Luxury Goods Auction House guide

Luxury Goods Auction House guide

Aug 18 Tansie  
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*Currently unavailable in EU/NA*

The Luxury Goods Auction House is an auction that takes place at certain times and sells extremely rare and valuable items. Items like “Class EXP Transfer Coupons”, “Arsha’s Weapon”, “Life EXP Transfer Coupons” may be added to the Luxury Goods Auction, and more items are going to be added with every patch.

  • The auction will be announced in world chat, and then bids can be accepted.  
  • The auction house can only be viewed by going to Franco Russo in Calpheon city.
  • Only one item will be on auction at a time and the highest bid will recieve the item.
  • You can view the store on any channel, but the same item will always be shown to all characters. 
  • Once a bid starts, it will last for a minimum of 10 days, but then each time a player bids a higher price, the time is extended for one minute, so the item cannot be sniped in the last seconds. 
  • Players must place the bids as if they are a deposit. If they win, they will get the item, if they lose the bid then they will get their money back.

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