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Black Spirit Adventure Part II Guide

The Black Spirit Adventure Part II board game was added to KOREA on 29th June 2017. It is not currently available on any other client.The Black Spirit Adventure is a mini board game where you travel around Balenos and obtain […]

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Striker Awakening Weapon Revealed

The Awakening weapon for BDO’s 14th class has been revealed today (19th May) on BDO KR.The Striker’s Awakening weapon will be similar to his main hand guantlets, but more armored and covering all of his arms. The play style is described […]

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Witch Class Awakening comes to KOREA!

Sep 05  Tansie  

  Witch Class/Weapon awakening is coming to KOREA later this week on the 8th of September! You can watch the video above for the official trailer, showing off the new skills and intense combat. Watch out for the sneak peak […]

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