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Item Drop Rate Buff List

Item Drop Rate VS Item Drop Amount Item Drop Rate buffs increase your chances of obtaining items when grinding (not lifeskills): Scrolls Written in Ancient Language Tungrad Earrings Caphras Stones Ancient Spirit Dust Black Stones Treasure Items Artifacts etc. Item [...] Read more

Fever Time Buffs

Fever Time is a passive event buff that is applied between certain times every day (7 hours). On the weekend, a gathering buff to increase the drop rate of Hard/Sharp shards is also applied (60 hours). NA Region Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu Daily [...] Read more

Dark Rift Guide

Introduction Dark Rift is a new PVE experience. Monsters will randomly appear in certain areas and can be defeated for various rewards including rare accessories up to DUO enhancement. To unlock Dark Rift, you must have at least 1 character that […]

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