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Global Lab Updates – 6th May 2022

Merchant Ring Piece Identification ※ The Merchant Ring Piece Appraisal cannot be checked at the Black Desert Global Lab and will be updated on the official server.  The 'Merchant Ring Piece', which could not be established in its full form [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 5th November 2021

Class Reboots Hello, this is Black Desert Studio. Through the Black Desert Research Lab last week, the first reboot of characters was applied. A lot of adventurers who enjoy each class are giving a lot of feedback.Thank you very much. [...] Read more

Global Lab Patch Notes – 15th October 2021

Class Reboots The class reboots will be released on the live servers once they are completed for all the classes. Before using the skills of rebooted classes on the Black Desert Global Lab, please make sure to reset your character's [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 13th May 2021

Global Lab Changes this week! Enroachment Barrier Update The rewards of the Encroaching Barrier content have been changed as follows. Encroachment Barrier reward Stage 1 10 Predator Roots 50 Cron Stones Step 2 15 Predator Roots Ancient Spirit Powder x250 [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 4th March 2021

Global Lab Updates this week! Dark Rift Changes Ahib reports that Hadum's black sun, which ruled Elvia's sky, gradually expanded its territory and eroded even the Dark Rifts. The observations from the encroached dark rifts are as follows. The appearance [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 15th October 2020

Global Lab Changes this week! Horse Racing Rework With the support of the Old Moon Guild, Gula, the head of the Stonetail Horse Riding Association, introduced a new stallion. The new horse, called Gorga Brisa, has a completely different abilities [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 17th September 2020

Global Lab Changes this week! Nouver Boss Update Following Nightmare Kzarka, the powerful desert tyrant is preparing to face the adventurers. It is Bloodstained Nouver. Bloodstained Nouver like Nightmare Kzarka will also appear in a powerful shape different from the [...] Read more