Family-Shared Inventory Guide

Family-Shared Inventory Guide

Nov 28 Tansie  
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Family-Shared Inventory is a new tab available in your character’s inventory once you have completed a family questline that requires level 60+. The family-shared Inventory is called the “Family Inventory” and any item you put in there can be accessed by all characters.

However, only certain consumables can be placed in your Family Inventory, such as:
  • Scrolls
  • Foods
  • Elxirs
  • Pet Food
  • Worker Recovery Food
Items that cannot be moved into the family inventory include:
  • Character bound items
  • Guild Shop items
  • Specific content related items (guild items, red battlefield items, savage rift, etc.)
  • Some event items
  • HP and MP potions (including infinite potions)
  • Villa Invitation Scrolls
*Items will specify in their description if they can be placed into the Family Inventory.

Questline Walkthrough

The first quest can be obtained from your Black Spirit under the suggested tab and is called [Shakatu’s Gift] Invitation. This is a family questline so once you do this on one character the inventory will be unlocked for all characters, and cannot be repeated on other characters.

You must be level 60+ to start this quest and will also need 10 million silver to buy a villa invitation needed to complete part of the questline. I also recommend bringing Pickled Vegatables x100 OR Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable x50.

The first quest will take you to Shakatu Town to speak with Shakatu. He will then give you a follow on quest that will lead you to speak to Dumaham, who is the villa keeper of Shakatu Villa.

Receive the next quest from Dumaham to begin the riddle. For this part you will need to buy a Villa invitation for Shakatu Villa and interact with various items inside the building to receive 9 items in total. After collecting each piece, arrange them in a special pattern to combine them together and complete the quest.

You can click the images below to enlarge them. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings to help you find the exact locations of the items.

Item #1: Ground floor, turn right when you enter and go to the back room (near Liam)

Item #2: Ground floor, turn left when you enter and go to the back room (near Liam), opposite side of item #1

Item #3: Ground floor, turn left when you enter and stand on the bed to interact with the decoration

Item #4: Upper Floor, left side bookcase (near Serazad)

Item #5: Upper Floor, same room as item #4

Item #6: Upper Floor, same room as the last, but the back of the room through the 2 archways

Item #7: Upper Floor, can be found on the desk behind Serazad

Item #8: Upper Floor, vase on the table next to Serazad

Item #9: Upper Floor, plant pot on the right side of the building near the stairs

You should now have all 9 pieces and can combine them by arranging them in your inventory. This will give you an item that you can take back to Dumaham.

Dumaham will then give you another quest which requires you to feed a specific elephant in Shakatu. For this part of the quest you will need Pickled Vegatables x100 OR Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetable x50 (which is the blue proc version). You only need to hand over one version and not both.

After handing over the Pickled Vegetables, you will be given a follow up quest from the elephant. Simply go back to Shakatu to hand in the quest item from earlier. You will be given a Family Inventory Expansion Slot +2 Box and can right-click this item to unlock your family Inventory.

How to use your Family Inventory

Now that you have unlocked your family Inventory, you can open it and deposit or withdraw items from it at any time. The Family Inventory is accessed from a new tab in your inventory.

Items that can be placed into your family Inventory will have a special description on them.

To deposit and withdraw items, you can either click and drag them into your bag, or you can click the “Move Items” button to be able to right-click an item and move it (right-clicking items without the “Move Items” button highlighted will make you use the item). The “Move Items” button will also highlight any items that can be placed in the family inventory, so you can see them more clearly.

Expanding your Family Inventory

After completing the quest to unlock the Family Inventory, you will start with 2 slots and a maximum weight of 100LT.

You can expand the amount of slots to a maximum of 28 slots, however the weight limit cannot be increased.

Currently, the only way to expand your Family Inventory slots is to buy expansion scrolls from the Pearl Store or using your Loyalties.
  • Family Inventory +1 Expansion Coupon = 1,500 Loyalties
  • Family Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon = 800 Pearls

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