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Battle Arena and Trial Characters Guide

IntroductionThe Battle Arena can be accessed at any time by going to the main menu (ESC) then “War” and selecting “Battle Arena”. Here you can choose which channel to enter. Once you are in the battle arena you can freely […]

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Season Server FAQ

  I am a new/returning player, should I make a Season character? Yes! Season characters get lots of extra benefits, such as rewards when reaching certain levels and rewards from the free Battlepass, as well as combat and skill EXP [...] Read more

Creating a Character

How to create a character Once you have launched your game, select the channel you would like to enter. It doesn’t matter too much which channel you start off in because you can swap between channels every 15 minutes.Oliva channels […]

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Knowledge & Energy Guide

 Navigation IntroductionCharacter Topography OceanEcologyAdventure JournalAcademicsLife SkillLearning the ropes of Black DesertTradeRanks & Resetting KnowledgeEnergyIntroduction If you want to begin collecting knowledge, I highly recommend using your knowledge menu (H) along with bddatabase.net/us/knowledge to search for the knowledge locations. I also […]

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29/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Hello. The MMORPG, a black desert. Thurs, 29th October 2015 patch notes included a My Scary Halloween event, along with 71 addition changes. For details of this update, refer to the information below. [Events] Translated Event Images coming soon. ● [event] My […]

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15/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Hello. The MMORPG, Black Desert. Thurs, 15th October 2015 patch notes included a new party distribution system (more info) along with 65 additional updates. Pearl Store Update: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/notice/read?articleId=597&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BN001 For details of this update, refer to the information below. [Events] ● [Event] on the purchase and […]

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Server Merge FAQ

Hello, The MMORPG, Black Desert. During July we are merging the world of Black Desert into one server! Refer to the information below for all the details. Once the servers are merged, we will be shortly releasing Valencia! Click here to […]

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