Global Labs Guide

Global Labs Guide

Aug 10 Tansie  
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Global Labs is a test server that all regions with Black Desert can access. It is a seperate game client, so you must register a new account and download Global Labs. You cannot have Global Labs and another Black Desert Client running at the same time.

Only Windows PC can participate at the moment and English, Korean and Chinese (Traditional) languages are supported.

The Global Labs server is simply for testing new patches and content before they are added to live servers. There may be gamebreaking bugs and characters may be wiped at any moment. Anything you do on Global Labs is not linked to your main account.

To submit feedback, go to the feedback section on the offical Global Labs website. You can also join the discord.

Global Lab patches are currently published in Korean only. We do breakdowns of each patch in English and you can find these in our Global news section.

How to access Global Labs

To access Global Lab and create your account, you must first log into the game on your main account and must have a level 56+ character.

If you play on the EU server, you must create a character on the NA server because the Global Lab option is not available on EU. This is simple though so don’t worry! All you have to do is select the North America option when you login on the launcher.

If you don’t have a level 56+ character, you can create a trial character. Trial characters are automatically level 60, allowing you to bypass the level 56+ character requirement without having to level one yourself. After creating your trial character, go to the ESC menu. The Global lab option is not available on the new menu so press the button in the top right to switch to the old menu. You can then find the Global Lab option and register to become a tester.

Now you must go to the offical Global Labs website and create your account. Click Sign Up in the top right to get started. Make sure to use the same email address as your main account so that the two are linked correctly.

After you have registered, go to the Download page and download the client. Whilst downloading you may notice that the percent (%) bar is not moving, this is completely normal and it is just unpacking files. Watch your GB tranfer progress if you are unsure whether the launcher is stuck or not. After downloading, log in and click the play button below.

You will then be asked to enter a family name and create your first character. After logging in, check your Challenge rewards and mail for items such as inventory space and weight limit.

NPC Shop

The Central Market on Global Labs has very little items. But there is an NPC called Eiorah which is only available on Global Labs. She can be found in towns and cities and will sell lots of different items, such as gear, pets, fairy, manos gear, consumables, tuvala gear, etc. Basically anything you should need to test new classes or features.

You can find her using the NPC finder.

All of her locations are also shown below:

How to get silver on Global Labs

Once you’ve found Eiorah, collect any silver you have from your mail or challenge rewards. Then open her shop and buy the maximum amount of the Gold Bar from her shop. The Gold Bar costs 2.5 million silver and can be sold back to her for 5 million silver, allowing you to quickly get all the silver you need.

How to get gear on Global Labs

Some items in her shop are not translated to English so here is a breakdown of some of the items she sells. Each of the gear boxes can be opened to give you all boss gear options at TET and PEN. You can also find the items unenhanced further down if you would like to test the enhancing system.

How to get your Awakening/Succession

You can unlock your class awakening or succession by simplying talking to your black spirit. The default key is different from the default key in EU/NA. To summon your black spirit use (/) instead. You can change the hotkey in your settings.

After summoning your black spirit. Go to the Main quest tab along the bottom and you will find a quest with a korean name. This quest can be repeated multiple times and has no requirement to complete. The quest will give you your awakening and succession skills as well as a 1 day Skill guide, allowing you to change your skills as much as you’d like.

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