New System – Blacksmith’s Secret Book

New System – Blacksmith’s Secret Book

Mar 23 Tansie  
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A new system has been added to BDO Korea (23rd March) and is now also available on EU/NA (14th June). The item is called the “Blacksmith’s Secret Book” and exchanges your current fail stacks for Advice of Valks.

The item is available from any Armor merchants or Blacksmith NPCs. They are available in four stages, as 20, 30, 40 or 50. The prices for these are 1 million silver, 1.5 million, 2 million and 3 million, respectively.

If you have 31 stacks, you will need to buy the next stage up, which would be the Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 40. If you purchase the Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 30 you will still be left with 1 fail stack. This means you can only extract fail stacks below 50.

▲ Available from Armor/Blacksmith NPCs

The item will then go into your inventory. From there, using it is simple! Summon your Black Spirit and open the enhancing window. Press the enhance button in the middle then insert your purchased Blacksmith’s Secret Book and press “Extract” to turn it into Advice of Valks.

If you had 31 stacks, you will obtain Advice of Valks (+31) even though you purchased the Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 40. 

▲ Click the Enhance button in the middle to use your Blacksmith’s Secret Book

▲ Place the Blacksmith’s Secret Book into the slot and click the Extract button

▲ A confirmation box will appear to confirm how many Advice of Valks you will receive

▲ The Advice of Valks will go into your inventory and can now be used

If you’re not familiar with how the Advice of Valks items work: 

  • It is a bound item which increases your chances of Enhancement.
  • If you have Advice of Valks (+20) it is equal to having 20 fail stacks.
  • You can only use the item if you currently have 0 fail stacks on that character.
  • The Advice of Valks is one item and you can’t combine the stacks with another Advice of Valks.
  • You cannot convert Advice of Valks back into fail stacks.
  • You cannot sell this item.

Reasons you may use the “Blacksmith’s Secret Book”:

  • You have ran out of characters to fail stack on
  • You have too many fail stacks on your characters for the item you want to enhance
  • You want to save your fail stacks for later



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