New Pet Breeding System and Chick Pet added! [KOREA]

New Pet Breeding System and Chick Pet added! [KOREA]

Mar 17 Tansie  
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New Pet Breeding System

● Pet System has been reorganized.

* Breeding System changes:

 – You can now choose one pet during the exchange, to pass along all current skills to the new pet.


> If the selected pet has less skills that the maximum number the new pet can have, the remaining skill slots will be randomly selected and filled based on the tier of pet. If the selected pet has more skills that the maximum number the new pet can have, skill will be selected from the selected pet.
> However, the breeding gap has been changed. Pets can only be exchanged if they are no more than one tier lower than eachother.

* Pet Skill changes:

– Experience skills will now stack.
> For example: if a pet has 4 of the Combat Experience +5% skills, you will receive a Combat Experience +20% buff.
> However, this effect only applies to the same pet and will not stack with all pets.
– It has been changed so as to overlap both the potential increase in technology.
> You can view all skill information in the pet window


– The number of skills a pet can have has been changed:
> Tiers 1-2: one skill
> Tier 3: two skills
> Tier 4: three skills

* Types of Pets:

– Pets are classified as common / livestock / bird / wildlife  / monster. Each pet can get a special skill as well as common skills.

* Pets Skill Information:

Pet species
– Common
> Luck +1, Combat Experience Increase, HP Recovery Increase
– Livestock (dogs, cats, etc.)
> Cooking Experience Increase, Alchemy Experience Increase, Worker Experience Increase, Life Experience Increase
– Birds (hawks, long-tailed tit, etc.)
> Fishing +1, Fishing Experience Increase, Hunting Experience Increase, Taming Experience Increase, Trading Experience Increase
– Wildlife (hedgehog, penguin, desert fox, etc.)
> Gathering +1, Gathering Experience Increase
– Monster (snowman, etc.)
> Gathering +1, Gathering Experience Increase

– All experience increase skills, which are acquired through breeding, is fixed at 5%.
– Death penalty reduction skills can no longer be obtained by breeding. (Existing skill effects will remain intact.)
– All pet skills which were obtained before today’s update, remain intact without being changed or deleted.

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