Hashashin Awakening Reveal

Hashashin Awakening Reveal

Jul 21 Tansie  
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The Hashashin Awakening weapon has offically been teased in a new video today as well as a release date set in Korea for both Awakening and Successsion. The weapon is a giant double-edged sword and the Hashashin has sand themed abilities to deal swift and precise attacks to his enemies.

Awakening and Succession coming to Korea on Wednesday, 29th July!

More information about the class and awakening/succession will be updated in our Hashashin class guide as soon as we have more information.

Awakening Video

Succession Video

Succession Costume

Awakening Costume

Awakening Skill Preview

  • Sends a sand snake to launch enemies into the air. As the sand snake rises it circles in the air dealing damage, then crashes down on enemies to deal more damage.
  • Creates quick sand which enemies cannot escape from and are vulnerable to sand snake under their feet
  • Dash to an enemy in an instant
  • Put down a trap of sand snakes (long distance)

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