Labreska Helmet Guide

Labreska Helmet Guide

Dec 31 Tansie  
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The Labreska Helmet is the best in slot helmet in BDO and arrived with the Mountain of Eternal Winter region. The helmet was the second piece to be released in the set, with the Fallen God Armor arriving first in the O’Dyllita region.

The armor piece has similar base stats as a Griffon/Giath helmet with Caphras level 10. However, the Labreska helmet can be enhanced from base to PEN for higher stats.

Base stats:

  • DP: 90
  • Evasion: 33 (+66)
  • Damage Reduction: 57 (+27)

Item Effect:

  • +5% to all resistances
  • Max HP +210
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

3 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1%
  • Casting Speed +1%
2 Set Ancient Gear Effect:
  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

How to Obtain

The Labreska helmet is obtained by first completing a family questline.
  • Obtained from Floki, the node manager at Jade Starlight Forest, in the Mountain of Eternal Winter region
  • Must be completed on a character Lv. 56 or higher
  • Must have already completed the Mountain of Eternal Winter questline on the same character

You will then unlock the ability to create the helmet through one of these 3 options:

Quest Requrements
Option 1 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Blackstar Helm
icon PEN: Blackstar Helmet
icon Flame of Frost x1
Option 2 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Griffon’s Helm iconPEN: Griffon’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10)
icon Flame of Frost x1
Option 3 [Crafting] Labreska’s Helm – Giath’s Helm
iconPEN: Giath’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10)

icon Flame of Frost x1

icon Number of Caphras Stones needed for Griffon/Giath Helmet:

Caphras Level Stones Required per level Total Stones Required
1 153 153
2 230 383
3 307 690
4 307 997
5 713 1,710
6 714 2,424
7 1,098 3,522
8 1,194 4,716
9 1,234 5,950
10 1,274 7,224



Flame of Frost

iconYou can craft a Flame of Frost by Processing > Heating 100 Embers of Frost.

Both the Embers and Flame of Frost have a low chance of dropping from monsters at the Jade Starlight Forest and Sherekhan Abandoned Iron Mine.

Approx grind time for 100 Embers appears to be around 70 hours.

Jade Starlight Forest Grinding Spot

Jade Starlight Forest (Okjinsini) is a solo grind spot where each player rotates between 3 different packs. Some players may need a 4th pack in some circumstances if they do double pulls or clear a little too quickly.

The mechanic of the spot is to kill the brazier/lamps to debuff or knockdown the monsters. When you kill a monster, it will explode and damage the other monsters in the pack. When the monsters are killed, they also have a chance to spawn additional elite monsters. You can pull the elite monsters to the next pack for a “double pull”, and use the exploding mechanic to kill them faster. However, when you pull elite monsters near a lamp or brazier, it has a chance of buffing them, so make sure to kill the brazier/lamp quickly, or before the monsters are pulled.

In this area, a boss (Guardian of the Lost Winter – Erebox) can also appear. A snow storm will appear in the area when she is spawning. It is possible to solo her if you are careful but she drops loot for up to 5 people.

  • Recommended AP: 280
  • Recommended DP: 350
  • Trash Price: 20,140 silver
  • Approx Silver per hour: 200 – 300 mil
  • Other drops: Starlit Jade’s Breath, Starlit Jade Powder, Black Stone (Weapon/Armor), Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust, Dragon Scale Fossil, Forgotten Witch’s Token, Marsh’s Artifact (Extra Monster AP), Lesha’s Artifact (Monster DR)

Below is an image of the monster groups and possible rotations:

r/blackdesertonline - Jade Starlight Forest - Rotations

Sherekhan Abandoned Iron Mine Grinding Spot

The entrance to Mrowek’s Labyrinth can be found in the Abandoned Iron Mine of Sherekhan node. The Labyrinth is a very unique grind spot and you will find that almost all of the embers come from the Crystals, which you exchange at the end of the grind “session”.

  • Recommended AP: 280
  • Recommended DP: 350

The concept to the Labyrinth is very unique to BDO.

  • There are 6 rooms that can be entered through the portal entrance
  • Only 6 players can enter the Labyrinth (one per room) before the grind spot is full, new players will not be able to use the portal to get inside until someone leaves
  • Monsters will continiously spawn and attack, so it’s not possible to AFK inside the room
  • A boss can spawn (approx one per 60 – 90 minutes, based on 6 players grinding), all 6 players are teleported into the boss room to defeat the boss together
  • The boss drops loot for all 6 players.
  • Once the boss dies, all 6 players must leave the grind spot and can re-enter through the portal to begin grinding again. This means that if anyone is waiting to enter, they can join during that time.
  • PVP is possible inside the boss room, meaning you may need to party up with war targets, since realistically you will need to work together to defeat the boss

Loot information:

  • Average silver per hour: 250 – 320 mil
Loot drop Info (based on KR, yellow LS used with agris on bosses/elites)
Trash 9,870 sell price
Approx 30k trash per hour (yellow LS and agris for elite waves)
Ouk Pill of Time and Tide Used for new food/elixir recipe
(Value approx 1 mil)
Black Stones
Dragon Scale Fossil
Flame of Frost/Embers Flame and Embers only drop from the boss and elites, and can be obtained from exchanging the Mrowek Petrified Crystals
Don’t expect a lot of pure Embers drops here – they are quite rare, you will mostly get them from exchanging the Crystals at the end
Ancient Spirit Dust
Crystals Following Crystals can drop:
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Knockback Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Knockdown Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignore Grab Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Stun Resistance
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magical Power – Geumgang
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Fighting Spirit
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Robustness
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Giant
Forgotten Witch’s Token Used to enter Etherea’s Limbo
Mrowek Petrified Crystals Drops from elite monsters. After defeating the boss you can exchange this item at the NPC in the boss room for a “Tori’s Treasure Box”

Open the box to obtain one of the following (RNG):

  • Flame of Frost
  • Embers of Frost
  • Jade of Time
  • Caphras Stone
  • Ancient Spirit Dust
  • Dragon Scale Fossil
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Knockback Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Knockdown Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignore Grab Resistance
  • Celestial Essence – Ignores Stun Resistance
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Geumgang
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Fighting Spirit
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Robustness
  • Crystal of Ancient Natural Magic – Giant
  • Black Stone (Weapon)
  • Black Stone (Armor)

Floki Location and Quest

Floki can be found in the cave at the Jade Starlight Forest node. Right-click the node to be taken inside the cave to the node manager.

Make sure you have the Flame and your gear unequipped in your inventory then talk to Floki to receive the quest.

  • Remove all crystals from the gear
  • Accept the relevant quest from Floki
  • Hand over your gear
  • Hand over the Flame of Frost
  • Walk into the center of the cave room to craft the helmet

How to Enhance

Just like the Fallen God Armor, the Labreska Helmet is tricky to enhance.

The Labreska helmet will have the same stats as a PEN Blackstar helmet but can be enhanced from base to PEN. The % chance of success is very low.

Due to how difficult the item is to enhance, most players enhance to DUO and then come back to the item at a later date with cron stones to do TRI attempts with a high stack.

Each attempt requires a icon Flawless Chaotic Black Stone and a failed attempt reduces 30 max durability. You can use Cron stones but it is very costly and there is no Caphras levels or force enhance option for this item.

To create a Flawless Chaotic Black Stone you will need:

Processing > Heating
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • Mass of Pure Magic x1
  • Caphras Stone x10
  • iconFlawless Magical Black Stone x1

You can also use Black Stone Powder x1 with either recipe to make x10 at once

Labreska Helmet is displayed with a PEN (V) icon at all enhancement levels and has a special name to differenciate each enhancement level.

Enhancement Level  DP  Evasion  Damage Reduction 
Labreska’s Helmet 90 33 (+66)
57 (+27)
(PRI) Desperate Labreska’s Helmet
93 35 (+67) 58 (+29)
(DUO) Distorted Labreska’s Helmet
96 36 (+68)
60 (+30)
(TRI) Silent Labreska’s Helmet
99 38 (+70)
61 (+32)
(TET) Wailing Labreska’s Helmet
102 40 (+72)
62 (+34)
(PEN) Obliterating Labreska’s Helmet
105 42 (+74) 63 (+36)

Failstack Chart

Labreska has the same failstack % chance as Fallen God Armor, so you can refer to the image below for optimal failstacks and cron stone cost.
(Image credit to Primm)

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