30/11/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – The New World

30/11/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – The New World

Nov 30 Tansie  
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[ Events ]

  • The New World Event Series
    • Loyal/New/Returning Adventurer’s login event has returned!
      • Start Date: 12/1/2016
      • End Date: 1/11/2017
    • 50% Combat EXP Boost & 20% Skill EXP Boost
      ** Update: To clarify the normal exp is 100% and the boost is 50%, we apologize for the confusion caused by writing 150%.
      • Start Date: 12/1/2016 (After Maintenance)
      • End Date: 12/5/2016 (08:00 UTC)
    • The New Battle – Event
      • Siege Wars will start again beginning on the 4th of December.
        • Guilds that participate in and win this siege will be given bonus rewards as a way to kick off the the New World!
    • New Friends & Guild Event
      • For Players who are already in a guild or join one within 2 weeks of the New World will earn; 5x Blackstone Armor & 5x Blackstone Weapon
        • Start Date: 12/1/2016
        • End Date: 12/14/2016
      • Guild Mission Achievement – Earn extra Guild skill XP Points by completing guild missions.  After this event ends we will count the number of guild missions your guild completed and award bonus guild EXP as follows.
        • Start Date: 11/30/2016
        • End Date: 12/31/2016
          • 5  to 9 times –  2,000 p
            10 to 19 times –    5,000 p
            20 to 39 times –   10,000 p
            40 times –   20,000 p
      • Rewards for both New Friends & Guild  Mission Achievement Event will be sent via in game mail on 1/4/2017 after the maintenance.
  • Starting this Friday (Dec. 2nd) we will open the Olvia Servers.
    • The Olvia servers are special servers that provide 200% EXP for new and returning players on characters over level 30.  To enter these servers you must have a new account (Made on or after Dec. 1st with the Opening of the New World!) or have been absent from the game for 30 days.  Players who meet these requirements will be able to login to these servers.  Please note there are a few key points about these new servers.
      • Olvia Servers do not have world bosses
      • Olvia Servers do not have horse races
      • Olvia Servers do not participate in sieges or node wars
      • Olvia Servers do not participate in the Red Battlefield
      • After 30 days you will not be able to access the Olvia servers.
      • The Bonus EXP from the Olvia Servers will not stack with other EXP Bonus Events.


  • Laruen’s Family Gift Box Event has ended. (11/30/2016)
    • However players will be able to still turn in their remaining coins until next week’s maintenance by visiting any village merchant.
  • Thanksgiving Event has Ended. (11/30/2016)




  • Black Friday Discount Event has ended.
  • New World Celebration Discount Event has begun!
    • 1 Loyalty point for Value Package (7days) for a week. (1 per account)
    • The following items will be 50% off:
      • Family Name Change Coupon
      • Character Slot Expansion Coupon
      • Character Name Change Coupon
      • [Guild Master Only] Guild Name Change Coupon
  • The following items have been fixed to allow for Marketplace Registration.
    • [Witch] Cavaro Weapon & Outfit Set
    • [Witch] Cavaro Dagger
    • [Witch] Cavaro Staff
    • [Witch] Cavaro Shoes
    • [Witch] Cavaro Armor
    • [Witch] Cavaro Helmet
    • [Berserker] BD9 Weapon & Outfit Classic Set
    • [Berserker] BD9 Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    • [Berserker] BD9 Iron Buster
    • [Berserker] BD9 Ornamental Knot
    • [Berserker] BD9 Axe
    • [Berserker] BD9 Shoes
    • [Berserker] BD9 Armor
    • [Berserker] BD9 Helmet



  • Siege and Conquest War Time changes preparing New World warfares.


  • Each Region has implemented a “Maintained Safety” system.
    • When the region owner collects the tax, the amount collected will be less than the maintained safety amount.
    • When one guild owns a region continuously (at least 2 consecutive weeks) the tax for the maintained safety will decrease, for each additional week the region has been held.
    • The Tax for each region starts at 50%, and will reduce in the following increments for each week the region is held: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0 percent tax.
    • When the owner of the region changes the residents will become uneasy again and the tax will return to 50% and start anew.
  • The winners of a siege war are no longer able to build a command post or fortress in another region.



  • Fixed an issue where opening the world map from the marketplace would not properly close the marketplace window.



  • Guild mounts recovery and repair were not functioning properly in certain circumstances, this has been fixed. When guild mounts are held in a guild stable, the HP/MP will now properly recover when these functions are used.
  • Specific Items will be automatically refunded during the New World Maintenance, you should have an in-game mail for any such refunds when you log in.
    • Pearl Item Refunds for items beyond normal limitations.
      • Character Slots
      • Stable Slots
      • Worker Slots
      • Storage Slots
    • In-Game Refunds (In Silver)
      • Marketplace Pre-Order
      • Worker Materials
      • Gold Ingot from Investment Bank
      • Extreme Mass Production by Guild
        • This will be deposited directly into your guild bank, the mail is simply a notification.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/121726-patch-notes-december-1st/

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