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Item Drop Rate Buff List

Item Drop Rate VS Item Drop Amount Item Drop Rate buffs increase your chances of obtaining items when grinding (not lifeskills): Scrolls Written in Ancient Language Tungrad Earrings Caphras Stones Ancient Spirit Dust Black Stones Treasure Items Artifacts etc. Item [...] Read more

Luxury Goods Auction House guide

*Currently unavailable in EU/NA*The Luxury Goods Auction House is an auction that takes place at certain times and sells extremely rare and valuable items. Items like “Class EXP Transfer Coupons”, “Arsha’s Weapon”, “Life EXP Transfer Coupons” may be added to […]

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My thoughts on Boss Scrolls

Introduction Hey guys, Mike here from the BDFoundry team. today I’m going to try and explain what boss summoning scrolls are, how you get them and why you should look into setting up a group to do them. What are […]

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