Griffon/Giath helmet with Caphras level 10. However, the Labreska helmet can be enhanced from base to PEN for higher stats.

Base stats:

  • DP: 90
  • Evasion: 33 (+66)
  • Damage Reduction: 57 (+27)

Item Effect:

  • +5% to all resistances
  • Max HP +210
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

3 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1%
  • Casting Speed +1%
2 Set Ancient Gear Effect:
  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

How to Obtain

The Labreska helmet is obtained by first completing a family questline from Floki in Okjinsini Village, in the Mountain of Eternal Winter region, with a character Lv. 56 or higher.

You will then unlock the ability to create the helmet through one of these 3 options:

Quest Requrements
Option 1 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Blackstar Helm
icon PEN: Blackstar Helmet
icon Flame of Frost x1
Option 2 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Griffon’s Helm iconPEN: Griffon’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10)
icon Flame of Frost x1
Option 3 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Giath’s Helm
iconPEN: Giath’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10)

icon Flame of Frost x1

icon Number of Caphras Stones needed for Griffon/Giath Helmet:

Caphras Level Stones Required per level Total Stones Required
1 153 153
2 230 383
3 307 690
4 307 997
5 713 1,710
6 714 2,424
7 1,098 3,522
8 1,194 4,716
9 1,234 5,950
10 1,274 7,224



Flame of Frost

iconYou can craft a Flame of Frost by Processing > Heating 100 Embers of Frost.

Both the Embers and Flame of Frost have a low chance of dropping from monsters at the Jade Starlight Forest and Sherekhan Abandoned Iron Mine.

Approx grind time for 100 Embers appears to be around 30 hours.

Jade Starlight Forest Grinding Spot

Jade Starlight Forest (Okjinsini) is a solo grind spot. In this area, a boss (Guardian of the Lost Winter – Erebox) can appear. A snow storm will appear in the area when she is going to spawn. It is possible to solo her if you are careful.
  • Recommended AP: 280
  • Recommended DP: 350
  • Trash Price: 20,140 silver
  • Approx Silver per hour: 200 – 300 mil
  • Other drops: Starlight Jade Breath, Starlight Jade Powder, Black Stone (Weapon/Armor), Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust, Dragon Scale Fossil

In this area, the monsters have a green glow and will explode when you kill them, damaging other monsters around them. Group the monsters to make the most of this mechanic. Below is an image of the monster groups and possible rotations:

Sherekhan Abandoned Iron Mine Grinding Spot

Although the Mrowek Labyrinth’s are a solo spot, the grinding area allows for 6 people to enter. Once you are inside, Muraska’s hordes of monsters will come to attack you. If the queen herself feels threatened, she will appear to fight off the invaders in the area. She will drop loot for up to 6 people.

  • Recommended Attack 280
  • Recommended Defense 350
  • Trash Price: 9,870 silver
  • Approx Silver per hour: unknown
  • Other drops: Crystals of Ancient Natural Magic, Mrowek Petrified Crystals, Celestial Essences,  Jade of Time, Black Stone (Weapon/Armor), Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust, Dragon Scale Fossil


How to Enhance

Just like the Fallen God Armor, the Labreska Helmet is tricky to enhance.

The Labreska helmet will have the same stats as a PEN Blackstar helmet but can be enhanced from base to PEN. The % chance of success is very low.

Each attempt requires a icon Flawless Chaotic Black Stone and a failed attempt reduces 30 max durability. You can use Cron stones but it is very costly and there is no Caphras levels or force enhance option for this item.

To create a Flawless Chaotic Black Stone you will need:

Processing > Heating
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • Mass of Pure Magic x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • Flawless Magical Black Stone x1

You can also use Black Stone Powder x1 with either recipe to make x10 at once

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