Arena of Arsha Guide

Arena of Arsha Guide

Dec 31 Tansie  
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Arena of Arsha is a private arena that can be rented by a Guild master or officer on a desired date.

Renting Arena of Arsha

  • You must be the Guild master or officer
  • Renting costs 10 million silver from the guild funds
  • You can rent the arena for one day
  • Reservations can only be made within one week from the desired date
  • You can cancel a reservation for free but will not get your deposit back
  • Reservations are channel specific and only available on certain channels

Press ESC then select Arena of Arsha from the menu. You can then select the date you desire from the list and place a reservation.

Once you have reserve a date, an option will appear in the guild info (G), allowing you to set permissions and invite players. (This may only appear on the date you have reserved).

Arena Invites and Permissions

To invite players and set permissions, press ESC then go to “Arena of Arsha”. Here you can invite and ban players from the arena.

Players are not able to attend without an invite. The leader can press the lock button in the upper left of the window, to limit the amount of participants. Even if someone is invited, they are not able to enter once the arena has been locked.  There are 4 different sets of permissions for each person invited:

Permission levelInviteBanChange teamChange settingsSpectate
Waiting ListNoNoNoNoNo

Invited players are automatically put onto the waiting list. They will then be assigned a team by the leader. You can also choose to become a spectator if the match has not yet started.

Spectators can watch the battle from the spectating area. Movement is more restricted in this area and you cannot use skills. You can press F5 to enter the spectating mode once the match has started. You can press F5 again to rotate between each participants point of view. Press F6 to close spectator view.

Match modes

Common rules:

  • All buffs (food, elixirs, furniture effects, etc.) are removed when entering the arena
  • Black Spirit Rage is reset to 0% and cannot be used
  • You can use potions as normal as well as battlefield potions
  • If all opponents are not killed within the given time limit, the remaining health (%) of the surviving players are added together. The team with the highest total health wins.

Team Survival:

  • Two teams fight against each other
  • If a player dies they are not resurrected until the end of the round
  • The team that has the last surviving member will win the round
  • The leader can set a number of rounds to win and the team to reach the goal first wins overall

Team Free for All:

  • Several teams fight at the same time
  • If a player dies they are not resurrected until the end of the match
  • The team that survives until the end wins the match
  • The leader can set different win conditions. For example: if the win condition “two surving teams” is set, the match will continue until there are only two surviving teams left and they will both win

Starting the match

Once the match settings and teams are set up, the game can be started. The leader must press the start button in the setup window. A message is then displayed to announce that the match will start in 30 seconds. Between rounds there is also a 30 second waiting time before the round will start automatically.

In team survival, participants are automatically moved to the starting position on either side of the arena. NPCs are available here where you can repair your equipment or buy potions. In a free for all match, players are able to move freely to where they would like to start, this is because several teams can participate at once. So it is important to go to the arena NPC to repair and buy potions before the match starts.

The leader can stop or restart the match at any time in the match settings window.

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