Ninja Class Guide


Ninja Class Guide


The Ninja class was the 12th class to be released in Korea and is the male counter part to the Kunoichi Class. This class uses a sword as their primary weapon and shurikens as their secondary weapon. The class is dynamic and fast paced with many movement and jump skills. Ninja uses light armor and has many complex combos making it a hard class to master.

Check out the video below to see some examples of combat.




  • Great sustain
  • Good at PvE
  • Good at PvP
  • Many buffs/debuffs
  • Good damage
  • Lots of mobility
  • Dodge skills
  • Some crowd control


  • Complex skill combos
  • Combat can get repetitive
  • Low Defense


This is a well-rounded build for players who have just reached level 50. It uses just under 500 Skill Points. Click here to view the build. 

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Credit goes to for their amazing skill calculator.

Additional/optional skills you may want to take: 

 Skuriken: Paralysis (Right-Click) – I would recommend maxing this skill at end game because it is good for PvP. The debuff will drain the casting speed of your enemy and can be used in every combo. However, this is it’s only real use because it doesn’t deal a lot of damage.

 Smoke Screen – This skill is used purely for PvP and is useless in PvE. It doesn’t have a key bind so you will need to put this skill on your hot bar. I would recommend only getting and maxing this skill for end game or PvP.

Ankle Slash (Shift + Left Click) – This skill has a really great debuff but deals hardly any damage at all. I wouldn’t bother maxing this skill straight away.

 Ninjustsu: Figure (Shift + F) – This skill will knock-back enemies. It could be a useful skill to have but don’t bother maxing it.


Crescent Slash (S + Left-Click) – You can either get this skill or the Bun’nagu-tsu next (Whip Kick) skill. Both skills are similar and have similar cool-downs but you will require this skill for some other combos.

Important Skills and Combos:

 Fox Claw (Right-Click + Shift) – This is the most important skill you can take. It is your main damage skill and you can basically spam it without running out of energy. Make sure you max this skill as soon as possible.

Ninja Avoidance (Shift + A/D) –  This skill is your dash and is used in most combos and to dodge attacks. You can also use this skill to cancel your skills.

Key Points Thrust (Left-Click + Right-Click) – I would recommend maxing this skill because it deals a decent amount of damage and will also stun the enemy. You can spam this skill and it is used in most combos.

Assassination Training (Passive) – Make sure you take this skill as soon as possible because it massively increases your damage.

Advanced Skill Combos:
Ninjustsu: Figure (Shadow Step) does have a start up animation but you can combo it with a few other skills to skip this. You can either use the Skuriken Throw first (Right-Click) or you can use kicks (S or F). However, to really maximize your damage you can combo Shadow Step with an air dash. This will require the Crescent Slash or Whip Kick skill.

Another complex combo includes Momentum Skills. Basically, this means using a left hand swing then turning and using the right hand swing faster. It is hard to use with a lot of attack speed but is the fastest damaging combo and is definitely worth mastering. The combo is:

Shift + Left-Click, S + Left-Click, Shift + Right-Click

You can then use this with other combos such as the Death Fall skill.


Double Jump – Using the double jump you can give yourself a movement speed buff.

Side Swipe (Left-Click + A/D) – Using this will give you an attack speed buff.


For the weapon, if you have enough gold, get the Liverto and upgrade it to +15 as soon as possible. If you don’t have the budget for this weapon then the Bares weapon is good for PvE, Seleth is good for PvP and Yuria is good for a balance between both.

I would personally recommend using the Argerian Set. The Tartoros set is good on Ninja too but you don’t really need the extra energy that the set provides if you are using pots and your buffs correctly. I would rather have the attack speed over the energy. Some people also prefer the Neil Trees set but the HP difference isn’t massive and it really depends on your personally preference.



  • Dec 14, 2016 @ 14:44 pm

    Your Skill Guide, serious ?
    I just registered for that shit ,sory

    First you don’t use Shuriken as Ninja, its for Kuno either. You have the Q Key to use special move with the Kunai.
    Don’t use Smoke Screen? Its gives nice Evasion Buff and is required for combos.

    Ninjustsu: Figure???? Dude that is for Kunoichi . Ninja doesnt have this. What are u playing?

    Fox Claw important? This is the most useless skill , ok the Rage is much more useless, i wonder that you have forgotten to list it as important.

    Key Points Thrust Is okay but not important Lol.

    You just have forgotten the important skills. It looks like you played that 5 minutes and tested 3,4 skills.

    The Armor and Weapon Part is completly BS also.

  • Jun 23, 2016 @ 13:55 pm

    Edit: Rocaba armor Armor+Boots not +5 evasion, its 75 HP + 75 WP! even better for Ninja!

  • Jun 23, 2016 @ 12:14 pm

    The weapon and armor part is completely wrong!

    Ninja’s and Kunoichi’s both scale of WP and a bit of HP, so get Rocaba armor chest + feet and Grunil helmet + gauntlet

    Rocaba Armor Chest + Feet = 4 sockets, +5 Evasion

    Chest: put 2x WP (?resonance?) or Cobelinus for 100 extra HP, you can mix if you want. Cobelinus will give 2 or 3 of your CD skills extra damage but mostly gives you a little bit more tank. with the WP crystals you get extra damage on your main skills. I would recomment getting 2x WP crystal and learning the dodges and I frames properly.

    Feet. OBVIOUSLY 2x resistance, 50% bonus resistance to knock down is just OP.

    Grunil Helmet + Gloves = 4 Sockets, 5 extra AP

    for helmet take 2x Harphia (50 LP + Reg) you can put a Luck gem in here if you want.

    for gloves I recomment taking 2x Assault for 4 Attackspeed

    Main weapon: Liverto / Kzarka (if you can effort or if you get lucky 😀 ), try to get at least Liverto, I think the ninja will be very gear dependant and wont make much fun with worse gear. Put 1 Carmae into it to cap Attackspeed + get 4 crit (liverto gives 3 crit), cap crit then with bufffood. 2nd gem slot is up to you, If you can get, take a +5 damage stone. (or the valencia upgraded black spirit stone)

    Sub weapon: always Accuracy, you deal overall more damage in pve AND pvp with a accuracy subweapon. also, its never FULL PVE, you always have that plebs who want to steal your spot.

    Ears: Khalk’s
    Rings: Crescent moon
    Low luck: Sigil of the ancient guardian (the AP+DP+accuracy thing combined with the ancient weapon core)
    high luck: Ogre ring
    IF ogre ring > Centaur
    IF sigil > Ancient weapon core

    always keep your bufffood up ! more LP + WP means more Tank+damage!

  • Mar 13, 2016 @ 21:48 pm

    Right now our priority is to get all of our other guides up to scratch and updated with EU/NA. We will make sure that Blader, Plum, Ninja and Kunoichi guides are all updated before the class is brought to EU/NA

  • Mar 13, 2016 @ 16:19 pm

    Are we going to see any updates to this page? Mainly looking for gems and accessories. I’m planning to main a ninja when they are released for NA/EU and in the meantime am trying to create an armor set for it with my Wizard.

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