P2P Founder Pack Compensation (RU)


P2P Founder Pack Compensation (RU)


My name is V. Hleb, I head the team of Russian-speaking international company Vebanaul Holdings Ltd. Our company is supported by a team GameNet publishes online game “Black Desert”.

Since September 30, we were forced to avoid mentioning specific dates run P2P server. Game Developer and our experts have faced technical difficulties in the preparation of the launch. I was sure that the timing of their resolution measured in weeks. I am personally responsible for the situation. Until yesterday, we did not have accurate information from our partners. So we took the time to tell you the news inaccurate and give false promises.

Yesterday, it was reported, allowing to estimate the minimum time. According to our estimates P2P server will not start before spring 2016.

Realizing that for most players this is unacceptable, and start the server to wait for too long, we want to offer the exchange of access to P2P server improvements to F2P server. Exchange will appear in an application GameNet this week and will be available for two weeks.

Bonuses on the set of “Premium” for 1 year:

  • experience from killing monsters by 30%;
  • experience skills by 30%;
  • Craft experience 30%;
  • horse experience 30%;
  • lucky one;
  • doubling gain karma points;
  • separate queues to enter the game.

Bonuses on the set of “Comfort” for 1 year:

  • 8 slots in the inventory (non-cumulative);
  • 8 slots in the warehouse (non-cumulative);
  • increase in revenue from the auction of 20%;
  • 50 maximum capacity;
  • investing in remote nodes;
  • free use of a beauty salon;
  • access to premium-NPC.

In addition to the set of “Premium” + “Comfort”, all holders of sets for 2500 p., Which have not yet begun to play (not included in the game or have not reached level 10 on a free server) will receive 1,500 bonus coins for GN-account. 

The second important issue relates to the players who purchased the sets early access from countries outside the CIS. On 15 October 2015 at the request of the developer, we have to technically restrict access to the game for players not from Russian-speaking countries.

We are now discussing technical aspects and plan to in the next month, on both issues, the development of mechanisms to start the refund in all controversial situations where you can not find another solution.

Yours faithfully, V. Hleb

Source: https://gamenet.ru/games/blackdesert/post/szSva/

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