Starter/Launch Guide


Starter/Launch Guide

This guide is intended for new players to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and go into the basics of some of the features in Black Desert. If you’re looking for more in-depth guides, check out our guides list. If you are still left confused or have additional questions which are not covered in this guide, comment below or leave a topic in our forums under “Help & Support” so we can not only help you, but help others who may be looking for the same answer.


New Players

Introduction to the UI
What are these stats and how do I increase them?
What professions are there?
Where do I get my first horse?
Mounted Combat
What are Exchange items?
Introduction to Knowledge and Vigor (Energy)
Introduction to Contribution, Nodes, Housing and Workers
Introduction to Enchanting
Why do I need an alt?
What can I do whilst AFK?
How do I make money?
How does party grinding work?
What are the best things to buy from the Pearl Store?
What is the Mileage Store and Achievements/Rewards?
Other Tips
Other Common Questions

Class Specifics

Choosing your Class
Which Class should I play whilst I wait for new classes?
Armor, Weapons and Accessories

Future Content

Valencia Part I
Valencia Part II
Valencia Part III

Useful Links/Resources


Introduction to the UI

Common Controls

Movement: Forward [W], Left [A], Backwards [S], Right [D], Jump/Climb [SPACE], Crouch [Q] (Q again to stand, SPACE to crawl, SHIFT to roll), Sit [Q] against something, Lean [S + Q]

Shortcuts: Black Spirt [/], Inventory [I], Quest Log [O], Character Info [P], World Map [M], Guild [G], Knowledge [H], Dyeing [J], Skills [K], Processing [L], Friends List [N], Mail [B], Interact [R], Next [F], Autorun [T], Black Spirit Commands [Z, X], Emergency Evasion [V], Help [F1], Production Notes [F2], Pearl Store [F3], Beauty Store [F4], Cancel [ESC]

Chat: General [/S, ALT + 1], World Chat [/Y, ALT + 2], Party [/P, ALT + 3], Whisper [/R], Link Items [SHIFT + CLICK]

Screenshot mode: Hide UI [CTRL + U], Move Camera [↑ , ↓ , ← , →], Change Angle [CTRL + ← / →], Blur/Sharpen [CTRL +  ↑ / ↓], Rotate [SHIFT + ← / →], Zoom [SHIFT +  ↑ / ↓], Alpha Mask [SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN]

How to edit and show/hide the UI

To edit the UI, go to the main menu [ESC] then click “Edit UI” (the button will only show once you complete the tutorial quests). Here you can hide and show different parts or move them around. Just make sure to save! You can also hide all of the UI using [CTRL + U].

How to set an auto-run loop

This feature will not be in the game at launch.

You can use an auto-run loop to make your character run back and forth between two or more points, or in a continuous circle. This can be used to AFK level your stamina, strength, or horse level.

To set up an auto-run loop, open your interactive world map [M], then hold the [ALT] key and right-click the first point of the loop. You can continue to hold [ALT] and add extra points in the route, or end the loop by placing your mouse over where your character is currently standing, then right-clicking whilst holding [ALT]. The loop should turn green when you mouseover your characters position. You can now close the map again by pressing [M] then hold [T] to auto-run.


Magnifying glass

You can use the Magnifying Glass next to your mini-map to locate the closest NPC of a certain type and set a path route to them. The types of NPCs you can locate are: Weapons Merchant, Armor Merchant, Warehouse Storage, Stable Master, Dock Manager, Guild Manager, Auction House, Trade Administrator, Potions Merchant, Blacksmith, Jewellery Merchant, Furniture Merchant, Tools Merchant, Fishing Merchant, Cooking Merchant, Worker Manager.

You do not start off with the Magnifying Glass and will unlock it at around level 20.


Grinding vs. Questing

Grinding without a doubt is the fastest way to level in Black Desert. However, there are some disadvantages as well. Most quests do not give any EXP but will give you bag space, vigor and contribution points. In fact, the only way to get contribution points is by completing quests. If you grind you will miss out on these and it will restrict you a lot and you’ll spend a lot of time catching up. If it is your first character we recommend that you follow all of the quests to 50 and take your time to learn the game. The game is very overwhelming at first and if you grind all the way you will most likely end up more confused and not sure how to get back on track.

If want to rush and insist on grinding to 50, we do have a 1 – 60 Leveling guide which will show you the best spots for EXP. We also have a guide which lists all of the  bag space quests and would recommend that you do these as you are in the area. There are also many level 50 quests and repeatable quests that will give you the contribution points you lack.

Basics to Questing

Quests can be obtained from NPCs or your Black Spirit. You will be notified if your Black Spirit has a quest for you. Important story quests will also be indicated on your map with a little yellow icon with a black [!].

Make sure you toggle all of the different types of quests in your Quest Log [O]. Otherwise you will not be able to receive all of the quests from an NPC.

If an NPC has a quest for you there will be one of four icons above the NPCs head. If the icon is yellow, it means the NPC has a general quest for you. If the icon is green, the NPC has a profession quest for you. A blue icon indicates that the quest is in progression and a red icon means that the quest is completed and you can now hand it in.

2015-05-02_9083240[-819_-30_-508]    2015-05-03_47727541[-1723_50_578]    2015-05-02_9093928[-820_-30_-507]    2015-05-02_9361791[-820_-30_-509]

Once you have your quest, you can open your Quest Log by clicking [O]. Here you can abandon, set a route to the target or view quest information and rewards. You also have a mini quest tracker just under your mini-map where you can hover over a quest to see this information and use these controls.

Quests may reward you with items, equipment, inventory space, vigor, contribution points, XP, or silver. You can also unlock additional quests by gaining high amity with the NPC (using Story Exchange).

There are 4 types of quests:

  1. Kill quests – These quests require you to kill a certain amount of monsters in the area(s) marked on the map, the number is usually at least 10 and can go as high as 50. These quests may also require you to kill 3 or 4 different classes of the same monsters, such as warriors, mages and soldiers. They may require you to kill monsters for a certain “item drop”. You don’t have to loot to obtain the item needed to complete the quest, and the item does not appear in your inventory or take up any space in your inventory.
  2. Knowledge quests – These quests require you to keep killing the monster until you gain “knowledge” of them. This can take a very long time to complete because it is totally random when you gain knowledge.
  3. Collection quests – These quests involve going to an area on the map and collecting an item. These quests can be quite unique and have different requirements. Some examples include collecting wild herbs in a field, using a fruit basket to collect a tamed raccoon or moving a trade pack.
  4. Escort quests – These quests are quite rare and involve escorting an NPC to another area, whilst battling monsters and keeping them safe. These quests are quite simple and easy to complete.

What are these stats and how do I increase them?

You have 3 different types of stat that you can level. These are stamina (breath), strength and health. Leveling these are very important on Black Desert and it’s important to note that these stats do not share across your characters. To read about each in more detail, check out our Stamina & Health guide or Weight Limit guide.

Stamina (breath)

Leveling your stamina will increase your maximum stamina so that you can sprint for longer and use certain skills more before being drained. These skills are: kicks, dodges, jumps and blocks. To level your stamina, all you need to do is move your character. It doesn’t matter if you walk, run or sprint, each time you move a certain distance you will gain experience towards leveling your stamina. The maximum level for stamina is 30 and will give you a total of 500 extra stamina. Some people recommend that you don’t use a horse whilst leveling so you are force to run everywhere and will level your stamina quickly. You can also level this whilst AFK by setting up an autorunloop (This feature will not be in the game at launch).


Leveling your strength will increase your maximum weight limit, which increases the amount of weight you can carry, and in-turn the amount of items you can carry. To level your strength you will need to carry a trade pack and move your character, whilst your current weight is above 100%. This stat isn’t really that worth leveling because it takes too long to level and you can’t really do anything whilst leveling it. The maximum level for strength is 30 and will only give you an extra 40LT. You can level this whilst AFK by setting up an autorun loop (This feature will not be in the game at launch), but be careful not to go outside safe zones because there are bandits along the roads which will attack you if you are carrying a trade pack.


Leveling your health will give you bonus health and mana/spirit/energy (depends which resource you use for your class). To level your health you will need to eat food or drink. The higher grade of food/drink, the more experience you will gain. The maximum level for this stat is level 30 and will give you a bonus of 290 health and 200 mana/spirit/energy.


Besides the above stats, you also have various other character stats such as: Attack Power, Defense Power, Accuracy, Evasion, Resistance, Attack Speed, Luck, Movement Speed, Recovery, etc. These stats are dependent on your gear, crystal sockets and some buffs.

What professions are there?

There are currently a total of 9 professions. Each one has separate life experience and can be profitable in different ways. There are a total of 6 profession ranks which determines how skilled you are in your profession. In order of lowest to highest, these ranks are: Apprentice, Experienced, Professional, Artisan, Master, Degree. In each rank there are also 10 levels. For example, you may be Professional Lv.10 then when you level up you move to Artisan Lv.1 rank. You do not have to specialize in one particular profession, it is possible to become Degree in all professions if you put in enough time. There are also different costumes for each profession which can be worn to increase your profession level.


Gathering is the process of collecting materials for processing, cooking/alchemy, crafting or selling. It does take up your vigor to gather a material but each time you gather you will earn experience towards leveling up the profession. Higher leveling profession enables you to use better gathering tools (allowing you to gather faster), as well as gathering rare materials such as diamonds or emeralds.

You can buy beginner gathering tools from a Materials Merchant. Higher level gathering tools need to be crafted with a tool workshop. There are currently 6 different tools for gathering:

  • Axe – This tool is used to chop wood. You can go up to almost any tree, equip your axe, and use [R] to chop the tree down for different types of wood.
  • Sap – This tool is used to collect sap from trees or blood from animals. You can go up to almost any tree, or a dead animal, equip your sap tool, and use [R] to collect the material.
  • Hoe – This tool is used to harvest plants. You do not need to use this to harvest plants on your own farm. You can also use your own hands to gather plants but you will be much less likely to collect a rare plant. Go up to almost any bush/plant, equip your hoe, and use [R] to collect the plant.
  • Knife for Slaughter – This tool is used to collect meat from animals. Go up to almost any dead animal, equip your knife, and use [R] to collect the meat.
  • Knife for Tannery – This tool is used to collect skin/fur from animals. Go up to almost any dead animal, equip your knife, and use [R] to collect the skin/fur.
  • Pickaxe – This tool is used to collect ores or gemstones. You can go up to almost any mining node, equip your pickaxe, and use [R] to collect the material.
  • Empty Bottle – This tool is used to collect water from rivers, ponds or lakes. You must be standing in the water, equip your empty bottle, and use [R] to collect the water.


Processing is the profession for crafting raw basic materials. These materials may then used for more complex crafting, in cooking/alchemy recipes or various other uses. You can open the processing window at any time by pressing [L]. From here you can do various actions to materials to create something else. There are several different actions such as Shaking, Grinding, Wood Chopping, Drying, Thinning, Heating, Basic Cooking, Basic Alchemy, Imperial Cooking Package, Imperial Alchemy Package. You can combine up to two different materials and use the actions to turn them into a completely different product. It’s important to note that if the action is not available on a particular material/combination of materials, you will not lose your materials.  Processing does cost vigor but will level your profession.


Cooking is used to create different foods and drinks. To begin cooking, you will need a basic Cooking Utensil which can be bought from a food merchant for 1,000 silver. You can also craft them using a Tool Workshop. Once you’ve acquired a Cooking Utensil, you will need to place it inside a house to use it. After this has been done, use the stove by pressing the [R] button and add the ingredients you wish to cook. Even if the recipe is wrong, you will lose your materials. You can also mass produce a particular item if you have enough ingredients.

Higher cooking skill will enable you to create Imperial Cooking packages. These are created using the Processing profession, but will require food and drinks created with the Cooking Profession. You can then deliver these packs to an Imperial Cooking NPC to earn high profits and Golden Seals (Cooking), which can be exchanged for rewards.

Check out our Cooking guide or recipes list for more details.



Alchemy is used to create different various items, such as elixirs, crystal sockets and alchemy stones. To begin alchemy, you will need a basic Alchemist Tool which can be bought from a potions merchant for 5,000 silver. You can also craft them using a Tool Workshop. Once you’ve acquired a Alchemist Tool, you will need to place it inside a house to use it. After this has been done, use the tool by pressing the [R] button and add the parts you wish to use. Even if the recipe is wrong, you will lose your materials. You can also mass produce a particular item if you have enough materials.

Higher alchemy skill will enable you to create Imperial Alchemy packages. These are created using the Processing profession, but will require elixirs or other items created with the Alchemy Profession. You can then deliver these packs to an Imperial Alchemy NPC to earn high profits and Golden Seals (Alchemy), which can be exchanged for rewards. Higher alchemy skill also enables you to begin creating Alchemy stones. These can be equipped to give you a permanent buff.

Check out our Alchemy guide or recipes list for more details.


The Training profession effects your mounts. Higher profession rank will increase the chances of your mount learning a new skill when it levels up. It will also improve your chances of catching wild horses and you will need to be Apprentice Lv.5 or higher to tame a horse at all. You gain Training experience each time any of your mounts levels up.


Fishing can be done at any river, pond, lake or ocean. You can buy a fishing rod at a Fishing Merchant to get started Simply equip the rod then press the [SPACE] button to cast your line. You can then sell any fish you catch at a Trade Administrator. The Fishing profession will effect the rarity of the fish you can catch. Each time you catch a fish you will earn experience towards leveling the profession. At higher profession rank, you will begin to catch blue grade fish or higher. These can be sold to an Imperial Fishing NPC for more profit and Golden Seals (Fishing), which can be exchanged for rewards.


The Hunting profession is used to hunt Whales, Crocodiles and Bats. You use a hunting rifle, which you must craft using a Tool workshop. Higher profession will allow you to start hunting harder monsters such as the Blue Whale and Bat. Some cooking recipes use Whale Meat which can only be collected by hunting the Blue Whale.


The Trading profession involves buying (at a Trade Administrator) or crafting trade packs, then transporting them and delivering them for a profit. To transport the trade pack, you can carry them yourself, use a donkey/horse, wagon/boat, or the Warehouse transportation. There are bandits along the roads which will attack you if you are transporting a trade pack. You also have to make sure the nodes are connected to make a profit. At the beginning, you are only able to transport items between a few towns, but once you reach higher profession rank, you will unlock higher quality items and can also start transporting Imperial Trading packs and Illegal Trading packs.

Imperial Trading works the same way as normal trading but isn’t always available and actually occurs at random times in the game. When Imperial Trading is available, normal trading goods may have a notice next to them (eg. Serendia) indicating that they are available for Imperial Trading in that area. To partake in Imperial Trading, purchase the marked items and deliver them to the town specified in the notice. It’s important that when you arrive, you need to sell the pack to an Imperial Delivery NPC, not a Trade Administrator.

Finally, the last kind of trading is “Illegal Trading”. These packs are only available from an NPC which spawns between 10PM and 7AM. You must be professional rank or higher to purchase the items. The packs cost between 30,000 to 100,000 silver and weigh about 300LT. When you buy a pack you will be marked as an Illegal trader, with a bright red icon above your head. You will also be flagged for PvP and once you sell the item you will lose 5000 karma (per item). You may make between 50,000 and 100,000 silver for each pack you hand in. It’s important to note that even if you die with a trade pack, you will not lose it.



The Farming profession is used to grow crops on your private farm. You can rent a farm from a materials merchant for the price of contribution points. You can then place the farm almost anywhere which is flat and not in a safe zone. You will need to buy seeds from a seed merchant and then place them on your private farm to grow. Check up on the farm using your map to see if the crops need tending to. Scarecrows and Waterways can also be placed on your farm to decrease the amount of time you need to spend tending your farm, and increase the quality of your crops. You can also use fertilizer to decrease the amount of time it takes your crops to grow.

Where do I get my first donkey/horse?

You can get your first donkey from a level 15 – 17 quest in Velia Town at the NPC “Igor Bartali”. Talk to him by pressing “R” then accept and complete the quest. As a reward you will be given an emblem which you give to a stable master in exchange for a donkey. Talk to the stable master and select “Stable” then “Register Item”. Right-click the emblem in your inventory and enter a name for your donkey.

You will not be given a horse from questing and must obtain it by other means:

  1. Buy a beginner horse from a stable master for 15,000 silver. Talk to the stable master and select “Shop” then choose between a brown or grey horse emblem and register the horse.
  2. Tame a wild horse. To tame a horse you will need to level your “taming” skill beforehand by riding and leveling up your donkey. (More details on horse taming).

Once you have your first donkey/horse, you can take it out of the stable by talking to the stable master, going to “Stable” then clicking the icon of your mount and selecting “Take mount”. The mount will appear next to the stable master and you can then mount it by pressing “R” closeby. As soon as you take your mount out of the stable, an icon will appear in the top-left underneath your progression bar. You can left-click this icon to call the mount to come to you (short distance) or right-click to show it’s location on the map.

There is no way to desummon/summon a mount. You can put them back in a stable if you don’t want to use it. It’s also important to know that your donkey/horse has a health bar, and can die if you leave it near monsters, if it drowns or falls off a cliff. You can resurrect it at a stable master but the deaths do effect your horses and each time it dies it will cost more and more. There is also a stamina bar which will lower as you use your mount. When it hits zero stamina, your mount will become significantly slower. You can replenish stamina by feeding your mount carrots, which can be bought at a stable master.

Mounted Combat

You can use some of your skill whilst on a horse. To do this you will need stirrups, which can be bought at a stable master for 10,000 silver. Stirrups are unavailable at first from the shop but you can unlock them by building your relationship with the NPC to 100 amity. For details on how to do this, click here.

Mounted Combat is quite tricky to control at first but it just takes practice to get used to. Some skill combos will change when you are on your horse, you can look at the combo by pressing “K” to open your skill window, then hovering over the skill and it should say the combo followed by “while on horse”.

What are Exchange Items?

Exchange items are loot drops you get by killing monsters, opening bags and leftovers from cooking/alchemy. You will always earn more silver by handing them in to the Exchange NPC instead of just selling them to a vendor. Exchange NPCs may give you sums of silver, profession experience, Black Stones, equipment, etc. To find where to hand in any exchange item, you can right-click the item in your inventory and then click “NPC Location”. This will show you a route on your map to the closest NPC. It will show the point of the other NPCs on the map with a light beam, but will not set a route to them.

Introduction to Knowledge and Vigor (Energy)


Knowledge is the information you learn whist traveling and interacting with NPCs or monsters in the world. You can view your knowledge at any time by pressing “ESC” to go to the Menu then “Knowledge” or by using the hotkey (H) to open the interface directly. There are several different types of knowledge you can learn about and some can be used as topics in the Story Exchange.

Types of Knowledge:

  • Character – learning about different NPCs by talking to them. Some NPCs can only be unlocked by gaining knowledge of a different NPC first.
  • Tyography – learning about nodes. As you travel around the world you will discover new areas and reveal them on your map. Some nodes can only be discovered by talking to the “Node Manager” and buying the knowledge of the node with your vigor
  • Ecology – learning about monsters. The health bar of a monster will not appear until you earn knowledge of the type of monster. Having Knowledge of a monster will also effect how hard it hits you and how quickly you can kill it. Each time you kill the monster you have a random chance of learning knowledge about it
  • Adventure Journal – learning information by talking to NPCs.
  • Academics – learning information by reading books. You can read books at a library which will teach you about History, Economy, Politics, Theology, etc.
  • Life Skill – learning about types of fish. When you catch a fish for the first time you will learn knowledge about the fish type. You can also view this information in your Fish Guide by pressing “ESC” to open the main menu, then “Fish Guide”.
  • Learning the Ropes – learning about production and crafting. When you successfully craft something for the first time or come into contact with a material used for crafting, you will gain knowledge of it.

There are different ranks of knowledge (C, B, A, A+, S). Higher ranks of monsters will enable you to kill them easier and the “S” rank will give you a higher drop rate for that particular monster. You can reset your knowledge, at the Calpheon Library, for a chance to gain a higher rank, or turn it into a bookshelf to place in your home for extra interior points.


Vigor (Energy)

Vigor (also know as energy) increases as you gain new knowledge. It can be used for various interactions in-game such as:

  • Greeting NPCs
  • Stealing from NPCs
  • NPC Tutorials (Adventure Journal)
  • Story Exchange
  • Node Investment
  • Gathering
  • Crafting
  • Speaking in World Chat
  • Hiring Worker Contracts

Your Vigor will regenerate automatically over time (1 vigor every 3 minutes). Completing quests may restore your vigor as part of the reward. You can also sleep in a bed to regenerate your vigor at a faster rate. Beds obtainable in-game (craft-able, bought from NPC, etc.) will give you 2 vigor every 3 minutes, whilst Pearl Store beds will give you 3 vigor every 3 minutes.

You can also convert your vigor into potions to use at a later date or sell on the Auction House. For more information on this check out our Knowledge and Energy guide.

Introduction to Contribution, Nodes, Housing and Workers

Contribution Points

Contribution Points are a type of currency in Black Desert and are used to invest in a node, purchase housing, or rent items from an NPC. You will always get your Contribution Points back when you withdraw from a node, sell the housing or return the rented items. The amount of Contribution Points you have, and your Contribution experience bar is shown on the 3rd bar in the top-left, next to your character level.

Contribution Points are primarily earned by completing quests. Most quests will reward you with experience towards earning a Contribution Point and there are  lots of daily quests which will give you experience as well. You can also earn Contribution experience when you turn in certain exchange tokens.


Nodes are locations on the map. You can connect nodes using Contribution Points, to give you bonuses such as more loot drops, or higher profit when trading. You can also send workers to the nodes you connect, to collect resources used for crafting.

There are two different types of Nodes: Adventure Nodes and Production Nodes. Adventure Nodes are locations such as towns, cities, gateways, trade posts, etc. Whilst Production Nodes are forests, mines, farms, etc. Production Nodes are the locations which you send your workers to and it’s important to note that you must invest in the Adventure Node AND the Production Node.

To connect nodes, you must start from Towns or Cities you have discovered and then work your way outwards. If two nodes can be connected, you will see a white line between them on your in-game map (M). Go to the Node Manager NPC at the node you would like to connect, then speak to him/her and press “Check Node”. Here you can invest in the node.


You can withdraw from the Node at any time, or further invest in the node (using vigor). Further investing in an adventure node will give you more frequent loot drops, while production nodes will increase the amount of resources your workers gather at the node.

Make sure you check out our Node Calculator on our interactive map to calculate how many Contribution Points are needed to connect the nodes.


Housing in Black Desert is half instanced. Meaning every player has the ability to own the same house, but you can go up to the house in the open world and when you go inside the interior will change depending on the owner of the house and how they have decorated it.

Housing is bought using Contribution Points. You can purchase a property at any time by clicking the node symbol to view all of the available housing then selecting a housing icon. You can also purchase housing by going up to the door of the property. Blue house icons are houses that you can purchase, white icons are the houses you own, and grey icons are the houses you need to unlock first. To unlock the houses, you will need to purchase the houses connected to it first.

There are several different types of housing which are used for many different things:

  • Housing – This is your personal house. It’s the only type of property you can go inside and decorate with furniture or place your crafting tools.
  • Lodging – This type of property is for your workers and will unlock more space for your workers at that particular node.
  • Stables – This type of property will give you additional stable space at that particular node.
  • Storage – This type of property will give you additional warehouse storage at that particular node.
  • Refinery – This type of property is used to create Black Stones and other items such as Black Stone Powder or upgrade gems.
  • Upgrade – This type of property is used to upgrade your equipment rarity.
  • Workshops – There are many different types of workshops which can be used to craft various item such as accessories, armor, weapons, ship parts, wagon parts, tools, furniture, etc.
  • Processing – There are different types of processing workshops which are used to create trade packs, ingots and plywood. This can be created using minerals, wood, fish, mushrooms or crops.



Workers in Black Desert are used to collect resources so you don’t have to spend your own time and vigor. Workers are also used to craft items from the properties you have purchased, such as a refinery or workshop.

To hire workers, you will need to go to a “Worker Manager” and buy a contract. It will cost 5 vigor to have a look at a contract and an extra 5 vigor each time you continue to browse. Once you have bought the contract, right-click it to hire the worker. You can have a maximum of 3 workers at each town/city, and will need to purchase “Lodging” properties to unlock more space. 

To make your Workers collect materials, you must first make sure that the production node is connected to the town/city your worker is in. You can then click on the production node, select the worker and then “Start Work”.

To make your Workers craft something for you, you must buy the property first then open your property interface in your world map and select the material you would like to craft then click “Production Management”.

It’s important to note that all materials, collected or crafted, will go straight into your warehouse storage. You must also place the required crafting materials in your warehouse for your workers to use, beforehand.

Workers have a level, grade and various stats which effect the way they work and some workers may be better at different jobs. Check out our full workers guide for more information.

Workers also have a hunger bar and each time you make your worker do a task, their hunger bar will drop. To refill their hunger bar, you will need to feed your worker. The cheapest worker food you can craft is beer, check out our recipes list for the ingredients.

Introduction to Enchanting

We’re going to keep this section fairly basic, if you would like to read more details on enchanting you can check out our in-depth Enchanting and Sockets guide. We will not be covering the follow topics: enchanting titles, enchanting accessories, enchanting horse gear/wagon parts/ship parts, enchanting past +15.

To begin with enchanting, you will need an item known as a “Black Stone”. These are used to enchant various items (armor, weapons, fishing rods, horse armor, boat pieces, wagon pieces, hunting rifles, etc.) and will increase the attack power (AP), defense power (DP), or other stats, such as critical chance, movement speed, luck, etc.

icon Black Stone (Weapon)


icon Black Stone (Armor)


To enchant something, call your Black Spirit by pressing “/” then select “Enchanting”. Select the piece of equipment you would like to enchant and then the Black Stone, and click “Enchant”. You can “safe enchant” some items, meaning that there is a 100% chance of success. You can enchant up to, and including, +5 for armor and +7 for weapons. You can enchant past this and up to +15 but there will be a chance of failing. If you fail to enchant, you will lose 5 maximum durability on your item, meaning you will have to repair it at a blacksmith more often. You will also gain a fail stack which will increase your chances of success next time you enchant and will be consumed when you succeed. There is a way to force a safe enchant but it will cost a lot of Black Stones and will reduce the maximum durability by a fixed amount (our enchanting guide has all of the statistics).


So how do you increase the maximum durability again? You will need the same item to consume in order to repair your enchanted gear. You then go to a blacksmith and click the “Repair” option and then “Maximum Durability recover”. Place the two items in the slots by right-clicking them in your inventory, then click “Recover Max Durability” to confirm. This will increase the maximum durability by 10.

You can also extract Black Stones from enchanted gear by going to a blacksmith then click “Extraction” and “Blackstone Extraction”. Right-click the item from you inventory then click “Extract”. This will destroy the item but you will get all of the Black Stones back that you put into the item. Even if you go above the safe enchant and fail you can still get the Black Stones back when you extract them.

Why do I need an alt?

Everyone should have an alt in Black Desert.

Characters in the same family share the following:

  • Family Name
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Maximum Vigor
  • Mounts
  • Wagons/Boats
  • Houses
  • Contribution Points
  • Node Investments
  • Pets
  • Knowledge
  • Titles
  • Guilds

Not shared:

  • Karma
  • Current Vigor

Knowing this you can take advantage of having a second character. If you have already completed all the quests on one character, you can do them again for extra contribution points. Having an alt will also technically double your amount of Vigor because your maximum Vigor is shared across all characters but your current Vigor isn’t. Meaning you can log onto one character and spend all of your vigor, then log onto another and still have full vigor on that character.

Armor and accessories are not class exclusive. This means that you can use your best armor pieces on your main character, then transfer them to an alt in the warehouse, and use it with no restrictions. Weapons are class exclusive but there are some weapons, such as daggers, which are used on both the Ranger class and Wizard/Witch.

There are other ways that an alt can be useful, for example, if you are grinding and your pets are hungry, but you don’t have any food left to feed them, you can quickly log over to your alt in town, buy some pet food, feed the pets then log over again. Pets are shared across all your characters and their hunger bar is also shared across all characters.

You can also use your alt to enchant items for you. We touched on it very briefly in our introduction to enchanting, that when you fail to enchant an item you will gain a fail stack that increases your chances of success next time. If you are successful your fail stacks will be consumed. It’s important to stack this up as high as possible to avoid spending lots of silver repairing your items. If you need to enchant another item but don’t want to waste your fail stacks, you can enchant the item on your alt.

What can I do whilst AFK?


You can set up your character to automatically fish whilst you are AFK. Buy a fishing rod from a dock manager or fishing merchant and equip it. Go to any river, lake or sea coast then press the “space” key to automatically fish. This will allow you to catch something every 5 minutes (with the starter fishing rod). It is a lot slower than actively fishing yourself, but is a great way to earn some money whilst you are AFK. You can also check the tick box at the top to throw away useless items. Fishing does take up a lot of inventory space so make sure you clear as much of it before you start fishing. Also double check your weight limit isn’t close to being full before you go AFK. You will stop fishing if your fishing rod runs out of durability, you run out of inventory space, or are overweight.

Training Stats 

As mentioned above, you can train your stamina (breath) and strength whilst you are AFK by setting up an autorun loop (This feature will not be in the game at launch).

Training Horses

You can train your horse level whilst AFK by setting up an autorun loop (This feature will not be in the game at launch). Make sure you also tick the box underneath the horse’s health and stamina to auto-use carrots.


You really should be using your workers to collect materials or craft for you whenever they can, but you can also set them a list of things to do whilst you are AFK. Even if you log out, your workers will carry on with their current job until it is finished, but they will not start work on the next one. (The boss turns his back for one second and they take a break! Typical…)


If you’re only going to be away for 5-10 minutes, you can take this opportunity to process any materials you need for crafting. It will burn through your vigor and you’ll run out quickly so if you’re planning to be away for longer then it’s better to do something else such as Fishing, sleeping in a bed, training stats or training horses.

Sleeping in a bed

If you are low on vigor you can sleep in a bed placed in your house to regain your vigor faster.


If you’re only going to be away for 5-10 minutes, you can set up an autopath to where you need to be and travel in that time. Using an auto path is slower than controlling the horse/character yourself, but if you’re going to be AFK anyway then it’s really useful.

How do I make money?

Grinding is by far the fastest and most reliable way of making silver. Catfishman Camp is a great place to grind for silver because the item drops are very frequent. You get a lot of exchange items here, along with Black Stones, fish, ancient coins, etc. We’re honestly not sure if exchanging some of the items is really worth it though. Due to it being such a popular spot, the armor pieces you get are constantly on the Auction house and it took a while to get rid of the pieces. There are also other places mentioned in our Level 50+ Farming and Grinding guide which have rare accessory drops that can sell for a crazy amount of silver. These places aren’t as reliable as Catfishman Camp but if you get lucky you’re looking at about 20 million silver.



So besides grinding, what other ways are there to earn a bit of cash? Here our some money making alternatives!


Fishing is great for making money. It’s very easy and quite relaxing, if you have a second monitor or a TV you can easily watch something whilst you fish. You can also AFK fish (as mentioned above). It does take a long time to start making a decent profit from fishing but once you start catching blue grade or higher fish you can trade them with an Imperial Fishing NPC and you’ll earn a lot more. It’s also important to note that fishing in the middle of the sea will get you much better catches than fishing at a river, lake or along the coast.

Horse Taming and Breeding

You can tame wild horses then train them to level 30 to either sell or breed. The highest horse tier you can gain from taming is tier 5. Higher tier horses are worth more money. The level and horse skills will also effect how much it’s worth. Taming and breeding horses is very unreliable because there is too much RNG involved. It also takes 2-3 days of constant AFK leveling to get a horse to level 30, meaning you can’t do much else in this time. If the horse isn’t a high tier you might also have some trouble getting it to sell. But it is very fun to do and if RNGesus is on your side you can make a lot of money from taming and breeding horses.


Alchemy and Cooking takes quite a lot of time and effort. To make decent profit you have to gather the materials yourself which will also use up your vigor. It does take a lot of inventory space and weight too and at first you won’t make much profit. Once you reach higher profession level you can start to craft Imperial packages (see trading section below and Alchemy and Cooking guides for more information). The great thing about Alchemy and Cooking are that the items are always in-demand because the food and elixirs are used for node wars and grinding.


 You can craft alchemy and cooking trade packs or create trade packs with your workers and by farming or gathering for the materials. You then have to transport these packs to another location to sell them to a Trade Administrator. You also need to make sure the nodes are connected to make a profit. The further distance you transport the goods, the more money you will earn. There are lots of different ways you can transport the goods and there are different types of trading too (Imperial Trading, Illegal Trading). Trading is very complicated so we recommend reading through our Trading guide if you are interested and would like to know more.

How does party grinding work?

Our leveling guide is possible with party grinding and viable as long as each member pulls their weight.

You can invite another player to your party by having them whisper you in-game, then clicking their name in the chat box and selecting “invite to party”. Alternatively, if this person is on your friends list, you can invite them from there.

Each member of the party will be shown in the top left corner just underneath your characters level. You will see a “WIFI” symbol next to each members name, indicating how far away they are from you. If the signal is too low, this person will not gain EXP from monsters you kill.

There are multiple party loot options:

  • Free for All – Whoever picks up the loot first will keep it
  • Ordered – Everyone takes turns to pick up loot and keep it
  • Random – Each time loot drops, a random member of the party will be able to pick up the loot and keep it
  • Party Leader – Only the party leader can pick up the loot and keep it

As well as the party loot options above, the party leader can set additional options. This is the minimum selling price, and grade (rarity) of the items dropped. If these options are set and activated, all items that fit into the category will go directly onto the “Special Deals Market Queue”. For example, if I set the loot options to grade blue, and a blue weapon drops, this item will go directly into the queue. From here you have 3 options:

It’s important to note that these options will only be available to all party members close enough to the loot when it drops, unless stated otherwise.

  • Buy Out – You can choose to buy the item and keep it. If the items costs 10,000 silver, and there are 2 other members in the party with you, each member will be given 5,000 silver.
  • Gamble – All members who choose to gamble on the item will roll a dice, the member with the highest number will receive the item in their mailbox.
  • Decline – You can choose to decline the offer. If all close-by members decline the item, further away members with a low signal will be given the same options. If nobody claims the item, it will be registered on the “Special Deals Market”

The Special Deals Market is a section in the Item Market (Auction House), where every item is sold for it’s minimum price. If the item does not sell, it will start to drop in price until someone purchases it. The silver earned from items on the Special Deals Market, will be split equally between all of the close-by members at the time the item dropped.

What are the best things to buy from the Pearl Store?

Inventory Space

You will start off with a low amount of inventory space at the beginning of the game. There are multiple quests which will give you extra slots but the more the merrier! Just try not to go too overboard. I’d say that 16 extra slots should be enough because we will be starting with more inventory space than other regions. It will make things a lot easier whilst grinding and inventory space is very important for some parts of the game, such as fishing, cooking and alchemy. However, you can buy these in the Mileage store (see Mileage section below).

Weight Limit

The weight limit in this game can be very annoying at times and I’d recommend buying some extra weight limit from the Pearl Store to avoid being weighed down (literally). However, you can buy these in the Mileage store (see Mileage section below).


Pets are definitely the best thing on the Pearl Store. Not only are they adorable, they actually loot items for you and make your life so much easier. If you’re willing to spend quite a lot of money on the game then you should buy 3 pets (maximum). Each species of pet has different special skills, such as detecting resources, flagged players, and elite monsters. You can also breed the pets to get higher tier pets with other skills that will grant you buffs. Some examples of these buffs are movement speed, AFK fishing speed, experience boost and reduced death penalties. You can check out our in-depth pets guide for pictures of the pets and more information about them.



Buying any underwear will give you a +1 luck stat, which permanently increases your drop rate. The underwear is quite cheap to buy and the stat is really useful.

What is the Mileage Store and Achievements/Rewards?

Each day you log in you will gain 100 Mileage Points which can be used to buy boss scrolls, EXP boosts, Life Skill boosts, vigor potions,  and other useful items. To access the Mileage Store, press (F3) whilst in-game or open the Pearl Store from your main menu (ESC), then go to the “Mileage” tab.

Achievements/Rewards are earned depending on what you do in the game. This might be for playing over 300 hours, or earning a profession rank, and you can earn some cool rewards. For example, playing over 2000 hours will reward you with a free pet! You can accept the reward or view possible achievement challenges in the rewards window but be aware that the rewards are shared across your account and are a one time use.

Other Tips

  • Make sure you learn your skills at a Skill Manager where possible. Otherwise it will cost vigor to learn skills.
  • Talk to every NPC with a (?) on the map. Talking to them for the first time will give you experience towards increasing your maximum vigor.
  • Make use of your vigor whenever you can, to avoid wasting it. It should never be full for long.
  • Don’t spam (R) when you are handing in quests because sometimes the NPC will have pieces of knowledge for you and it costs vigor to learn this knowledge from them. Spamming the talk button may drain your vigor if you are not careful.
  • Always try to do something whilst you are AFK. Even if you are only going to be away for 5 minutes you can be processing materials or travelling.
  • Swap Channels if you are sharing a hunting spot.
  • Save pieces of armor for enchanting. For example, if you use Agerian armor and get 2 chest pieces, it’s better to save them both instead of selling one because when you begin to enchant past the safe enchant you will need the spare pieces.
  • Save the item “Ancient Relic Crystal Shards”. When you have 5 of them you can combine them to create a boss scroll. To combine them, place them into a + shape in your inventory then click the plus icon on the item at the top.
  • Use your boss scrolls in a group to share the rewards.
  • Eat food or drink whenever it’s off cool-down to level up your health.
  • Use your horse or a wagon to carry extra potions and other heavy items, so that you don’t go overweight and won’t have to go back to town as often. You can even attach your horses to them and level them at the same time.
  • Convert silver into gold bars so you can transport large amounts of silver without going overweight.
  • Buy and place an anvil in your home so you can repair your items for free. The anvil costs 15,000 silver and will eventually run out of durability and break, but it will save you a lot of money.
  • Use the filter options (top-right) to filter types of properties on your World Map [M]. This can be really helpful in large cities such as Calpheon or Altinova.
  • Invest in nodes that you plan to grind at for a long time. It will increase your loot drops or worker resource gathering and in turn make you a lot more money.

Other Common Questions

Q: I heard player-trading is restricted, is this true and why?

A: Yes it is true. It might seem quite odd that a MMO has restricted player-trading, but the truth is it brings many benefits to the game. It is quite a controversial topic, but restricted player-trading discourages farming bots and gold sellers. We’re sure no one will disagree when we say that this improves your gaming experience completely. Also, if you have friends and want to help them get started, you have to actually go out with them and farm together, teaching them the game instead of just giving them some gear and money. Currently you are only able to trade pots and other low-tier items.

Q: It’s too dark! What do I do?

A: At night and during thunderstorms, Black Desert becomes extremely dark. You can buy lanterns at NPCs, which will light up the area around you when you equip it. By default, you will not be able to see other player’s lantern effects. However, you can change this in your Screen settings.

Q: The health bar doesn’t show when I kill mobs. Is this a bug?

A: It isn’t a bug. The health bar will only show once you have knowledge of that type of monster. Each time you kill the monster you have a chance of learning something about it, once you do the health bar will show. Basically, you need to learn the monsters weaknesses and how it attacks before you will know how to defeat it. Having Knowledge of a monster will also effect how hard it hits you and how quickly you can kill it. Learning knowledge of something will increase your maximum vigor.

Q: At what level can I start to PvP?

A: You can flag for PvP or be PK’d when you are level 45 or higher. To flag up press (ALT) + (C) or click on the sword and shield icon. You may need to unhide the icon in your UI settings.

Q: Are Black Spirit quests compulsory or can I skip some?

A: Black Spirit quests aren’t exactly compulsory but they are very important and some quests will give you weapons and gear, Black Stones, inventory space and EXP. The quests can also teach you how to enchant, craft, recover Black Stones and how to skill awaken. Some of your skills can also only be unlocked once you complete a Black Spirit quest. Once you reach level 50, your Black Spirt will give you daily and weekly quests which are completely optional but will give you boss scrolls and other items such as Black Stones.

Q: Why am I stuck at level 49 with 99.99%?

A: To level up to 50 you have to complete a Black Spirit quest and kill a scroll monster.

Q: Does this game have bosses and dungeons?

A: Yes, there are some world bosses as well as solo/group scroll bosses and elite monsters. On our version we will have our first world boss, known as “Zaka” when the “Media” update comes out, and he drops the best weapons in the game. Two more world bosses will be released with and after the “Valencia” update. There are currently no dungeons at all in the EU/NA version but on the KR version there are two non-instanced dungeons which will eventually be available when “Valencia Part II” is released. We don’t currently know how long it will take for the EU/NA version to get these updates but if you want to read about them, check out our World Bosses and Dungeons guide.

Q: Can other players attack me and steal my trade pack?

A: Other players can attack you and kill you at any time, provided you are not in a safe zone. This includes when you are carrying a trade pack. However, if you die with a trade pack on your person, ship or wagon, you will not lose the trade pack.

Q: What is the secret shop?

A: The secret shop is a merchant NPC which only shows up in certain places at night time. You have to spend vigor to see what he has for sale but he can offer items such as Black Stones for a discounted price.

Choosing your Class

With the release of Black Desert coming closer and closer, it’s time for you to choose your class. If you still aren’t sure which is the right class for you then hopefully we can help you decide. There is no “trinity” class system (meaning there are no dedicated healers or tanks) and classes are gender locked in Black Desert, but some classes (such as the Witch and Wizard classes) have counterparts. There will be a total of 8 classes at launch, these are: Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Beserker, Valkyrie, Tamer, Wizard and Witch. There are an additional 4 classes which are available on the KR version, and are planned to be released fairly soon. We currently don’t know the timeline of content releases, but we’ve been assured that we won’t have to wait too long for the extra classes.

All classes cast skills with either mana, fury or energy but you can replenish each one by using a mana potion. Some skills such as kicks, dodges, jumps, and blocks, will use stamina.

Below is a quick description of each class, along with their ratings, and some videos of each in action. Credit goes to u/l7arkSpirit for the class ratings.

You should really take the ratings and popularity of a class with a pinch of salt, and choose the class that fits your play style the best.


Warriors are the closest class to a typical “tank”. They use a long sword as their primary weapon and a shield as their secondary weapon. The Valkyrie class is the female counter class to the Warrior but Valkyrie has more of a supportive skill set. The Warrior class has some blocks and taunts, but the vast majority of their skill set is offensive attacks. If you’re looking for a high defense class with lots of mobility and damage then we advise learning this class.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –


The Sorceress class is a dark magic user with a mixture of melee attacks and ranged attacks. It is a squishy class with a decent amount of AoE skills making them quite good in PvE. They also have high mobility and decent sustain.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –



This class uses a long bow as their primary weapon and a dagger as their secondary weapon. The Ranger class has lots of movement and dexterity, allowing you to kite your target and deal damage at long distances. They have high attack damage and have no problem grinding. But they do have low defense and if you are caught out you will most likely end up dead.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –



The Berserker class is a melee tanky/bruiser class from the “Giant” race. They are a very chaotic and fun class to play with a unique play style due to their size. Berserkers can wildly stomp, grab and throw enemies with ease. Then when they are finished playing with you, they can deal some serious damage. Their main weapon is duel handed axes and their secondary weapon is an ornament knot.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –


The Valkyrie class uses a sword and shield like a Warrior, focusing on blocking and sword skills. However, they also have an arsenal of light skills to deal damage and support allies.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –


The Tamer class has one of the most unique play styles in Black Desert, along with the Berserker class. It’s a fun class to play and PvE is really easy because you have plenty of AoE skills and your pet “beast” will do most of the work.  You can control your beast and even ride it at higher levels. The combat style of Tamer is very fast paced with lots of mobility and low defense.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –


The Wizard class is the “typical” magic elemental caster class with plenty of ranged AoE spells, slows, knock downs and stuns. Their main weapon is a staff and their secondary weapon is a dagger. They are completely identical to the Witch class, which is their female class counterpart. This high damage dealing class can also be played as a support class due to them having some healing, shields and resurrection skills.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –



The Witch class is the “typical” magic elemental caster class with plenty of ranged AoE spells, slows, knock downs and stuns. Their main weapon is a staff and their secondary weapon is a dagger. They are completely identical to the Wizard class, which is their male class counterpart. This high damage dealing class can also be played as a support class due to them having some healing, shields and resurrection skills.

Teaser Video –

PvP Video –

Which class should I play whilst I wait for new classes?

If you are planning to reroll to Blader, Plum, Kunoichi or Ninja when they are released, there are certain classes that will make the transfer a little smoother. There are also various things which are shared between all of your characters and you should concentrate on these whist you wait for your main class. Having an alt is also really beneficial in Black Desert so don’t be too disheartened if your favorite class isn’t available straight away.


You can play any class while you wait for Blader/Plum. There are two types of armor sets (Tarotus and Agerian) which work well on Blader/Plum and one or the other can be used on most classes. I would personally recommend going with Tamer but it’s better to just choose whichever class you are going to find the most fun to play in the meantime.


We would recommend playing the Tamer class if you want to reroll to Kunoichi/Ninja when it releases. This is because both classes work well with the Tarotus armor set and use the same primary weapon. Tamers are also one of the best farming classes and you’ll have no trouble grinding towards your Kunoichi/Ninja.



Armor, Weapons and Accessories

At launch, some armor sets, weapons and accessories will not be obtainable. These will only be released with future updates such as the Media or Valencia regions. Below is a list of what will be available and what we would recommend using in the meantime. The list below may not be 100% correct because we currently don’t have any solid information about the timeline of which we will receive some items/updates.

Available at Launch

  • Agerian armor set
  • Zareth armor set
  • Tarotus armor set
  • Talis armor set
  • Heve armor set
  • Fortuna Luck armor set
  • Bares weapon
  • Seleth weapon
  • Yuria weapon
  • Azwell weapon
  • Aien weapon
  • Elisha weapon
  • Khalis weapon
  • Mark of Shadow ring
  • Ogre Ring necklace
  • Witch’s earring

Media Update

  • Grunil armor set
  • Creatine weapon
  • Whale earring

Valencia Update

  • Roca armor set
  • Rosa weapon
  • Coral ring
  • Coral earring

Recommended Gear (at launch)

  • Warrior – Tarotus armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Sorceress – Agerian armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Ranger – Heve armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Berserker – Tarotus armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Valkyrie – Agerian armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Tamer – Tarotus armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Wizard – Tarotus armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring
  • Witch – Tarotus armor set, Yuria weapon, Mark of Shadow ring, Ogre Ring necklace, Witch’s earring


The Media update will unlock part of the Eastern side of the map and the city “Altinova”, along with level 50+ grinding spots and Pirate Island. We’re expecting to get this update shortly after release (probably ~3 months) but there is no official time frame for updates as of yet. If the EU/NA version follows the same timeline as other regions, we can also expect the Blader and Plum class to be released around this time. Enchanting will be increased up to and including +20, and the first world boss “Kzarka” (Zaka) will start spawning in Serendia Temple. New armor sets and various other items will also be added around this time which will impact each class greatly.

Valencia Part I

The Valencia Part I update will double the map size, unlock the desert region and increase the level cap to 60. Whilst in the desert region, you must drink Purified Water or Octagonal Tea to avoid heat stroke in the day and hypothermia at night. Random sandstorms will also occur and you must buy tents to shield yourself. The Valencia update will also welcome the Camel and Elephant mounts and the second world boss “Verbe” (Dragon) will also start wandering the desert and will drop legendary secondary weapons. If the EU/NA version follows the same timeline as other regions, we can also expect the Kunoichi and Ninja class to be released around this time.


We should start to receive the Weapon Awakenings for each class as well. Weapon Awakenings are a seperate weapon you switch to whilst in combat which will replace your primary weapon. You must be level 56+ to unlock and use your Weapon Awakening. Below are the Weapon Awakenings we currently know for each class:

  • Warrior – Great Sword
  • Sorceress – Scythe
  • Ranger – Sword
  • Beserker – Iron Gloves/Cannon
  • Valkyrie – Lance and Shield
  • Tamer – Sky Rod
  • Blader – Naginata
  • Plum – Spear


During the beginning of the Weapon Awakenings, the third world boss “Karan” (Harpy Queen) will start spawning and dropping legendary Awakening weapons.

If we had to guess, we would expect this update to come to the EU/NA version ~6 months after initial release.

Valencia Part II

The Valencia Part II update has only just been released on the KR version and introduced a new PvP system (Valencia region only) which reduced PvP penalties and added an outlaw and jail system. Two new villages where added named “Arequipa Village” and “Mui Kuhn Village”. Arequipa is a resource town whilst Mui Kuhn is a town specifically for outlaws where low karma players are welcomed and positive karma players are attacked by guards. New guild resource nodes were added which can only be installed in the desert and require constant upkeep and defense.



Along with these changes, the Annex buildings were unlocked, which is a social tavern for level 55+ and a place you can also look after your baby elephants, or receive daily buffs and services from the NPC merchants inside.

Two new underground dungeons were also added named “Ahkeuman Ruins” and “Historic Ruins”. These dungeons are non-instanced and can only be entered through a portal that randomly spawns in the desert. The dungeon is recommended for level 56+ and contains elite monsters that drop rare and unique items.



Valencia Part III

The Valencia Part III update is currently not available on any version but is planned as a future update. It will include horse drawn Chariots with a cannon on the back and will expand the northern sea continent. You can also expect the Galleon ships to be added around this time along with other sea content.




Kamasylvia is another planned release which is currently not available on any other version. This will be another new region around the same size as Calpheon and will be located just south of Calpheon. The new region will be the “Elven forest” and will include the lore of the Elf race along with high level monsters.







There are also various other improvements planned, including joy pad support, interface changes, and content updates (Fishing, Cooking, Alchemy, Trading, etc.). We currently don’t know much about it, but there is also another region planned for the future which will be the Dwarven region, located south of Valencia and will be snowy/icy.

Youtubers (pvtwiggles) (Hakurai) (KineticGTR)

Twitch Streamers


Skill Calculator

Interactive Map


Guild Databases

Other Websites (Reddit) (Character Creations)  (Roleplayers) (German Roleplayers/Deutsche Rollenspiele) (German/Deutsch) (Polish/Polski) (Spanish/Español) (Italian/Italiano) (French/Français)

The Twitch Streamers and Youtubers on this list are all people who have stood out to us. If you are a Twitch Streamer or Youtuber and think you should be on our list, please leave a thread in our forums with your a link to your channel and we will check you out. It is possible that we could have accidentally missed you out! Since this is a guide specifically for new players, we only really want to add people who are actively trying to help new players learn the game. This can simply mean answering questions in chat or creating video guides.


  • Mar 3, 2016 @ 17:13 pm



    You can get your first donkey from a level 15 – 17 quest in Velia Town at the NPC “Igor Bartali”. Talk to him by pressing “R” then accept and complete the quest. As a reward you will be given an emblem which you give to a stable master in exchange for a donkey. Talk to the stable master and select “Stable” then “Register Item”. Right-click the emblem in your inventory and enter a name for your donkey.”

    You also get a donkey from a quest in Western Guard Camp, as well as a wagon, but I don’t know exactly what requirements there are. Are they linked to a level of crafting/trade or something? I received a donkey in CBT1 NA but wondered how I was missing it so long until I saw it offered at 15 finally in soft launch for NA.

    “On your second day of playing you should receive a horse emblem in your achievement window.”

    For western launch I don’t think this is active. I have played 3 days straight with Conqueror’s package and never received this.

  • Mar 3, 2016 @ 3:09 am

    On the western launch, the NPC search comes up well before 20.
    It is there at least by 14 that I remember.

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