Kunoichi Weapon Awakening annoucement

Kunoichi Weapon Awakening annoucement

Jul 26 Tansie  
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Coming Thursday 28th July 2016

Kunoichi Weapon Awakening [Chakram] – Update
It is an armed body to crack even the air seems sharpness!
Check out the new look of the Kunoichi now!

Good morning, Black Desert adventurers.

Following the Ninja awakening, we are proud to introduce the weapon awakening of the Kunoichi.

Kunoichi weapon awakening uses a ‘Chakram’ to slice through enemies with her huge circular blades!

Kunoichi has a unique agile and sharp movement!

Below is the story behind the Kunoichi and her Chakram.

Follow her journey and earn the new ability to use the weapon from now on!

[Manually translated by blackdesertfoundry.com]

Thursday 28th July 2016

Kunoichi Weapon Awakening [Chakram] – Update


(This section is computer translated by google translate)

Kunoichi , Inc. Ha Ryun stained with crimson

The sturdy build of a long valley that runs through the rough winds staying spacious wilderness, men on horseback noticeable.

Handsome man wooram the most upright of them and shouted to loud sounds.


“Contrary go, makes sense!”


The reason was lying on the rocks tumbled down the rocks hwadeuljjak surprised.

The value yell at her father that the daughter of the family patriarch, Eki for the Ryutaro horyeong southeast of the province and the city Luang pride.

Ryutaro one is wilderness, but farming is hard, get a form, primarily through hunting and hunter, and spends all join forces.


Here born, Eki-setters should follow the tenets that keep themselves yourself.

It is mainly characterized by the use of light weapons such as Shuriken sogeom.


In recent years, it increased the intensity of training. With the investment Lena River, because standing on end in the area of friction with the neighboring tribe sonan.

Oh station chiefs are committed to entering into friendly relations, but with sonan group, the results are not good all the time.

This is also a great sense one soon. Ichi is soon to inherit from the seat of the patriarchs daughter.

She is smart like a daughter of the patriarch and excels in many aspects, know how to give to the warmth.


I heard this hot summer, drought Ryutaro one.

On this day, finally tired of all the droplets on his way to a long drought reached the end of the nose sense.

But it was obvious weak rain. A hilarious sense riding a horse was galloping at once to near-to-Lena River.

Down to the river and rest for a while during the trying and find a woman lying on the other side of rivers.

Ichi ran to the village to burn the girl in the end.


Fallen woman, but a dim consciousness, waking up under the care of a hospitable family, Eki.

Woman awakened has confessed himself as sonan family. Recently he said that violating the rules of sonan crisis group was set to die chased from their own people.

Many, including the chief sonan the word family they could not hide the embarrassed look.

The reason clung to his father shaking his head. Ansseureop that she had received Blitz.


Gangok in favor of a reasonable end, five echinacea group accepted the woman’s family sonan.


He said there was a family woman sonan regain strength to wake up the late night show sense.

The family had taken out her gun sonan traditional weapons.

Looks a little large, it rounded enough to wrap the body, round face on one side sharpened blade standing

Ha Ryun was named four weapons. The figure of a woman covering four sonan family Ha Ryun damgyeotda in the eye of sense.

The city has four Ha Ryun said he fills the air with subtle shine like the moon.


And the flower color sonan tribe woman ttuiwoomyeo talked about its meaning.

Ha Ryun won four of this means is that you can bear everything, it is equal to its end abuts the beginning and end of all things.

Then the city could not fully understand its meaning. But to learn the four rideut Ha Ryun lead to something sonan family that day.



By the time the deal is quite reasonable Ha Ryun four received training, two days dragged her into the abyss of misery broke.

Sonan family clan would find the fugitive woman. Sonan family she knew that there is no place to escape.

She spent seochal clan to end worries. Offered to help, Eki able to attack the family,

So let yourself have said in the clan.


Since the early evening when the city did not win the sleep he also fell into a deep sleep you do not know, and when you wake up in the wake reasonable,

The village fire was coming up the other. Sights fighting weapon … or hold the panicked people were noisier itself.


Ichi also fought to hold the sogeom Jean neolbeureo on the floor. But you can not force your room properly

Sonan family because the woman was wearing a number in the group, Eki drinking water.

Even so, not a relative. Ha Ryun sonan power of four families had to deal with the powerful.

Meanwhile, numerically inferior to blame yieotgeonman sonan not seen over the estates of the family group, Eki, who would correctly.


Eventually, Eki family is wiped out and some were prisoners of sonan family.

Ichi barely escaped into the forest with the help of colleagues shed tears of blood in the woods.

So it passed several days. This is a big month in the eyes of a dying city came his way in the snow.

Barely raise up the body, and I vowed to live. She went back to the land of the five families Station.


The trail was just terrible.

Ha Ryun picked up four sonan family sseudeon between the two bodies. Stir mixed emotions are hard to find and hit a rage.

Susomun sonan paid off but the family she seemed to favor the enemies she has already disappeared from Ryutaro one.


Embraces the sense of despair, Eki clan chiefs and opened his mouth in front of the tomb of his father finally went najimak two toned.



“I will pay back four with the same Ha Ryun. Moon is white, sick, until everything is bathed in crimson. “




◈ Video Trailer
The huge circular blade, turbulent and spectacular action! Check out the power of the Chakram now!


※ Witch Weapon Awakening teaser at the end of the video. Do not miss out!


◈ Awakening Skills
Now Kunoichi is sweeping the battlefield with her sharp Chakram.
The Chakram gives the Kunoichi class a longer range and more powerful attacks that can easily take out a large number of enemies.

▲ Kunoichi weapon awakening skill tree

Kunoichi weapon awakening skills are as follows:


Rookie bungyeok

Upper slash behind your enemy for high damage with 100% critical hit rate.



A quick forward slash used to counter attack when blocking incoming attacks. This skill is extremely powerful when used correctly.



Dash behind the enemy to deal extra damage based on HP.


Huiyeon free

Spin the Chakram using both hands, causing great damage to nearby enemies.

Bonus damage scales with HP.


Nangyeok: Ha Ryun four

Throw out the Chakram rapidly and hit random nearby enemies.


Admire Chu

Dash forwards and stun enemies.


Thursday 28th July 2016!
Become more powerful and use the Chakram! Coming to KR in this weeks maintenance.
We hope to support you with your many adventurers and aim to provide a pleasant and fun service.
Thank you.

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