Heidel Ball Notes 2021: Content Roadmap

Heidel Ball Notes 2021: Content Roadmap

Jun 22 Tansie  
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Free Gifts/Codes

All players who have logged into Black Desert at least once before the end of the broadcast on June 19th 2021 are eligible to be sent the following rewards:

  • J’s Special Scroll x5
  • Cron Stone x300
  • Family Inventory +1 Expansion Coupon x2
  • Mysterious Blue Conch x50
  • Advice of Valks (+80) x1
  • [Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal x10
  • Caphras Stone x100
  • Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle x1
  • [Event] Rare Tungrad Accessory Box x1

These rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox automatically during the maintenance on June 23rd 2021 and must be claimed before July 28th 2021.

The following codes can also be redeemed before July 31st 2021 at 23:59 UTC:

    • Advice of Valks +150
    • Cron stones x500
    • Main weapon, Awakening weapon and Sub-weapon exchange coupons
    • Slippery Scallywag Treasure Chest (containing Blessing of Old Moon Pack 7 days, Horse Emblem: Golden Horse T8, Young Crimson Dragon pet, Caphras x300, Cron Stonne x500)
    • Fine Accessory Box III x1, Banana x1
    • Item Collection Scroll 60 Min x5, Lara’s Warm Black Tea x3

To redeem the codes you can login and use the official website or redeem directly in-game using ESC Menu > Adventurer Support > Use Coupon.

A “J’s Hammer of Loyalty” will also be gifted at a later date with exact details available in a future notice.

Upcoming Content: Roadmap 2021

We were joined by Jaehee Kim, the Executive Producer of Black Desert to lead the start of the presentation and show some statistics from the first half of 2021. Je-seok Jang, the Department Head of Black Desert Game Design then continued with the rest of the roadmap broadcast.

All scheduled release dates are subject to change and are for Global Lab release. For live server updates, it depends on how quickly the content is localized and may be as early as 1-2 weeks, or as late as 1-2 months after the announced release dates mentioned.

Season Servers – June 29th

  • Summer season is confirmed to start on June 29th, with season character pre-creation starting on June 23rd.
  • Summer season will be globally released in all regions at the same time and will also be coming to Console
  • The goal of season servers is to create an enviroment where players feel they are joining an entirely fresh server experience that can acommodate both new and old players
  • Although the past season servers did achieve this to an extent, they believe there were still some issues, such as the difficulty of enhancing Tuvala gear and adjusting to normal servers after graduating
  • To work on this feedback, a “Growth” season pass will be available to players after they graduate to help them adjust more smoothly. The Growth season pass will be similar to the season pass but offer Short-term and long-term objectives for character progression.
  • Developers are also planning to increase the value of Tuvala gear but have no current plans of changing the difficulty of the enhancing at the moment.
  • A lot of players also shared feedback that rerolling to another class during the season was not possible without deleting the season character and making a new one from scratch. To offer more options, the developers are working on a feature to allow players to connect their season character to a normal character. Connected characters will be able to pass their Combat and Skill EXP over to the normal character and Tuvala gear will be changed to be equippable on the normal character as well.

Mini Servers – release TBA

  • Mini servers are private servers that a player can join with exclusive access and will work together with season servers
  • Adventurers can invite up to 30 other players to join the mini server
  • Players can only join the mini server for one day and will only have access to the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Kamaslyvia and Valencia regions
  • Players can only gain access to the mini server by winning special events or completing special quests
  • The plan is to have approximately 20 mini servers available at the start, then once the season ends the concept will be added to normal servers as well

Mansions – July 15th

  • The first mansion to be added will be located between Heidel and the Eastern Border near the road for all players to see as they run passed
  • Mansions can be owned by an individual player and can be decorated both inside and out
  • Special furniture will also be added that is exclusive to mansions

Atoraxxion Dungeon – July 21st

  • Atoraxxion is the most significant content update of the first half of 2021 but unfortunely the global release date was pushed back to July 21st to ensure it was high quality localization
  • A lot of consideration and thought was put into how Atoraxxion would influence existing gameplay. Voice acting, cutscenes and a story was included to give the classical dungeon archetype with a special Black Desert twist.
  • Atoraxxion dungeon contains mechanics, puzzles and monster battles all together
  • However the dungeon is not entirely instanced (only the last boss is instanced) and the rewards are comparable to existing gear so that players don’t feel forced to participate or that they need friends to play with. Players can only enter the dungeon once per character and up to twice per account each week
  • More information can be found in our Atoraxxion Dungeon guide
  • Jaehee Kim mentioned that Atoraxxion is the first attempt at this sort of content and that they are continuing to do their best to improve in this area. The developers have gained a lot of experience from the update which they are using to work on the remaining biomes.
  • The first biome is called “Vahmalkea” and there are still 3 remaining biomes under development: Deep Sea, Canyons and Forests.
  • “Sycrakea” is the name of the next undersea-themed biome and the difficulty level will be comparably higher than “Vahmalkea” with much more difficult strategies. The current release date for Sycrakea biome is July 29th on Global Labs, with the other 2 biomes (Yolunakea and Orzekea) expected this year.
  • The final boss in the last biome “Orzekea” will be Illezra herself. The developers promise an epic showdown that lives up to everyone’s expectations and intend to release the final biome simultaneously in all regions and on console.

Card Mini-Game “Yarr” – August 12th

  • A new mini-game called “Yarr” will be released which is based on the rules of Poker and “Yacht”
  • The game can be played against other opponents using Knowledge cards they possess
  • Yarr is designed to be simple and easy to pick up, but involves strategy and players to build their own deck using their Knowledge cards
  • The game is an improved version of the Amity mini-game and you can complete against both NPCs and other players in 1v1 battles, as well as group battles being planned for release
  • Ranks will be added based on your win rate, but the game is designed purely for fun.
  • “Yarr” is the twin sister of the secret guard’s very own Yaz, and the secret head of the Old Moon Guild. Players should expect to battle against Yarr as the final boss in this new mini-game.

New Red Battlefield Maps – August 19th

  • Two new Red Battlefield maps are planned and still in development. One map will be released as early as the 19th of August, whilst the other is planned for September or October.
  • The first map is located in the Northern Plain of Serendia with the river intersecting a three-way intersection. The layout of the map ensures that the two teams will come face-to-face in “line battles”.
  • Points will also have a crucial role as players can use them to give buffs to their allies and have more options for leadership
  • The second map is located within Valencia City and have the rules of a siege war.
  • Players will have the option to join both the new and existing RBF maps with the “ghuille suit” costume effects disabled on certain servers.

Terror of the Deep Sea – August 26th

  • Terror of the Deep Sea is an extreme monster zone which was first teased at Calphe:ON Ball
  • The zone is designed for solo play and will challenge players by limiting their field of view
  • No additional details were given about the mechanics for Terror of the Deep Sea
  • Notes from Calphe:ON Ball 2020:
    • Monsters will become more difficult depending on how many monsters you have killed
    • Some ideas for this area are that monsters will hit harder, random bombardments will appear or Elite monsters will suddenly appear
    • You can leave the grind zone with whatever loot you pick up, but if you die you will only keep half of the loot you obtained.
    • There are plans to add a 2 week to 1 month time restriction on re-entering the grind zone if you were killed or left voluntarily.

Ranked PVP Season (Arenas) – 26th August

  • Last year the developers announced their decision to focus more on PVP. However even after the changes made in the first half of 2021, the feedback was that the developers had not done enough for PVP content.
  • Developers are now currently considering making new gear specifically for PVP only, but don’t want players to feel that having so many different sets of gear is a hassle
  • The key of the PVP season is to lower the barrier of entry for players interested in PVP and to also add more exclusive PVP content for all players to enjoy.
  • Some of the planned PVP content to arrive with the PVP season will be the 10 vs 10 crews and ranked arenas (explained in detail below)
  • Until now, PVP restrictions have only been set on AP+DP levels. However, this time restrictions will be set for all important PVP stats, including: AP, Accuracy, Damage Reduction, Evasion, Resistances, Buffs, and HP
  • For the first PVP season, the AP and DP restrictions will be set in the 620 to 630 AP+DP range, with the limits being re-adjusted each season as necessary.
  • At the end of the PVP season, your will earn rewards based on your rank points that you have achieved and higher ranks will be able to earn a special Title, or items with special appearances similar to the Arsha Weapons.
  • The PVP season will run for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 or 3 months.
  • The 10 vs 10 crews battle was introduced last year at Calphe:ON Ball. However, the developers are also now creating a new ranked arena for 1 vs 1 battles and 2 vs 2 battles.
  • Developers confirmed that the 10 vs 10 Crew Battle will be replacing the Thornwood Castle arena
  • Last year, a World Siege War event was held for the Asian region only. Due to the scale and differences in gear it was realised that these sorts of tournaments would not be maintable on a frequent basis. However, because so many players enjoyed both participating and spectating the events, Pearl Abyss are now working on a Champion’s League Tournament for 10 vs 10 crew battles.
  • The tournament will first take place in South Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Japan, Thailand and SEA, for now. Pearl Abyss are currently testing for NA, EU, Russia and South America, but due to the limiations and complications that come with physical distance, the touranments for these regions may only take place once Covid restrictions have eased and all players can meet together for a World Championship.
  • Arena of Solare is also a ranked arena that some players may recall from the early Altinova questlines. When players apply to join the arena, they will be matched with a player and automatically moved to the arena. The arena is a typical 1v1 duel but as some classes are better in 1v1 situations compared to other classes, your winrate and rank will be seperated for each of your characters.
  • Arena of Solare is planned to not just be limited to 1v1, but also 2v2 battles and even 3v3, if needed.

Tier 10 Dine – 2nd September

  • Mythical Dine is planned for 2nd September. The original concept was hinted last year and players will be able to ride across water using the new Sea Sprint skill
  • The skill can only be used for a short period of time and are designed to look cool and interesting without being hugely impressive “must-have” skils so players still have reasons to breed horses

Trading Rework – 30th September

  • The trade revamp will have 3 major changes:
    • The first is that the market value of all trade items will be synced so that players can gain marginal profit more efficiently.
    • The second is that politics will now play a part in trading. Players will have a choice to join either the Xian Merchant Guild of Calpheon or the Lavania League of Valencia. When players choose a guild, they will be able to compete or cooperate with other players to gain influence in their guild and use their influcence for other investments. For example, gaining higher ranks with your influence in the trading guild may allow you to buy more rare trade items, craft new trade items or open new trade routes. If a player gains enough influence they can even become the leader of the merchant guild.
    • The final change is that wagons, donkeys and camels will be revamped to work similarly to the current ships. Players will be able to upgrade wagons to become permanent using pre-existing equipment and camels will be upgraded to “Caravans”. These new upgrades are also being worked on to make the experience more realistic and more immersive instead of just moving automatically.
  • Although many players were curious about the Bartering lifeskill, the trade revamp will not effect bartering. Pearl Abyss does have major changes planned for Bartering in the future, when the “Land of the Morning Calm” update arrives, which will be after the extension of the upper Port Ratt region.

Elvia Realm Calpheon – 14th October

  • On October 14th, the Elvia Realm will extend into Calpheon and bring the addition of the Blackstar Raid boss
  • Hadum-infested Calpheon is considered to be endgame PvE content and players will need a minimum AP of 290 or higher. For the Hexe Marie area, players are recommended to have at least 340 AP.
  • Players may be wondering how to reach the recommended AP needed, but will be able to make use of enviromental factors such as the weather to their advantage
  • Weather effects such as rain increasing/decreasing AP will be brought to a completely new level for Elvia Calpheon zones
  • The developers are also preparing to increase the utility of green-grade weapons (such as Bares, Kalis, Azwell) to help players fill the gap in AP to take on these new challenges
  • Some of the feedback from the Elvia Serendia zones was that the monsters lacked the “newness factor, so all monsters in the Calpheon zones will have changes implemented
  • Elvia servers are also supposed to have a dark mood and atmosphere, but many players mentioned that the dull color tones can tire their eyes after long periods of playing. Therefore, Pearl Abyss plans to create an enviroment where players are better immersed using enhanced features such as the weather effects instead.

Class Reworks – 14th October

  • Over the years of developing classes, Pearl Abyss has learned from mistakes and make improvements when creating new classes, because of this, some of the older classes are not as polished as the newest released classes.
  • In October 2021, the first 17 released classes will be reworked to improve their performance and hit dectection, attack range and aaccuracy. Some skill effects may also be changed to better suit the unique concept of each class. If there are old skills in the class that aren’t used much then they may even be redesigned entirely.
  • The rework of all classes is estimated to take 3 weeks.
  • Although players may initially be concerned that their class is being reworked, Pearl Abyss assures that the core concept and unique traits of the classes will remain and that the rework is more of an upgrade to the classes
  • Newer classes like Hashashin and Sage also benefit from traits in specific situations. For example, Hashashin can sprint in the desert without stamina, and Sage can open portals with no cost. These sort of unique traits will be added to all classes to match the unique style and concept of the class.
  • There are currently no plans to stop developing new classes but Pearl Abyss accepts that new classes can only be a meaningful update to the game if the existing classes are well-developed so all players have a solid roster of classes to choose from.

Storytelling – Ongoing

  • There are plans to improve the tutorials so that players can enjoy their adventure right from the start
  • Fully-voiced NPCs and cutscenes are going to be added to the main questline to add more immersive storytelling
  • A demo of a new tutorial was shown:

Burning Moon Tail – “Free” PEN Accessory

Any player that logs in between June 20th to August 4th 2021 will obtain a Burning Moon Tail item in their Challenge rewards menu (Y). The item can only be obtained once per family and after June 23rd, you will be able to exchanged the item for Burning Moonlight Black Stone x28 by going to the NPC shown in the image below. The Burning Moonlight Black Stones can be used to enhance a special accessory with 100% chance, all the way up to PEN.

It was mentioned in the presentation that the accessory will cost around 10 billion silver to obtain and will take 3 – 6 months to collect the materials needed. But the accessory will be a permanent item you can keep for your characters.

  • To obtain the accessory needed, accept the “A Cry for Help” quest from your Black Spirit go to the NPC “Jetina” to begin.
  • Once you’ve completed the quest, you can choose between a Narc Earring, Tungrad Earring or Ring of Crescent Guardian.
  • Unlike other accessories, this special item cannot be listed on the central market and cannot be exchanged for a different accessory once you’ve completed the quest
  • Now that you have the special accessory, you can enhance it using the Burning Moonlight Black Stones with 100% chance
  • You will need to complete daily life skill or combat quests to obtain more Black Stones to enhance the accessory to PEN.
  • For more information and a list of all the quests you can go to the official post here

Enhancement Level Enhancement Materials Required Amount
+0 – PRI (I)

Burning Moonlight Black Stone

PRI (I) – DUO (II) 15
DUO (II) – TRI (III) 20
TRI (III) – TET (IV) 30
TET (IV) – PEN (V)

Dancing Moonlight Black Stone


New Class – Corsair!

The new class “Corsair” will be released globally on June 29th at the same time as the Summer Season start, with pre-creation starting on June 23rd.

Corsair wields the Serenaca, a composite sword with a deadly extendable blade, and the Mareca, a treasure of the seas containing the very power of the waves. With these weapons at her disposal, she uses ropes to maneuver fluidly across the field of combat and inflict devastating damage on her enemies. Like a free ocean spirit, her attacks are as hard to predict as the waves themselves, and come crashing down on her opponents without a moment’s notice. Comboing these skills with her rope also allows Corsair to rush around enemies in order to attack them on all fronts, and even bombard them from the air. It is no exaggeration to say that Corsair’s skills are unique compared to those of all the other classes. Corsair also uses the sacred power of the treasure to transform into a Mermaid. This allows her to unleash soaring tidal waves upon her enemies as she dances majestically with whales emerging from the long-lost Sea of Dreams. Lastly, Corsair’s sea-faring life has given her the ability to swim faster than anyone else, and to stay underwater for long durations.

You can find the teaser and combat trailer below as well as the pre-creation event rewards

Keynote (FAQ)


  • Pearl Abyss wants to have more diversity in grinding zones because so many people are gathered around the same spots at the moment. They are hoping that with the addition of Calpheon Hadum spots and better balancing of exisiting spots will eleviate those issues. Instead of just looking at the silver profit of both new and old zones they want to take into consideration the unique monster traits and strategies as well that effect the popularity of zones.
  • The developers are considering adding new monster zones customized to different combat styles and attributes. For example, adding areas where ranged character have a better advantage or zones where monsters are effected more by magic damage.
  • Pearl Abyss noted that they created Atoraxxion based on the feedback that many players wanted dungeon and more co-op content. However, the focus will not be solely on developing co-op content and they just want to provide more ways to play and enjoy the game. The current focus for the rest of the year is to create the rest of Atoraxxion but there are no plans to create the dungeon 100% instanced. Co-op play is also considered when creating new regions but they want the option to play Black Desert as a single player game if that is what the player wants to do.
  • They would like to add more PVE content which is not just grinding monsters. There are already alternative PVE content such as Altar of Blood which are abandoned. This content took a lot of development time so there are plans to revamp them and make them more entertaining and meaningful for players. They are considering making this content seasonal content which will rotate in and out as each season ends with the rewards adjusted properly.
  • The world boss loot system is planned to stay as it. However there are plans to change the loot system for the more powerful bosses (Nightmare Kzarka, Stormbringer Karanda, etc.) since players find the boss too difficult and will hit the boss once then AFK for loot. There are plans to inflict debuffs for this behaviour or stop those players from being able to loot the boss if they do minimal contribution to killing bosses.


  • The new node war system implemented in Korea has been designed to encourage and enable players to participate in the node wars and not being afraid of getting involved. Before the update they noticed that a lot of guilds were either not participating or staying in Tier 1 node wars only. However, they know how players currently feel about the node war update and are still improving and taking the feedback. There are currently plans to have 2 days where the node wars have a limited amount of participants to focus on smaller scale battles, then the other days with no limitations for the larger fights. They are also aiming to add other features such as an event where a specific node can be captured for higher rewards during the event period.
  • They are trying to find a way to incorporate node wars/siege with the planned PVP seasons to make things more interesting for players. The node war update is scheduled to be completed by mid August for Global Lab server.
  • The basic rules and systems have now been set for the upcoming “Blue Battlefield”. Which is a ship arena for Ocean PVP. Unfortunely the release date has not been decided yet while they are still working on some sea related issues in the game, such as character desync when on ships. There are also plans to improve ship movement and address the lag issues that can occur when firing cannon balls. The rules for sea naval karma are also being looked at and may be simplified.
  • The feedback about open world PK was quite controversial. Pearl Abyss said that there are currently huge penalties for open world PK but that they are not going to be changing the PK penalties at the moment. The additon of the sheriff/bounty system may aid in preventing wreckless PK. They said that some players may disagree with this approach but they decided not to weaken the penalties so that players can take complete responsibility for their actions.

Class Balance

  • Although there will be a revamp of the original classes, Pearl Abyss are still going to continue to balance classes. There was a focus group test in Korea last year and this is planned to take place in NA/EU soon as well. Future updates will take this information on board, because even though they have statistics for many parts of the game there are some things you cannot simply use statistics and numbers to learn from. Each players experiences and playstyles have to be taken into consideration and are very important.
  • In PVE, Pearl Abyss want to have all classes around the same strength and will continue to make updates based around this. As mentioned earlier, specialised grind zones may help to fix some of the issues in PVE balance for classes.
  • They hope that the revamping of older classes will be a good starting point for improvements in the future.
  • Pearl Abyss then said that actions speak louder than words and showed a clip of design concepts for the Awakening Ranger revamp
  • There are also plans to change key controls for classes with particularly hard to use key controls that are tiring to use for a long time. Another example is that skills such as Sorceress Violation skill may have the camera automatically turn for the player. These updates may not arrive with the class revamp but are considerations for the future.

Life Skill Content

  • The Trading lifeskill revamp will be coming later this year, but there are not plans to revamp Training, Alchemy or Hunting this year. After reading comments from players they regret making this decision. They are planning to make improvements in each life skil so there are things to look forward to for life skill players, such as the T10 Dine for horse trainers. 
  • Pearl Abyss are currently looking to make horses gain additional EXP after level 30 so that they can level to 100 and will no longer be attacked by lower level monsters. This will not change the stats of the horse but will give a minor quality of life update to them. These features will be updated as soon as possible.
  • Although there are no plans to update this year, they are always working on big life skill updates.
  • One feedback comment really caught their attention, where a player describes an island full of animals to hunt, but was disappointed when only a small area in O’Dyllita was released with hunting content. This feedback was taken to heart and will remain in their minds when developing more content in the game.
  • The development for Fish farms has been put off for now because they couldn’t find a way to make the content interesting. They are waiting until they come up with better ideas for this feature.
  • There is currently no plans to add more ocean content and they are temporarily suspended work on diving suits and improving underwater gathering. There are plans to improve the “Blue Battlefield” before making things like ocean node wars. A new ship will be arriving “soon”  and is officially called the “Epheria Dreadnaught”. The new ship will take more than effort alone to obtain.
  • The new guild galley is still in progress and there are plans to finish this content by september. Guild Galleys have dropped in popularity since the release of Carracks but they hope the new versions will be much better.
  • There is currently no development for the T10 Doom horse, it is the last of the horses so they would like to hear ideas and feedback on the official forums

Other Content

  • There are currently no plans to add social interactions/emotes or things like marriage between players.
  • Many improvements to failstacking have been introduced over time, such as Narder’s Band, more Advice of Valks through season or events, the Priest system, Devour system and other changes. There are considerations such as making Alchemy play a role in creating failstacks in the future. However, any changes to the enhancing system have to be developed carefully.
  • Pearl Abyss don’t want to make the rewards of leveling up to high levels too powerful so that players don’t feel burdened or forced to have to level up. However, this feedback was considered when updating the level rewards. Since level 63 and higher take a long time to achieve, there are plans to let players who are level 65 and higher, make a statue in their mansion residence as a reward for reaching that achievement.
  • Instead of making players have 6 or 7 pets all out at once, there are plans to add Tier 5 pets. Previously you would have to exchange your pet to make a higher tier pet, but for tier 5 pets, Pearl Abyss are considering other options to upgrade them. The system may be similar to the current exchange system, may involve a silver cost instead, or be completely different. Once the developers have a concept it will be shared with players and the tier 5 pets may be able to learn new abilities and have faster loot speed.


  • The next Fallen God Armor will be a helmet. There is no rush to add this item at the moment though and although it was planned to be released with the Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion, there are no solid plans yet and the update will come depending on character growth and progression. The update will not come unexpectedly and will be announced in advance so that players can prepare.
  • Fallen God is currently best in slot so they want to make sure the item is meaningful. They are still working out what the requirements and method of obtaining the piece will be. Such as completing the story questline for the Mountain of Eternal Winter, or similar to when Blackstar weapons were first released.
  • Treasure items are seen as not essential and the developers want to keep the value of the treasures so they do not have plans at the moment to add a pity system or make them easier to obtain. Treasure items currently can’t be placed in the family inventory at the moment either so that the value is not increased. But in the future they may introduce treasure items that can be placed in Family inventory but it will have to be deeply considered so the item is not too powerful and desired.
  • Screenshots of concept art for new class costumes were shown: Ranger, Lahn, Kunoichi, Nova, Striker
  • The cheering animation when obtaining a Mass of Pure magic is planned to be removed next week
  • There is no plan to sell weapon exchange coupons in the Pearl Shop again.
  • The Artina Sol is a different weapon compared to other awakening weapons, considering it’s associated with “Talent” the developers want to preserve the time and effort associated with making the weapon and will not be allowing it to be placed on the central market at the moment so that they can stick with the current design of the weapon and class.
  • Caphras stones are currently hard to obtain and the supply and demand is different for each region. Different ways of becoming stronger, such as Adventure Journals and the Kzarka Barrier of Infestation are being introduced so that you can gain meaningful progression through other methods than just caphras enhancement. For example, participating in Alchemy, RBF or Farming.
  • The developers would like to work on the storytelling in the game and are working on developing a storybook.


  • There are still no plans to implement damage numbers on the live servers. However, the developers are taking into consideration why players want to see damage numbers. In the future patch notes will be made easier to understand and Global Labs servers will be improved so that players can test easier. One of the current issues is that Global Lab servers do not completely reflect live servers so there are plans to enable players to duplicate their character from live servers to Global Lab and also show more information for character stats such as AP, DP, Damage Reduction and Evasion on the character UI as well as PVP damage reduction in the skill descriptions.
  • The guild item rental system was used more than expected so there are plans to further develop this concept for new players.
  • Quality of life updates and bug fixes are just as important to Pearl Abyss as the content updates at the top of the patch notes. The developers feel that they may not be trusted or that content may not be as enjoyable due to simple things like typos, so will always work towards bug fixes and more quality of life updates. One example of a quality of life update that is planned is to be able to move mulitple items from your inventory to storage in the click of a button instead of individually moving each item on its own. This function should be added soon. There are also plans to develop a completely new friends list in the form of a messenger. Messages sent to friends will remain in your chat history for a period of time and the messenger can be used with the BlackDesert+ App.
  • Realistically it is very difficult to fully stop real money trading. Obtaining evidence and working with the law can be difficult but that doesn’t mean they are giving up. If there are suspicions of real money trading on the market then the accounts will be stripped. For most people the profit made this way is small and all reports players have made are very helpful in finding the players participating in real money trading. Although it can not be completely stopped, Pearl Abyss assure they are doing all they can against real money trading and also use of illegal programs and macros.
  • There are no plans for a costume design contest this year but they would like to hold more contests for scenery, character creation and fan art contests for players to showcase their talents.
  • The developers are still working on improving FPS issues by adjusting key inputs. This is something that takes a long time and will be announced as soon as there is development. For skill accelleration, this is something that is related to both the attacker and receiver so instead of speeding the animation up, they are working on some other way to find the best solution.

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