Valkyrie Weapon Awakening coming 24th!

Valkyrie Weapon Awakening coming 24th!

Mar 22 Tansie  
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Thursday, 24th March 2016
Valkyrie Awakening Weapon  – Lance
Valkyrie is the patron saint of Black Desert,
Combining solid defense and strong attacks!

Good morning, Black Desert adventurers.


Many adventurers have been waiting for the been waiting for the 6th hero awakening.

Valkyrie Weapon Awakening [Lance] is finally introduced to the battle!

Valkyrie Awakening brings a huge lance and shield that brings perfect defense and offensive weapons.

She is the shining golden splendor in the field.


We’ve released the story of the Valkyrie Awakening Weapon. Check it out now!

Manually Translated by

Coming Thursday, 24th March 2016

Valkyrie now uses a lance. She is warrior on the battlefield!


“Eli blessed eonyi down, Lancia”

Yen ~ ~ Legend of Sligo



Valkyrie was founded troops receive subparagraph of Eli language.

Although its history is older, but the girls there always has been a stand out in any war.


The first begins with the legend of the yen Valkyrie Sligo.

Templar sword peon who was affiliated yen Sligo was a long article with rich red hair.

Where is that she was there compelling, he panes Lancia my petite enough to do that with a large shield

Because not bother holding danyeotgi.

And the technology was freely speak of a strange behavior that require a high divine power.


This did Eli yen amazed at the ability of the yen Sligo eongyo takes the stage name of Valkyrie, called the name of Sligo

Valkyrie has compiled a textbook, and soon founded the University of the Holy Valkyrie concentrate on training.


Divinity College is focused to train only perfect Valkyrie as an institution of Eli eongyo group.


Sligo yen has been the commander of the sacred college, there was the will is nothing that can be.

In the process of electing a girl to be trained as Valkyrie eongyo Eli had presented a very demanding basic knowledge,

Anything that lacks character a little bit Snatcher have been relentless, and danghagido a disadvantage.

Sligo did not agree with the way the yen Eli eongyo, it was never delivered.


The first mission through the ordeal finally issued the Valkyrie bag with assortment

ZAKA appeared to seal the incomplete large knife in the temple completely peon.

But the high priest of the secret instruction imparted to Sligo yen in secret on the eve of the yen was down a completely different direction.


“Hari worshiped all the chaos Eli language. Make greater ZAKA and the incarnation of pure blood of the sacrifice Valkyrie. “


When the Valkyries arrived at the elite peon large knife Zaka Zaka temple begin combat and size, the yen was escalating conflict in Sligo.

Eventually, the yen is reumyeo Sligo Gus the meaning of Eli eongyo also be exposed to greater ZAKA a look at the temple completely sealed with a knife peon Valkyrie elite.

Sligo yen and disappeared to tell the last word.



“Is defined in the head, Eli’s sister in mind, the ideological balance only at the end of the Lancia.”





◈ Valkyrie Weapon Awakening Combat Video

Valkyrie Awakening brings a huge lance and shield that brings perfect defense and offensive weapons. Check it out now in our teaser video!


※ There is a sneak Peak at Blader and Plum Weapon Awakening at the end! Do not miss out!







◈ Weapon Awakening Skills

Valkyrie Weapon Awakening [Lance] can be mixed with the current weapons to create a different type of attack.


Awakening skills of the Lance have a longer range and deals massive damage to their enemies in front and around her.

This will greatly enhance the Valkyrie class.

Valkyrie Weapon Awakening skills are as follows:

Divinity Bash

Apply a powerful blow with your shield, then continuous deep stabs with your lance.

Shield of Purification

Use the divine power to debuff an enemy or heal allies.

Desperate Dash

Rush forwards towards an enemy and attack. 

Inflicts a sting and will knockdown and knock back. enemies

Redemption: Asia WLAN definition

Stomp your Lance into the ground, applying a powerful attack to nearby enemies at the same time.

Additional damage when combined with Flow Divine Revelation.

Holy Land

Valkyrie throws a huge divine power forwards to attack enemies.

Can cause knock back effect on a successful strike.


◈ How to unlock Weapon Awakening
Valkyrie Weapon Awakening can only be unlocked after reaching level 56+
Valkyrie trainees gathered divine sword from the University peon story begins.
Starting Chapter of the Holy Temple University, Tampere Please help seraseu dates back to the origins of the Valkyries
The commission will continue to “Yen Legend of Sligo ‘story.
The main request consists of a total of seven, the inside contains three test center.
The process of referral is not difficult greatly if you could contact the local media monster may be enough to solve all requests.
When you have completed all the successors of the yen is being commissioned in the darkness purification media elrik four won Sligo, Sligo by Ben
You can receive a reward weapons technology with the awakening awakening Valkyrie weapon Lancia.

<Once you are over level 56 you can start the quest through your Black Spirit!>
Thursday, 24th March 2016 –  Meet the true nature and power of the new Valkyrie.
 Thank you to our adventurers.
We hope we can bring you a more pleasant service and fun service.
Thank you.

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