Costume Design Contest – Winners Announced! [KR]

Costume Design Contest – Winners Announced! [KR]

Jun 04 Tansie  
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Winners of the costume contest have been announced! The contest began on Thursday 21st of April and ended on  Thursday 19th of May with over 200 sent in over the month. Below are the 20 selected winning designs.

The winning designs will actually be implemented into the game. However, it’s currently undecided whether they will be implemented as Pearl Store costumes or not, and there is no estimated date for when these costumes will become available.

Sorceress by 레이디루시作


Ranger by Angelhaze作


Ranger by 설앙作


Tamer by 요슬피作


Valkyrie by 우뺘作


Valkyrie by 에셀플레드作


Kunoichi by 네추作


Kunoichi by 기린은목이긴기린作


Ninja by 메타세쿼이야作


Kunoichi by 조커위치作


Sorceress by 석박통합作


Ranger by 아르패이니엘作


Ranger by  안구에모이스트作


Ranger by 좀그리라作


Tamer by 율림니作


Tamer by 이지민作


Musa by KasasisW作


Maehwa by 스노우카페인作


Wizard by 황사바라기作


Witch by 릴드作

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