*New* Party Finder System

*New* Party Finder System

Apr 20 Tansie  
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*NEW* Party Finder System

The Party Finder system was added to Korea today (20th April 2017) and makes it easier to find party members or a group. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this system will be added to EU/NA, but we expect it to come *soon* as it is a small change and not a content update.

To use the Party Finder, go to the main menu (ESC) and click the Party Finder option to view a list of parties that are currently recruiting members.

Finding a party 1.png

If there are a lot of parties on the list, you can search for specifically what you are looking for.

Finding a party 2.png

If there are no parties you wish to join, you can create your own by clicking ‘Register for Recruiting’.

This will create a recruitment article that will be displayed on the party search list. You can enter the description of your party, such as where you are hunting, and then set the minimum level required to join.


Finding a party 3.png

You can also advertise your party by clicking the “Advert” button next to your recruitment description. This will post the advert as a server message but will cost 1 energy.


Finding a party 4.png

Players can join by clicking the “Join” button on the right. If the party is on a different channel, there will be a “Move Channel” button instead which will automatically change channel for you if pressed. You will then be able to apply by clicking the “Join” button. This will send your class and level information to the party leader and they can choose whether to invite you or not.

Other changes to the Party System

The party location flagging has been changed and will now show the class, level and party member’s name when they flag a location (shift + double clicking). 

Party members can share their location by:

  • ‘SHIFT + LEFT CLICK’ to share a location (red beam)
  • ‘SHIFT + DOUBLE CLICK’ to flag a location (purple flag)

Party Member - Change .png

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