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CalpheON Ball 2022: Part 2

Mar 26  Tansie  
Introduction Calphe:ON Ball Part 2 took place on 26th March 2022 to showcase upcoming content and answer common player questions. This time the presentation was hosted and translated by CM StarsEnd, GM Lemoria and CM Endlaive. If you missed the [...] Read more

Late Night Talks with PA – Class Rework info and more

Aug 27  Tansie  
On August 27th 2021, the second late night talk with Pearl Abyss was broadcast live on the official Twitch channel and Youtube. If you would like to watch the broadcast you can find the links below. This coverage is a [...] Read more

Heidel Ball Notes 2021: Content Roadmap

Introduction This year the Heidel Ball 2021 was hosted and translated by GM StarsEnd, GM Lemoria and CM Endlaive. If you missed the presentation you can rewatch it on the official EU/NA BDO streaming channels: Official Youtube Channel Official Twitch [...] Read more

Calphe:ON Ball – Upcoming Content 2021

Introduction Calphe:ON Ball started the presentation with messages from their players from all around the world to spread positivity about the game they love so much. We were then joined by CM Shirna & CM Trent from BDO Console to [...] Read more

Hashashin Awakening Reveal

The Hashashin Awakening weapon has offically been teased in a new video today as well as a release date set in Korea for both Awakening and Successsion. The weapon is a giant double-edged sword and the Hashashin has sand themed […]

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