15/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

15/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Oct 15 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Thurs, 15th October 2015 patch notes included a new party distribution system (more info) along with 65 additional updates.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● [Event] on the purchase and use of items claws of the black spirits – event has ended.

● [Events] renewed the old costume – event has ended.

● [Event] moonlight carving exchange by the NPC – event has ended.

● [Event] October – Hot time event is now in progress.

– 1st Duration: Fri, October 16th 16:00 ~ Sun October 18th – 200% combat experience and Blackstone drop rate x2

– 2nd Duration: Fri, October 23rd 16:00 ~ Sun, October 25th – 200% combat experience and life experience of 200%

– 3rd Duration: Fri, October 30th 16:00 ~ Sun November 1st – 200% combat experience and Blackstone drop rate x2

– 4th Duration: Fri, November 6th 16:00 – Sun, November 8th 24 – 200% combat experience and life experience of 200%


● The detachable quick slot phenomenon can not be used as a shortcut and technologies registered in 11-20 times has been fixed.

● Separate Quick slots 11 to 20 times to register after technology that reconnection phenomena during initialization part has been improved.

● Use extractor intermittent use of this abnormal phenomenon has been fixed.


● The icon of the deadly wind technology has been modified this phenomenon appears to be abnormal.


● trinkets in question are sold in stores have been added to the item description (question rings, necklaces question, earrings doubts, questions Belt).

● The making of a siege weapon mill throughput expression ‘bomb’ was changed.

● has been modified so that you can use the ‘bomb’ items.

– You can create a bomb item in the Works siege weapons you can use to summon the bomb.

– A summons bombs and explode after a 10-second delay, ‘R’ key can be moved using the lift holding.

– Summoned the bomb can be anyone, a 10-second wait time is initialized when picked.

– The item will be the future updates during setup and augmentation.

● all the items in the store have adjusted pension seats to sell.

● <unused item> name and description [jukebox] seashell, a jukebox filled with a sea theme. To have changed.

● has been modified so that the box-type items in the process creating small overlaps.

– Remove the box if you have an existing pre-existing items remain overlap again put in storage.


● The party distribution option has been added.

You can set your party distribution options in the party window.

– Set the ‘Class of items’ and’ exchange quote prices “as a party distribution options, it can be distributed.

– If you acquire an item that corresponds to the setting-party distribution among party members are classified as specials are registered in the stock exchange.

– If a person with the distribution rights is not only one people is not registered in the exchange, it will be acquired directly by the party bags.

– Specials can be bivalent who participated in the party during the waiting time of two minutes immediately purchase and settlement, after which the registration can be purchased in exchange for all the users free of cost.

– The specials sold 1 / N of the gold sold to party members who participated in the party at the time will be paid by mail.

– Distribution rights are given only to party members within a certain distance on the basis of party items acquired at the time of registration.

– Item is registered with specials on the exchange by 2% (up 50%), prices are falling every two hours until the sale.

– Specials of the exchange are not affected by the transaction fees and taxes.

[GM Note] Read-party distribution guide!

● growing probability of all pension seat is adjusted upward.

● Experience Growth seats pension has been reduced by 30%.

– You can acquire the same experience growth in the existing 30% less material.

● pension seats were charging cost reduction, it has been modified so that you can charge the blood and reagents.

● Growth pension seat material has been added.

Life annuity seats Pension destruction seats Pension patron seats
Teuksangpum fortune teller mushrooms Vanadium ores Cactus Peel
Teuksangpum arrow Mushrooms Titanium ores Dead tree branches
Teuksangpum dwarf mushrooms Vanadium melted pieces Cactus thorns
Teuksangpum mushroom cloud Vanadium ingots Palm sap
Sky mushroom teuksangpum Pure vanadium crystals Cactus sap
Teuksangpum tiger mushrooms Sculpture made of titanium melted
Teuksangpum Emperor mushrooms Titanium ingot
Teuksangpum ghost mushrooms Pure titanium decision
Teuksangpum fog mushrooms Truesilver
Teuksangpum hoc mushrooms Jean melted pieces
Teuksangpum charlatan mushrooms Truesilver Bar
Ancient mushroom teuksangpum Jean pure determination
Teuksangpum vast mushroom Modify blue stone
Nolrina Behold modify stones
Phenethyl Strahan Ria Blue modification
Dow Pennsylvania Aurea See modifications
Songahri mushrooms Noble Blue modification
Kkeolkkeol mushrooms Behold the noble modified
Purple mushrooms
Mushroom Pie
Mushroom dishes
Ohhyang mushrooms
Date palm
South Africa

● Life annuity seats used during the duration, cooldown, the effect weight values ​​have changed.

existing change
Duration 3 minutes 10 minutes
Cooldown 3 minutes 10 minutes
Effect levels 10 Weight increase per level 15 weight per level increased

● can be used to duplicate a pension annuity seats seats patron of destruction so that has changed.

– However, seats are available in different life annuity pension duplicate seats.

For example), destroying three of pension, life annuity seats – can be duplicated

For example) Pension Guardian seats, Life annuity seats – can be duplicated

Example) pension of destruction seats, patron of the pension seats – non-duplication

● has been changed to be used with the effect of pension jump seats.

For example) Damage increases both the jump and destroy two effects when used with a pension of three will be applied.

● When a character dies seats pension effect has changed so that it does not disappear.

● The minimum pension level when growth figures attempt seats all pensions has changed.

Growth tries minimum pension level
Incomplete Apprentice 1 Lv
rough Apprentice 1 Lv
Manicured Expertise 1 Lv
Solid 1 Lv professional
Incisive Craftsman 1 Lv
One youngrong Scenes 1 Lv
fancy Christian 1 Lv

● Jean is a phenomenon melted down when picking out a piece of copper in the ore has been fixed in later scenes.

● 1 ~ 6 the price of the delivery of the end of the imperial household has been increased.

● analysis of pension youngrong guardian (blue-rare) when the growth of pension colorful guardian seats (general) this coming phenomenon has been fixed.

* Growing success annuity types of seats that can be obtained as follows:

– Pensions youngrong guardian seats (yellow-unique)

– Guardian of the ornate seats pension (blue-rare)

– Guardian of the ornate seats pension (yellow-unique)

[Referral and knowledge]

● phenomenon that guides the wrong way in making some alchemy Commission has been fixed.


● The tax rate adjustment in Yeongju information UI improvements.

– Have been added to the slide sides taxes Min, Max displayed.

– Slide regulating% is added on the slide show button.

● The channel change button has been added to the ESC menu.

● If you click the channel where the people appear in the mini-map has been fixed upper channel moves UI to appear.

● channel move the UI have been modified to also closed the ESC key.

● The ability to view the exchange to a registered party distribution list items have been added when the state party.

– Appears when you click the gear-shaped button on the right of their name in the party UI.

– You may find a list of the items that registered party in the current and previous party.

– Items already sold are not displayed.

– The list is automatically updated items such as the purchase and re-open not renew.

● The equipment has changed UI.

● Guild Clan withdrawal symptoms that word is exposed when you open the Guild UI has been modified immediately after sign up.

● has been modified so that you can set the wrath ON / OFF on the black spirits in the UI editing.

● The scale was modified to operate in UI editing functions.

● World map of completed and current base citadel in the manor info / number is displayed in the command post.

● The guild is displayed on the world map when he died the death of the location to other adventurers (up to five).

● ninja character in the Events to celebrate 100 days headdress, [event] Lotus Lantern head shape has been modified so that the decorative items are normally applied when worn.

● The superimposed text is phenomenon that appears when jangbichang repair of the equipment has been modified.

● When the icon is confirmed after re-arrange the storage UI wearing costumes and desorption processing in the warehouse UI unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● Great Whale teeth earrings earrings tooltip has been corrected in the question of the symptoms that are missing.

● The silver in the confirmation window that appears when you purchase a large amount of items in the store have been modified phenomenon referred to as silver.

● The description of the item has been modified bombs.

● 5-level character development seems to anger the spirit of the black UI have been modified.

● growth failure, growth pension annuity seats seats when the text has been modified phenomenon step drops out twice.

● wrong skills when leveling up the character of the warrior prompts the symptoms appear has been fixed.

● recognize the scope of the Close button, quick detachable been extended from the slot.


● dolburi coast elephant is impossible to put a period at the Guild stall phenomenon has been fixed.

● If you are enrolled in breeding males wear the equipment market strength increases this phenomenon is not interbreed been fixed.

● records have been added to the Guild History Guild delegation colon.

● This phenomenon does not appear in the list of donkeys in the registration market town market has been fixed.

● If you have not completed the fort and the command post within 24 hours after the start of the installation have been modified to forced evictions.

● This phenomenon does not find the road of the village shellfish have been corrected.

● If guild members being connected to the other channel is connected status is displayed incorrectly phenomenon has been improved.

● The Guild colon occupied the castle before this phenomenon misspelled as set local tax rates have been fixed when the client exits.

● occupation before / construction of bases around the fort and the command post is not complete, it has been improved to avoid discovery.

● connection immediately after the last UI window when you open a continuous probability compensation box-type items in an open state SPACE enter this unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● collective phenomenon in which messages are incorrectly displayed when you try to output a large number of laborers are working in construction than the remaining amount of work has been modified.

● If contact is not in a whisper when access has been improved so that the guidance message is output.

● water aboard passenger seat (two boarding horses and elephants, etc.) are applied to the phenomenon of respiration experience aboard characters have been corrected.

● intermittent to reflect changes in the strength of the fort and the command post has been corrected abnormal phenomenon.

● The cursor keys are specified in the active state (ww, aa, ss, dd) is not working properly phenomenon has been fixed.

● Intermittent operation does not complete the final development of Lynch cannon cannon assembly set was corrected in the production workshop.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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