Summer Season Server Changes!

Summer Season Server Changes!

Jul 07 Tansie  
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A new Summer Season has started in Korea and some changes have been made, including new rewards at the end of the season, new equipment, and the chance to graduate early!

Other than the gear changes and quest changes listed, which were added on 15/07/2020, the following changes should not effect the current season servers on EU/NA. They will most likely be the changes we will see in our second season coming in a few months time after our current season ends

Make sure to check out our Season Server guide for all information specific to EU/NA (updated 15/07/2020)

Gear Changes

  • Naru gear has been added which can be equipped by season characters. The gear drops in Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah. It is easier to enhance than Tuvala gear and designed for new players in starting areas before switching to Tuvala gear.
  • After enhancing Naru gear up to a certain point, you can take the gear to Fughar and he will upgrade it to Tuvala gear.
  • You can now heat regular black stones to turn them into Beginning Black Stones for enhancing Naru gear.

Processing (L) > Heating

Obtained item

Black Stone (Weapon) x 3

Beginning Black Stone (Weapon) x 1

Black Stone (Armor) x 3

Beginning Black Stone (Armor) x 1

Black Stone (Weapon) x 30 + Black Stone Powder x 1

Beginning Black Stone (Weapon) x 10

Black Stone (Armor) x 30 + Black Stone Powder x 1

Beginning Black Stone (Armor) x 10


  • The Black Stones needed to enhance Tuvala weapons and armor have been reduced

Before change

After change

PRI Tuvala Gear

16 Black Stones required

10 Black Stones required

DUO Tuvala Gear

17 Black Stones required

10 Black Stones required

TRI Tuvala Gear

18 Black Stones required

10 Black Stones required

TET Tuvala Gear

19 Black Stones required

15 Black Stones required

PEN Tuvala Gear

20 Black Stones required

15 Black Stones required

  • icon[Season] Ouk Pill of Rift has been added and drops from monsters in Valencia, Grana, Dreighan and O’Dyllita.
  • You can exchange the item for:
    • Exchange 10 for: Time-filled Black Stone Package (30~50)
    • Exchange 20 for: Tuvala Ore Package (10~30)
    • Exchange 30 for: Refined Black Stone Package (10~30)

Quest Changes

  • New area quests have been added to the following grinding spots: Gahaz Bandits, Crescent Temple, Cadry Ruins, Desert Naga Temple
  • You can get the quest automatically when you enter the area and must kill 250 monsters in that area to receive 20 Time-filled Black Stones.
  • Completing the quest on a normal character will not reward you with the black stones and only give you EXP.

Battlepass Changes

  • The battlepass has been reworked and now has new achievements.


Free Pass Rewards

Black Spirit Pass Rewards (Premium)

Achieve season character level 10

[Season] New Adventure Box

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Kill 20 Imp Monsters

Ellion’s Tear x3

[Event] 1 Classic Box for Weapons and Costumes

[Head] Red Nose in the dark has been commissioned

Gold Bar 100G

[Event] Value Pack (7 days)

Kill 30 Goblin Monsters

Inventory Space +2

Inventory Space +2

Ready to go on an adventure

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Great Elixir Boxes x3

Achieve season character level 20

Advice of Valk’s (+10)

Advice of Valk’s (+20)

[Awakening] Wizard’s Altar Quest completed

[Event Small Energy Potion x3

Ellion’s Tear x3

[Chief] Completed the coward request

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

[Season] Coco Leaves x10

Wear Naru main weapon +1

Ellion’s Tear x3

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 days) x1

Serendia Journey-Into a entangled world

Black Stones (Armor) x2

Pet Coupon x1

Wear Naru Armor +1

Naru Earring x1

Megaphone x11

Achieve season character level 30

Inventory Space +2

[Event] Contract: [Storage Maid] Fairy Irene

Wear Naru main weapon +5

Beginning Black Stone (Weapon) x10

Inventory Space +2

Achieve season character level 40

Advice of Valks (+15)

[Event] Artisan Memory x3

Wear Naru secondary weapon +10

Gold Bars 100G x2

Cron Stone x10

[Quest] Completed a quest for Catfishman from behind

Advice of Valk (+20)

[Event] Kamasylve Blessing (7 days)

Defeat 50 Lutum Monsters

Black Stones (Armor) x30

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Kill 50 Ent Monsters

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Inventory Space +2

Wear Naru Ring

Valks’ Cry x3

Valks’ Cry x3

[Main Quest] Original Sin Quest completed

Beginning Black Stone (Weapon) x30

Mount Skill Change Coupon

Kill 50 skeleton soldier monsters

Advice of Valks (+25)

Advice of Valks (+40)

Wear Naru Shoes

Cron Stone x10

Item Collection Increase Scroll (Advance)

[Main Quest] Completed the request to collect the sealed stone

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

[Season] Coco Leaves x10

Kill 50 Serendia Temple monsters

Advice of Valks (+30)

Memory Fragment x5

Wear Naru Gloves

Cron Stone x15

Ellion’s Tear x5

[Main Quest] Completed the quest for the adventurer

Ellion’s Tear x3

Advice of Valks (+50)

[Main Quest] Completed the quest for the ruler of Lava Cave

Gold Bars 100G x3

[Event] Golden Bell x1

Achieve season character level 52

Advice of Valks (+35)

Ancient Spirit Powder x20

Kill 100 abandoned iron mine monsters

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Cron Stone x20

Wear Naru armor

Cron Stone x20

[Event] Artisan Memory x3

Awakened Black Spirit quest completed

Advice of Valks (+40)

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Wear Naru main weapon

Time-filled Black Stones x100

Valks’ Cry x5

Naru Equipment Exchange to Tuvala Equipment

[Season] Coco Leaves x5

Advice of Valks (+60)

Wearing Tuvala main weapon

Item Collection Scroll x3

[Season] Coco Leaves x10

High: Wearing Tuvala Ring

Advice of Valks (+50)

Advice of Valks (+80)

Achieve season character level 60

[Event] Artisan Memory x3

Premium Elixir Boxes x3

Kill World Head Kzarka once

Tuvala Ore x10

Ellions Tear x5

Adventure Log: Complete a request for traces of a great adventurer

Memory Fragment x5

Cron Stone x30

Black spirit’s experience buff exchange progress

Valks’ Cry x5

Item Collection Scroll (Advanced) x3

Achieve Level 61

[Event] Shakatu’s Shining Box (Combat)

[Event] Shakatu’s Shining Box (Life)

  • You can also receive a new item “Coco Leaves” from the battlepass rewards
  • These can be exchanged at Patrigo in Velia for various items (some items can only be exchanged a certain amount of times):
    • Up to 3 times per family:
      • Exchange 20: Caphras Bundle (10 – 50)
      • Exchange 20: Tacross’s Soulstone
      • Exchange 20: Advice of Valks (+50)
    •  Once per family:
      • Exchange 30: Advice of Valks (+60)
      • Exchange 30: Kamasylve Blessing (20 days)
      • Exchange 30: Caphras Bundle (50 – 100)
      • Exchange 30: Wizard Gospie (Pet)
      • Exchange 30: Secret Book of Old Moon (20 days)
      • Exchange 30: T8 horse (with Instant Acceleration)
      • Exchange 30: Manos
      • Exchange 30: Manos Neckalce
      • Exchange 30: Manos Earring
      • Exchange 30: Manos Ring
      • Exchange 30: Manos Belt
      • Exchange 30: Main weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 40: Offhand weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 40: Awakening weapon exchange coupon
      • Exchange 50: Weapon exchange coupon (3 set)

End of Season Rewards

  • Players now have the option to graduate early and receive their rewards straight away!
  • The PEN Capotia Ring/Earring is NOT available this season and has been replaced.
  • The season reward for this season is a special alchemy stone which can only be obtained through completing the season (you must complete 40 daily quests from Fughar .
  • The Alchemy stone has the following stats:
    • DP: 1
    • Item Effects:
      • Damage from monsters -5%
      • All Damage Reduction +4
      • HP Regen +! per hit
      • All Resistances +5%
      • Movement Speed +5%
      • Max HP +200
      • Max Stamina +100
    • Duration: 5 minutes
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Durability: 150

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