Kunoichi Class Guide


Kunoichi Class Guide


The Kunoichi class was the 11th class to be released in Korea. This class uses a sword as their primary weapon and shurikens as their secondary weapon. The class is dynamic and fast paced with many movement and jump skills. Kunoichi uses light armor and has many complex combos making it a hard class to master.

Check out the video below to see some examples of combat.

Source: http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/wallpaper/index.daum

Source: http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/video/index.daum?id=55#1


  • Great sustain
  • Good at PvE
  • Good at PvP
  • Many buffs/debuffs
  • Good damage
  • Lots of mobility
  • Dodge skills
  • Some crowd control


  • Complex skill combos
  • Combat can get repetitive


This is a well-rounded build for players who have just reached level 50. It uses just under 500 Skill Points. Click here to view the build. 

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Credit goes to http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_24valkyrie.html for their amazing skill calculator.

Additional/optional skills you may want to take: 

 Skuriken: Paralysis (Right-Click) – I would recommend maxing this skill at end game because it is good for PvP. The debuff will drain the casting speed of your enemy and can be used in every combo. However, this is it’s only real use because it doesn’t deal a lot of damage.

 Smoke Screen – This skill is used purely for PvP and is useless in PvE. It doesn’t have a key bind so you will need to put this skill on your hot bar. I would recommend only getting and maxing this skill for end game or PvP.

Ankle Slash (Shift + Left Click) – This skill has a really great debuff but deals hardly any damage at all. I wouldn’t bother maxing this skill straight away.

 Ninjustsu: Figure (Shift + F) – This skill will knock-back enemies. It could be a useful skill to have but don’t bother maxing it.


Crescent Slash (S + Left-Click) – You can either get this skill or the Bun’nagu-tsu next (Whip Kick) skill. Both skills are similar and have similar cool-downs but you will require this skill for some other combos.

Important Skills and Combos:

 Fox Claw (Right-Click + Shift) – This is the most important skill you can take. It is your main damage skill and you can basically spam it without running out of energy. Make sure you max this skill as soon as possible.

Ninja Avoidance (Shift + A/D) –  This skill is your dash and is used in most combos and to dodge attacks. You can also use this skill to cancel your skills.

Key Points Thrust (Left-Click + Right-Click) – I would recommend maxing this skill because it deals a decent amount of damage and will also stun the enemy. You can spam this skill and it is used in most combos.

Assassination Training (Passive) – Make sure you take this skill as soon as possible because it massively increases your damage.

Advanced Skill Combos:
Ninjustsu: Figure (Shadow Step) does have a start up animation but you can combo it with a few other skills to skip this. You can either use the Skuriken Throw first (Right-Click) or you can use kicks (S or F). However, to really maximize your damage you can combo Shadow Step with an air dash. This will require the Crescent Slash or Whip Kick skill.

Another complex combo includes Momentum Skills. Basically, this means using a left hand swing then turning and using the right hand swing faster. It is hard to use with a lot of attack speed but is the fastest damaging combo and is definitely worth mastering. The combo is:

Shift + Left-Click, S + Left-Click, Shift + Right-Click

You can then use this with other combos such as the Death Fall skill.


Double Jump – Using the double jump you can give yourself a movement speed buff.

Side Swipe (Left-Click + A/D) – Using this will give you an attack speed buff.


For the weapon, if you have enough gold, get the Liverto and upgrade it to +15 as soon as possible. If you don’t have the budget for this weapon then the Bares weapon is good for PvE, Seleth is good for PvP and Yuria is good for a balance between both.

I would personally recommend using the Argerian Set. The Tartoros set is good on Kunoichi too but you don’t really need the extra energy that the set provides if you are using pots and your buffs correctly. I would rather have the attack speed over the energy. Some people also prefer the Neil Trees set but the HP difference isn’t massive and it really depends on your personally preference.



  • Nov 13, 2016 @ 14:06 pm

    Kunoichi use the kunai as second weapon. The paralysis skill is related to the kunai. Ninja use shuriken. Now a kunoichi can also use shurikens, but kunai have more options.

  • Oct 21, 2015 @ 15:29 pm

    HI ReservoirShugo 🙂

    I don’t think your original post was rude at all. It’s great to hear your feedback and it’s given us a great insight to how we can improve our guides.

    Yeah perhaps some skills have been overlooked slightly. It is still a fairly new class so we are definitely not pros and we’ll be revisiting this guide along with the others and updating them regularly if they need to be changed.

    I’ll also start adding multiple builds in all our class guides to fit those people who are only just 50 (or haven’t even started yet!) and those who are level 52 – 54 with more skill points and looking to maximize damage. I’ll take a look at both your builds and see if I can try them out for myself. If anyone could take a look at these and offer their opinions that would be great 😀

  • Oct 15, 2015 @ 20:28 pm

    oops wrong link above, correct link to level 50 build

  • Oct 15, 2015 @ 20:26 pm

    Hi Tansie 🙂

    I think people have overlooked a lot on both kunoichi and ninja tbh the base attack is a huge damage boost, the shadow slash again is a huge damage boost (given that most times you are moving/strafing when attacking)


    Above is a level 50 less than 500sp version of the build I linked ( you could throw spare 7 points into bondage shackles if you wanted another AoE for mobs or a PvP snare)

    I do think multiple builds is a good idea as well 🙂

    Sorry if my original post was a bit rude/abrupt it was late and I was a little hammered 😀

  • Oct 10, 2015 @ 15:58 pm

    Hi @ReservoirShugo. The skill build we’ve recommended is for when you’ve literally just reached 50 and don’t have many skill points to spare. It’s just to put you in the right direction and show you what skills you should be using and maxing when you later have the points for it. The skill build you’ve linked uses 90+ more skill points than the build shown in this guide. Obviously using the build you’ve linked (which is similar but with the skills maxed) is much better if you have the skill points for it. Perhaps we should add multiple build recommendations to fit people who have just reached 50 and people who are level 51 or 52 and looking for a more finished build. Thank you for your input and for checking out our guide 🙂 It’s definitely given me something to think about on how to improve our future class guides.

  • Oct 3, 2015 @ 9:35 am

    Sorry but running that build is gimping the damage massively

    lvl 52 build = click here

    to use at Level 50 it just drop the 50+ skills and you will still be doing about 75% more damage than the build listed above

  • Sep 23, 2015 @ 15:40 pm

    Thank you for voting on our poll! The next guide to be release will be the Ninja Class Guide. If you haven’t voted already check out the post here: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/forums/topic/which-class-guides-would-you-like-to-see-next/

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