Ninja Weapon Awakening coming 23rd June!

Ninja Weapon Awakening coming 23rd June!

Jun 16 Tansie  
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Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Ninja Weapon Awakening  [Surado –  Update]

Unpredictable! 6 powerful swords.
Check out the new look of the Ninja now!

Good morning Adventurers,

Following the powerful update of Musa and Maehwa, we are excited to introduce a new weapon awakening of the Ninja hero.

He will use spectacular attacks with his six swords. He’s an adventurer, with a sad past, who now thrives from his awakening skills.

Check out the video preview and images below to view our sneak peak of the Ninja. You’ve never seen him like this before!

He has transformed into a real assassin.

Manually translated by BlackDesertFoundry

Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Ninja Weapon Awakening [Surado – Update]



Ninja ,  geodumyeo leave the patience to regain self-esteem .


The far east end ,  there lived a boy threadbare in a small forest estates of the kingdom .

Supen that the girl suffered the occasional outing was bidanot used to go out to play with the boys .


Early in the girls parents yeouigo often rode a lonely one day ,  took the boy strangled a guardian for their house .

Finish, and he was true which was followed by old his back looking for someone to protect the girl .


The guardian youth enemies ,  others six or deals with the difficult chapter dealing with even one properly

Name swept the battlefield, I was longevity .  Its inaction him enemies Sura was terrified called .


The boy became his disciples .  Showed exceptional talent in martial arts it came out quickly to absorb the teachings of the Master .

Before he left the world in old age was around the square already has surpassed the teacher .


Boys and girls ages two flows has been growing with each other, they begin to bear in mind .

However ,  that he could be with her poverty .  The girl was the daughter of the feudal lord Narusawa family ,

He had to make a marriage of convenience with the sons of other 0 shares .  In addition ,  if the majority had to be handed a place in California .

But the boy did not care about this .

Following the call themselves the guardians escorting warriors who died and had to keep the girl’s side .


Shortly after the girls coming up to state ,  the civil war broke out in the kingdom .

It was part of the war lords caused to protest the persecution and exploitation of the central government .

In the interests in their kingdom, 0 shares boy fought with all the force to defend the girl .

Write deals with the sword of six sippeolgeon at the same time turn the enemy’s blood to the body shape of a boy brutally slaughter the enemy ,

Enemies on the battlefield Sura is back watdamyeo scared trembled .



Through the years ,  it has finally grown arrival of peace and stability, avoid eating a long civil war ended .

Soon he started smoking culture flower people enjoyed the easygoing vocal cords .

The seemingly everyone seemed happy ,  began a harsh season egen boys and girls .


Who call themselves the Revolutionary Army have fought each other for power struggles and gongsin countries .

The victim of the power held power ,  were turned into perpetrators of power .


Yet eoryeotdeon girl ,  Narusawa family started receiving checks from other forces .

The activity of the youth in the war boy gave up all honor and treasure in order to survive, even though built a big ball .

However ,  the world did not let them .


Sseulji may soon inverted plotted sins have heard the rumors .

Her youth ,  had Narusawa keep the family from the new authorities .

But for many years the hilt only thing that was not so much youth and his colleagues were able to come alive in the hands jwimyeo in times of peace .

Makmak was eating away from one-year-old .


The young man persuaded the California changed the family name ,  moved to bases in the deep woods spent his childhood together .

In addition, by utilizing the martial arts of his colleagues and it began to collect a variety of information .

The State took on the job of classifying and managing information .  By selling the thus obtained information packed livelihood of the population .

I pushed the power struggle that they begin using a power struggle .


Trial and error is also common .

What was different intelligence and battlefield at all .  They abandoned the chapter that interfere with nimble movements sogeom heard .

And it adapted to infiltrate and assassinate rearrange the martial arts and was constantly training .

Patience while hiding the identity and ,  again raised the strength and perseverance .  They themselves Ninja began calling .


This family were visiting the stable .  But in the embers began to pervade the place is unexpected misfortune .

Was held starting from fellow dispatched to the West Railway Station .  At first I found it took to give him a mild cold

He looks for signs of disease of unknown cause ,  soon it became a madman varies eyes turn red .  Then it began to the people around .



He was eventually overpowered ,  lost their lives .

But ,  already, the disease was spread to others ,  long after the family became ssukdaebat madness drenched in blood .

And unfortunately it could not be avoided even youth .  Began to show the symptoms of the infection dolbodeon California devotion day and night to spread a trail .

The sick to the well-being of the family, whilst ,  once, but that was ruthlessly beat them former colleagues ,

Ya’ll just could not possibly understand .  The young man went to find a clinic yonghan susomun the whole country .

But it was already all that you can to illness is keeping the worse her life without missing a state of suspended animation as acupuncture .


Gobi is urgent neomgyeotjiman ,  the real problem was that starting from now .

The young man did not place the strap of hope .  To solve this terrible disease was first to find the cause .

All four are leaving West Railway Station has started to look to find the cause .

Be sure to come back and vowed to rebuild the pungbibaksan nabeorin family .



Day two young tteonadeon the way ,  visited California .

Maid deuldeon the bottle beside her caregiver were given out of the way place .

It was the first time that only two face after a childhood spent in the woods ,  the young man could not hear her voice .


Can not dare to lord your name is called ,  it was only just swear alone .



Sura comes back to me ,  it is to pinch the flag of Narusawa Nauvoo again on the battlefield .”





◈ Ninja Weapon Awakening – Combat Trailer!

Spectacular combat! Sword of six unfolds! Check out the video of the Ninja Weapon Awakening now!


※ Remember to watch out for the Kunoichi Weapon Awakening preview at the end of the video. Do not miss out!

◈ Awakening Skills

Ninja Awakening Skillsaim to exert more powerful and rapid attacks on their enemy.


Ninja Weapon Awakening Skills are as follows:


After blocking an enemy attack, rapidly strike back three times with a counter attack.


Naemyeo Bear enemy is up to 12 times the fatal clad technology.

In conjunction with four joint technology yonghamyeon can attack using surado of the two.

Yiryong balls, etc.

It swung over the surado under attack enemies within the aura of powerful pumping Sura from the ground.

Life: Heavy Rain

At the height upcast surado a broadband technology that countless speculum is pouring out enemies.


Finish off a powerful aura of Sura collected. You can attack with deadly blow.

Tight seams

Remove the surado quickly after such a moment is less mowing technology.

When the short-lived association with true or sword dance of the immorality of the techniques used, you can use the Remove all surado constantly.


Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Ninja Weapon Awakening [Surado – Update]
We ask you for your support, adventurers.  We’ll keep you posted as we aim for a more pleasant and fun service.
Thank you.

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