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Maehwa Weapon Awakening Trailer

Maehwa (Plum) Weapon Awakening has been teased in an action trailer. Maehwa becomes stronger and uses her ice spear to destroy her enemies. Watch out for the Ninja Weapon Awakening teaser at the end of the video!   It’s very […]

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*New* Auction House Bid System

Apr 16  Tansie  

A new bid system has been added to the Auction House, allowing players to instantly buy an item of their choice, without even being at the Auction House. This system is currently only on the Korean version and we don’t yet […]

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New Costumes – 31/03/2016 [KR]

New costumes have been added to KR for 5 out of the 12 available classes. Our favourite is the Warrior costume design, let us know which is yours! Kunoichi Ninja Musa Sorceress   Warrior

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Valkyrie Weapon Awakening coming 24th!

Mar 22  Tansie  

  Thursday, 24th March 2016 Valkyrie Awakening Weapon  – Lance Valkyrie is the patron saint of Black Desert, Combining solid defense and strong attacks! Good morning, Black Desert adventurers.   Many adventurers have been waiting for the been waiting for the 6th hero awakening. Valkyrie Weapon […]

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New Pet Breeding System and Chick Pet added! [KOREA]

New Pet Breeding System ● Pet System has been reorganized. * Breeding System changes:  – You can now choose one pet during the exchange, to pass along all current skills to the new pet. > If the selected pet has less […]

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25/02/2016 Pearl Store Update (KR)

Just a quick update today guys as we are busy preparing for launch. Here are the latest costumes to be added to the cash shop in Korea. Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/notice/read?articleId=812&pageIndex=1&objCate1=52&bbsId=BN001&forceTalkro=T

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18/02/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Hello . The MMORPG, Black Desert. Thurs, 18th February 2016 patch notes included Tamer Weapon Awakening ‘Sky Rod’ along with 115 additional updates. For details of this update, please see below for details. Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com   [Events ] ● Tamer adventurers, Swing the Sky Rod! […]

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Tamer Weapon Awakening coming 18th February!

  2 2016 May 18 Thursday, Tamer Weapon Awakening  ‘Sky Rod’  Update Tamer is the true master of the Beast I shall have the power to shake the sky! Good morning, adventurers!   Many people are expecting the fifth Weapon Awakening in Black Desert and […]

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Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Hello. The MMORPG, Black Desert.. Thurs, 4th February 2016 translated patch notes include new items along with 60 additional changes. For details of this update, please see below for details. Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com   [Events] ● A special event in the old […]

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