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Godr-Ayed Weapons (Blackstar Alternative) Guide

Introduction Godr-Ayed Weapons (Mainhand and Awakening only) are an alternative version to the Blackstar Weapons. They have exactly the same stats at TET and PEN. The Godr-Ayed Weapons were created to provide a different route for enhancing. Although the general [...] Read more

Damage Reduction VS Evasion

Introduction One of the most common questions from BDO players is whether or not you should build Damage Reduction or Evasion.Although the general answer is: "if you have to ask, build damage reduction", in this guide we are going to [...] Read more

Best in Slot Artifacts and Lightstones

Mar 29  Tansie  
Click here for our guide about Artifacts and Lightstones and full combo effect list How to obtain Lightstones Recap Lightstone of Fire Drops from: Jade Starlight ForestBasilisk LairKratuka ancient ruinsStars endForest RonarosAakman TempleAsh ForestAbandoned MonasteryThornwood Forest Gahaz Bandits LairDesert Naga [...] Read more

Labreska Helmet Guide

Introduction The Labreska Helmet is the best in slot helmet in BDO and arrived with the Mountain of Eternal Winter region. The helmet was the second piece to be released in the set, with the Fallen God Armor arriving first [...] Read more

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Guide

Introduction In June 2021, a new method for obtaining one guarenteed PEN accessory was unveiled at the Heidel Ball. Important things you should know before you start: You can only create ONE PEN accessory per account You can only choose [...] Read more