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Arena of Solare Guide

Introduction Solare's Arena is a ranked 3v3 PVP arena. The arena has equalised gear options that you must set before being able to enter a match. Any character that is above level 60 and has completed their Succession/Awakening quests can [...] Read more

Battle Arena and Trial Characters Guide

IntroductionThe Battle Arena can be accessed at any time by going to the main menu (ESC) then “War” and selecting “Battle Arena”. Here you can choose which channel to enter. Once you are in the battle arena you can freely […]

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Red Battlefield Guide

Introduction You can join the Red Battlefield at any time by opening the main menu (ESC) then selecting "War" then "Red Battlefield". A window should pop-up explaining the rules and rewards of the battleground. Click the "enter" button to join. [...] Read more

Arena of Arsha Guide

IntroductionArena of Arsha is a private arena that can be rented by a Guild master or officer on a desired date.Renting Arena of ArshaYou must be the Guild master or officerRenting costs 10 million silver from the guild fundsYou can […]

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Open World PVP and Karma Guide

IntroductionOpen world PvP (Player Versus Player) is only available once you reach level 50 or higher. PvP can only take place outside of “safe zones”. Safe zones are towns and cities around the world. Otherwise, you can attack another player […]

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