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Season Server FAQ

  I am a new/returning player, should I make a Season character? Yes! Season characters get lots of extra benefits, such as rewards when reaching certain levels and rewards from the free Battlepass, as well as combat and skill EXP [...] Read more

Global Labs Guide

Introduction Global Labs is a test server that all regions with Black Desert can access. It is a seperate game client, so you must register a new account and download Global Labs. You cannot have Global Labs and another Black [...] Read more

NA Server Migration and Upgrade on April 25th

The official Black Desert Online website has posted an announcement earlier today, stating that they will be migrating to a new server and making several upgrades to their systems. The game servers will be unavailable on April 25th 2018 for […]

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30/11/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – The New World

11/30/2016 UTC CET EDT CDT PDT Start 19:00 20:00 14:00 13:00 11:00 End 08:00 09:00 03:00 02:00 24:00   [ Events ] The New World Event Series Loyal/New/Returning Adventurer’s login event has returned! Start Date: 12/1/2016 End Date: 1/11/2017 50% […]

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P2P Founder Pack Compensation (RU)

Hello! My name is V. Hleb, I head the team of Russian-speaking international company Vebanaul Holdings Ltd. Our company is supported by a team GameNet publishes online game “Black Desert”. Since September 30, we were forced to avoid mentioning specific […]

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03/09/2015 Weekly Maintenance (KR)

Good evening. Thursday, 3rd September, we will be bringing down the servers for weekly maintenance. The servers will be going down for 4 hours between 7AM and 11AM (UTC+9). During this time connection to the game and online pearl store will […]

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Server Merge FAQ

Hello, The MMORPG, Black Desert. During July we are merging the world of Black Desert into one server! Refer to the information below for all the details. Once the servers are merged, we will be shortly releasing Valencia! Click here to […]

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