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Workers Guide



Types of workers

Hiring workers

Worker Exchange

Working your workers

Feeding workers

Promotions and skills

Named Workers

Boatmen Workers



Workers in Black Desert Online are used to collect resources so you don’t have to spend your own energy. You can send them off to collect many types of resources such as ores, logs and other elementary items. Workers are also used to craft items from properties you have purchased such as refineries and shipyards.

Types of workers

The effectiveness of workers are split into 5 “grades”, just like items are. Effectiveness orders from (lowest to highest).

  • Naive workers
  • Basic workers
  • Skilled workers
  • Professional workers
  • Artisan workers

You can see the stats for every worker when you go to hire one. There are different races you can hire such as humans, giants and goblins. They all have different stat distributions; Goblins have low action strength but high work speed, which makes them great if you want the job done quickly. Giants are the opposite with low work speed and high action strength, making them useful for people who are often AFK. Humans are the middle ground between the two races with average work speed and action strength, but they also tend to be luckier.

The definitions for the stats are:

  • Work Speed
    • How fast your worker will work for each task.
  • Action Strength
    • How many jobs your worker can complete before he needs a good feed (food).
  • Luck
    • The likeliness of getting rare items while gathering.
  • Move Speed
    • How fast you worker will travel to places.


Hiring workers

Before you can hire any workers you need to have enough beds to sleep them in the town. To get beds you need to purchase “lodging” properties which requires CP (Contribution Points) to buy. To quickly find lodging properties at a particular town using the filter located top right of your town interface. The town interface is accessible by pressing the map (“M” by default) and clicking on the town you want.

For more information on purchasing property have a look at our purchasing property section.

Every city and some towns should have a “Worker” NPC where you can go to hire new workers. You can find the closest Work Supervisor NPC by pressing the magnifying glass located next to your mini-map in the top left corner of your screen.

Once you find the NPC, talk to him and there should be an option to contract workers. 

It will cost 5 energy points to have a look at your workers stats. If you don’t like the worker you get, you will have to spend an additional 5 energy for another one by clicking on “View Another”.

You can see the name and type of worker you get on the top. Here I have a Skilled Goblin worker with 65 work speed, 4 moving speed, 5 luck and 8 stamina.

Click “Hire Worker” and that worker is now yours!

The worker you hire will be stuck in the town you hire it in. If you really need a worker to work at another city, you will have to connect the two cities together via nodes and your worker has to travel there and back.

Worker Exchange

At the Work Supervisor NPC, you an also view the worker exchange, where you can buy and sell your workers.

You can see all of the information about the worker, such as their level, location, grade, race, stats, skills, available promotions and price. You must have lodging at the location to buy them and can only pay using your storage or inventory silver. The price is dependant on the level, grade and skills of the worker. You can register your own workers by clicking the “register” button but you can only register workers at that particular city/town and they must have full action points. 

Working your workers

Before you can get your worker to work you need to find something for it to do. Once you have identified a resource you want to work on you have to connect it to the town. To do this you have to link the node with the resource to the town node. For information on nodes click here.

Once the adventure node AND the production node is invested in, there should be a golden thread linking the production node to the town. To get your workers working on the resource just click on the production node and this interface should come up.


The interface shows you the available workers that can work in the production node. It also shows you the duration and the number of times you want to job to be repeated. If you click on “(1)change” the game will prompt you to state how many times you want the job repeated. In this case, the maximum times a job can be repeated is constrained by the action strength of your worker.

Every time your worker finishes its job, it will put the gain in your warehouse. Remember to have enough space in your warehouse for your new items or you will just lose it. If you log out and your worker is still working, it will continue to work on its current job but it will not continue with the next.

Another type of work your worker can do is processing. In refineries you need workers to work Crude Stone into Blackstone Powder. To do this, you click on your refinery that you have purchased and just click “Production Management”. This should be very similar to other types of processing households.


Feeding Workers

Your workers will run out of energy after a while depending on their action strength. You will have to feed them specific items to replenish there energy.  You can buy these items in the Consumables > Food section at the market place or you can craft them. Have a look at our auction house guide and recipes for more information.


Chance of:
Cool Draft Beer 
(Skilled Lv 1)
Sugar x1,
Leavening Agent
Mineral Water x6,
(Wheat/Barley/Corn/Potato/Sweet Potato) x5
Worker recovers 2 (3) action points

Chance of:
Refined Oatmeal 
(Skilled Lv 9)
Milk x3,
Onions x3,
Cooking Honey x2,
Flour x9
Worker recovers 5 (6) action points
Fish Fillet Chip

Chance of:
Mouth-watering Fish Fillet Chip 
(Skilled Lv 9)
Flour x7,
Salt x2,
White Sauce x3,
Dried Fish x2
Worker recovers 5 (6) action points
icon Freekeh Snake Stew

Chance of:
Thick Freekeh Snake Stew
(Professional Lv 1)
Snake Meat x3,
Freekeh x6,
Star Anise x2,
Mineral Water x5
Worker recovers 5 (6) action points
Cheese Pie
(Apprentice Lv 6)


Chance of:
High-Quality Cheese Pie
(Professional Lv 3)

Cheese x7,
Butter x3,
Egg x3,
Dough x4
Worker recovers 7 (8) action points

You can feed all of your workers at once by pressing “M” to open the world map, clicking the worker icon in the bottom left, then “recover all” and selecting the food you want to feed them. 

Promotions and skills

At level 10, 20 and 30, a worker gains the chance to complete a promotion test to attempt to move up a grade. The promotion test stack so you don’t have to promote the worker straight away and it is rumored that there is a higher chance the worker will pass the test if they are higher level. There is nothing to prove this and I personally have never noticed any difference based on level. If you do want to wait I would advise promoting them at level 25 or higher. 

Every time you promote your worker, it will have to sit an exam for 24 hours. Also, you can only promote one worker at a time. The promotion icon can be seen next to the “Recovery” button on the status bar.



Skills can be earned as the worker levels up and each worker can have up to 7 skills. The worker will start with one skill then receive another every 5 levels. They can be seen when you hover your cursor over your workers in the list. There you can see the hidden and unlocked skills your worker has. Obtaining skills is completely random, but when a worker reaches level 30 and is either artisan or has failed all of his promotion tests, you can change the skills he has when he reaches 50% experience. Below is a list of all possible worker skills:

Named Workers

Named Workers are NPCs that you can hire. Named Workers are yellow grade (professional) and have special abilities. However, you must earn 500 amity with the NPC beforehand to be able to hire them using a special contract which costs 500,000 silver.

If you are unsure of how to earn amity with an NPC, check out our story exchange guide.

It’s also important to note that Named Workers cannot be promoted to artisan/legendary rank and are bound to the city that is listed in their contract. You can however, have multiple of the same worker if you repeat the mini-game with the NPC. Named Workers are also better than the level 1 workers you can hire at a Work Supervisor.

Below is a list of all the possible Named Workers you can hire.

Green stats are highlighted to show the best possible worker for that particular stat.

Click the NPCs name to view their location on our map.







   WRK. SPEED   

   MOV. SPEED   



Parcci Finto Farm Velia Giant Node work speed +5 45 2.5 5 30
Sterie Balenos Forest Velia Giant Refinery specialty work speed +5 40 2.5 5 30
Novara Toscani Farm Velia Human Additional processing (+2) when making a crop crate50 3 15 15
Vongole Loggia Farm Velia Goblin 30% chance of increasing recovery by +3 during recovery 70 4 5 10
Darifu Bartali Farm Velia Goblin Ship/Carriage/Horse gear production speed +5 80 3.5 5 10
Bravant Trent Trent Goblin Additional processing (+2) when making a mineral crate75 4.5 5 8
Tarte Gabino Farm Trent Human Tool production speed +5 50 3.2 15 15
Sixto Keplan Keplan Human Cannon/Siege weapon production speed +5 45 2.5 10 25
Khaora Falres Dirt Farm Keplan Goblin Refinery work speed +5 70 4 10 10
Acher Extraction Mill Heidel Giant Reform speed +5 50 2 5 30
Diochre Elda Farm Heidel Giant Gives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting material 55 2.5 5 25
Alzath Moretti Plantation Heidel Human Work speed +5 45 3 20 13
Torres Alejandro Farm Heidel Goblin Gives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting material 75 3.5 5 12
Jugruta Lynch Ranch Heidel Goblin Additional processing (+2) when making a timber crate85 4 5 8
Bercchio Northern Wheat Plantation Calpheon Giant Furniture production speed +5 40 2.8 5 30
Navara Abandoned Land Calpheon Giant Polishing workshop speed +5 60 3 15 15
Tirol Dias Farm Calpheon Goblin Mass production speed +5 90 3.5 5 5
Bohamuti Ahto Farm Tarif Giant  Tool production speed +5  50 2.5 5 25
Jamure Kasula Farm Tarif Goblin Node work speed +5 70 3.5 5 12
Kudran Shuri Farm Altinova Human  Gives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting material  45 3 20  13
Sakun Omar Lava Cave Altinova Giant Mass production speed +5 45 2  5  30
Savarin Stonetail Horse Ranch Altinova Goblin Refinery specialty work speed +5 85 4 5 8
 Digh Erdal Farm  Shakutu  Goblin Mass production speed +5 80 4 5 8
 Aktor  Valencia Plantation  Sand Grain Bazaar Giant Additional processing (+2) when making a crop crate 45 2  5  30
 Sateeshi  Fohalam Farm  Sand Grain Bazaar Human Refinery specialty work speed +5 45 3 20  13
 Feo Bazaar Farmland Valencia Goblin Ship/Carriage/Horse gear production speed +5 70 3.5  5 12
 Dalib  Shakatu  Valencia  Giant Ship/Carriage/Horse gear production speed +5  55 2.5  5  25
 Kadier Atlas Farmland  Valencia  Human Cannon/Siege weapon production speed +5  45 3 20  13


Boatmen Workers

You can use workers on an Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate and Guild Galley to increase your ship stats. There is only one slot for a worker on your ship and you can choose which of the following workers you would like to use:

  • Sailor Contract: Boatman Tarte
    • Sold by Tarte
    • Location: Gabino Farm, Calpheon
    • Requires 500 Amity
    • Price: 1,000,000 silver
    • Increases stat: Acceleration +1%
  • Sailor Contract: Boatman Khaora
    • Sold by Khaora
    • Location: Falres Dirt Farm, Keplan
    • Requires 500 Amity
    • Price: 1,000,000 silver
    • Increases stat: Turn +1%
  • Sailor Contract: Boatman Bravant
    • Sold by Bravant
    • Location: Trent
    • Requires 500 Amity
    • Price: 1,000,000 silver
    • Increases stat: Speed +1%
  • Sailor Contract: Boatman Berocchio
    • Sold by Berocchio
    • Location: Northern Wheat Plantation, Calpheon
    • Requires 500 Amity
    • Price: 1,000,000 silver
    • Increases stat: Braking +1%

To promote the workers, you will need 1000 Amity with Philaberto Falasi in Epheria. This will unlock the Boatman Promotion quests which you must complete to gain the skilled contracts, increasing the worker stats to +2%. Contracts will last 7 days and must be renewed. 

This guide was written by Ranjiko. Full credit goes to him for this amazing guide. If you are interested in writing guides to be featured on our website, send an email to


  • Jun 1, 2016 @ 13:38 pm

    @fogg Thank you for the heads up. I’ve added the extra workers as well as the ones for Valencia. Then I’ll go around later today and collect the stats for them 🙂

  • May 31, 2016 @ 20:01 pm

    Found on Reddit regarding Altinova workers:

    [–]Zorlak 1 point 20 days ago
    There are a few, but amity with them is a real pain in the ass. The ones I can recall are;
    Jamure, a goblin at Kasula Farm – Tarif
    Savarin, a goblin at Stonetail Horse Ranch – Altinova
    Kudran, a human at Shuri Farm – Altinova
    Bohamuti, a giant at Ahto Farm – Tarif
    Sakun, a giant at Omar Lava Cave – Altinova

  • Apr 14, 2016 @ 9:37 am

    Workers use only beer to recover, nothing else. Oathmeal and fish fillet is for yourself. Beer can be easily produced at your home. Some quests will also give you the option of getting a free beer. And yes, if you have not the intention to craft it yourself you can buy it at the marketplace.
    As for promoting; i would like to know if there are any conditions to get a guaranteed promotion or is this completely RNG? I tried to promote a green giant worker in Velia, but it failed after those 24 hours. And it seems you can only promote one time.
    By the way; since the Mediah update there is an extra option now at the person where you can hire workers. You can now register workers and it seems you can exchange them.

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