Plum Class Guide


Plum Class Guide


The Plum class is a female samurai with a male counterpart named “Blader”. There are a couple skill differences to the Plum class, which change the play style completely. They wear light armor and use a katana sword as their primary weapon with a horn bow as their secondary weapon.

Difficulty: 3/5 | PvP: 4/5 | PvE: 4/5 | Siege: 2/5

The Plum class is an agile, fast paced, and fun class to play. Plums use a mixture of melee and ranged attacks with plenty of dodges and charges. They thrive in small scale PvP due to their single target lockdowns and high burst. They are also quite strong in PvE but their low defenses and lack of survivability make them an easier target in large scale PvP. New players must really keep in mind that there is quite a learning curve with any low defense class. However, just like any other class, they are very rewarding when you master them.

Check out the video below to see some examples of combat.




  • Fast paced combat
  • Strong in PvE
  • Strong in small scale PvP
  • Very Agile
  • Melee and Ranged attacks
  • Lots of Crowd Control


  • Weaker in large scale PvP
  • Combat can get repetitive
  • Low Defense


This is a PvP focused build, which is also suitable for PvE, for players who are level 55 or higher. It uses a total of 759 Skill Points so if you’ve just reached level 50 don’t worry about maxing all of the skills straight away. Click here to view the build. 


Credit goes to for their amazing skill calculator. Please note that all skill names in this guide are taken from this skill calculator and may differ in-game.


General Skills

Bongomu (Left-Click) – This is your auto attack. It will regenerate energy with each hit but I don’t recommend maxing it until you have spare skill points,  because it doesn’t deal much damage. There is also an extension to this skill called “Bongomu Wave” which will add a bleed effect on hit.

 Cassation (Q) – This skill will block incoming attacks. You can only learn this skill by completing a level 11 Black Spirit quest. Speak to the skill instructor and he will give you a skill book as a reward. Once you unlock the skill you can use your auto attack (Left-Click) then use (Q) to counter attack. The counter attack is automatic as long as you block correctly. The counter attack also has a knockdown. Holding block will drain your stamina quickly so you need to learn to time it properly.

Training Fencing – This is your passive. It will increase your melee attack and only costs 3 skill points so I would recommend putting some points into this.

Training Footwork – This is your passive. It will increase your melee evasion and only costs 3 skill points so I would recommend putting some points into this.

Precise Martial Arts – This is also a passive/buff which will give you 15% knock back and slow resistance.


Spirit of the Warrior (Shift + Q) – This skill will restore 80 energy. It is great for sustain and at max rank will reduce the cooldown and restore 150 energy. It only costs 1 skill point for the first rank so it’s worth putting the point in straight away but rank 2 is 10 points and rank 3 is 20 points so I would recommend only maxing this at higher level when you have most of your main build already.

Passive ­ (Shift + A/S/D) -­  This is one of your dodge skills. It will consume stamina.


Chase (Right-Click + W/S) ­- This is another dodge/charge skill. It can also be used by double tapping W or S. It will consume energy and will make you invincible while charging.  At higher rank this skill will cost less energy and will cancel other skill animations. You can also combine this skill with your kick (F) to spam the dash.


There are a total of 4 kicks but I would recommend only taking and maxing the following three:

Upper Kick (F) -­ This kick will knock enemies into air and then knock them back.


Sweep Kick (S + F) -­ This kick will knock down enemies or trip them.


Roundhouse Kick (W + F) ­- This kick will knock back enemies.


Horn Bow Skills

Benden (Shift + Right-Click) – This is your basic attack for your horn bow and all other horn bow skills extend from this one. It does have a cooldown once used but can be ignored to deal less damage. It will restore energy for each hit whilst on horseback and at higher rank it will shoot multiple arrows. This skill is great for pulling mobs when you are grinding.

Grapple ­- After sucessfully hitting an arrow on your enemy, press SPACE to pull yourself to the target. At max rank you can press SPACE again, whilst traveling to your enemy, to cancel the grapple.

Charged Arrow -­ You can hold your horn bow auto attack (Shift + Right-Click) to fire a charged arrow. At higher ranks you can also dash while charging the arrow by pressing A or D. The charged arrow will knockdown enemies and is great for PvP.

Evasive shot ­- This skill allows you to dash/dodge (Right-Click + W/A/S/D)  while firing an arrow.


Important Skills

Saingomu – This skill does not have a keystroke combo and instead needs to be added to your quick skill slots. The skill has a 2 minute 30 second cooldown but will summon an extra sword and give you extra attack speed, movement speed and defense for 30 seconds. The extra sword can only be used with certain skills. These are: Chase, Bongomu, Doruge the Sword, Yokuguku, Corner Beast, and Ream Attack. All skills will give lifesteal and dashes will make you invincible as you dash.

Doruge the Sword (LMB + A/D) -­ This skill will swing three times at the enemy, applying an armor debuff at higher ranks and extending into a tornado.

Blind Thrust (Left-Click + SPACE) – This skill uses stamina and will  restore energy. To use it auto attack using Left-Click then press SPACE to deal a powerful blow. It will also apply an accuracy reduction debuff. This skill will extend into two others named “Taught Onchu” and “Blind Slash”. I only recommend putting skill points into “Taught Onchu”. To use it press SPACE again (or hold) afterwards to deal a stronger blow to your enemy. This skill can’t be used on cooldown and has quite a long cooldown of 13 seconds, but deals lots of damage.

Corner Beast (Left-Click + Shift) – This skill is used by holding the Shift button while auto attacking. It will knock up and knock back enemies. The skill uses stamina and will also knock down and restore energy at higher rank.

Yokuguku (Left-Click + S) – You can either charge this skill or use it instantly. It is one of your gap closers and if charged, will knock back enemies. It can be used whilst on cooldown but will not knock back. This skill is also your Black Spirit Rage skill and has an extension skill called “Inn” which can be used by holding Left-Click after casting. Holding for even longer will cast “Single Mouth”. It deals more damage than “Inn” but has a longer cooldown.

 Beheaded (Left-Click + Right-Click) – This skill deals lots of damage and will give the enemy a faint debuff.


Red Moon (Shift + Q) – This skill can also be used with a different keystroke combo (S + Left-Click + Right-Click). I would recommend using Shift and Q though because the other combo is easier to mix with others. The skill has an extension called “Red Moon: Ascension” (Left-Click + Right-Click). It does deal slightly less damage and can’t be used on cooldown but has a larger range.


For the weapon, if you have enough gold, get the Liverto and upgrade it to +15 as soon as possible. If you don’t have the budget for this weapon then the Yuria weapon is what you should be using in the mean time. For your secondary weapon, you want the White Horn Bow, or if you don’t have the gold, use the Black Horn Bow.

The armor set you use is really dependent on your play style. The Neil Trees (Grundil) set is quite expensive and has lower defense but with it has a lot of attack power increase which goes well with the Blader class. It is an armor set which is pretty decent on every class. The Tatorus or Rotary armor sets are also good if available and you’re looking for a cheaper armor set.


Which stats are important for Plum?

Critical, Attack Speed, Stamina.

What are the differences (if any) between Blader and Plum?

Blader and Plum only have a few skill differences. Blader has two skills “Gale” and “Rising Storm”, while Plum has the skills “Behead” and “Red Moon”. Other than this they each have the same skillset. However, this greatly changes the play styles between the two. Blader has more AoE and mobility while Plum is more of a single target, agile class.

What do I do in PvE?

In PvE grinding you will want to use the skill “Chase” and your horn bow skills to group up monsters with your range. You then want to use your AoE skill “Red Moon”. Then you use your remaining crowd control skills and repeat.

What do I do against bosses?

Against your solo scroll bosses you will want to use your mobility and dodges to kite the boss, then use your higher damage skills safely at every opportunity. Remember that you are a low defense class and that it is important to watch the bosses animations carefully.

What do I do in PvP?

In PvP it’s important to use your mobility to kite the enemy. Pop in and out of fights, use your crowd control and deal bursts of damage then back out and either pot up or use your sustain before going back in. In group PvP try to look for 1v1 situations because it is where you are strongest. You are one of lower defense classes so you will find you don’t last long in the center or front line of a battle.

Useful Links

Plum Video Guide

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