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Cooking is an important profession/life skill in Black Desert. It is used to create HP potions, food and drink (buffs), special packages, etc.

Check our Recipes list for Cooking

High Cooking skill can be quite profitable and is a great way to make money whilst AFK. All you really need to start, is a Cooking Utensil and a house to put it in. A basic Cooking Utensil can be bought from a food merchant for 1,000 silver, crafted using a Tool Workshop or bought from the Auction house.

After you have acquired a stove and placed it in your house, you can interact with it by pressing the R button to open the cooking window. Here you can select ingredients to cook or select a food/drink from the recipe list of dishes, which will be highlighted in blue. The recipe list will not tell you the ingredients for items you have not prepared before.

When you prepare some dishes, you have a chance of earning a higher item grade. Higher item grades will give you a higher food buff.

There are 5 item grades (lowest to highest):

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange

All dishes in our Cooking recipes list are the lowest craft-able grade for that item. The highest grade you can cook with all basic dishes is yellow grade, and specials have a chance to be orange grade.

You may also occasionally receive “trash” items which can be exchanged for other cooking ingredients, contribution EXP , cooking EXP, or silver.

How to mass produce

To mass produce a recipe, you simply go to your Cooking Utensil in your house and press “R” to use it. Right-click your ingredients and make sure you enter ingredients for 1 result. (Entering more will consume all of your ingredients and only give you 1 result.

Next click “Produce continuously”.


Click “Yes” then enter the amount you wish to make. You can click “Maximum quantity” or press “F” to cook as many as possible. Then click “OK” and you will automatically make as many as you have ingredients or energy for.


Imperial Cooking

Imperial Cooking Packages are created by going to the crafting/processing window (L) then selecting “Imperial Cooking”. You must be in channel 1 to craft them and need a profession rank of Apprentice (Trainee) Lv.1 or higher to make.


Icon Result Rank Required Dishes Prices
Trainee Package Apprentice Lv.1 Meat Stew x15 Base: 5,100 Delivery:12,750
Trainee Package Apprentice Lv.1 Fried Fish x10, Exotic Grain Wine x5 Base: 2,250 Delivery: 5,625
Skilled Package Skilled Lv.1 Steak x15 Base: 10,500 Delivery: 26,250
Skilled Package Skilled Lv.1 Fruit Pudding x20 Base: 6,800 Delivery: 17,000
Skilled Package Skilled Lv.1 Soft Bread x10, Fruit Juice x5 Base: 3,650 Delivery: 9,125
Skilled Package Skilled Lv.1 Life Saeal x10, Oatmeal x5  Base: 3,700 Delivery: 9,250
Professional Package Experienced Lv.1 Meat Pie x10, Steamed Seafood x10 Base: 14,520 Delivery: 36,300
Professional Package Experienced Lv.1 Scented Tea x10, Honeycomb Cookies x10 Base: 27,610 Delivery: 69.025
Professional Package Experienced Lv.1 Omelette x25 Base: 13,475 Delivery: 33,687
Professional Package Experienced Lv.1 Seafood Pasta x20 Base: 17,600 Delivery: 43,750
Artisan Package Artisan Lv.1 Sumptuous Seafood Steamed (blue rarity) x10, Meat Croquet x15 Base: 32,580 Delivery: 81,450
Artisan Package Artisan Lv.1 Fruit Wine x20, Meat Pie x10 Base: 37,920 Delivery: 94,800
Artisan Package Artisan Lv.1 Honey Week x20 Base: 30,960 Delivery: 77,400
Artisan Package Artisan Lv.1 Desert Dumpling x30 Base: 57,270 Delivery:143,175
Masters Package Master Lv.1 Can Techa x50 Base: 73,500 Delivery:183,750
Masters Package Master Lv.1 Fish Fillet ChIps x20, Thick Juicy Steak (blue rarity) x10 Base: 19,200 Delivery: 48,000
Masters Package Master Lv.1 Sweet Fruit Wine (blue rarity) x15, Crispy Meat Croquet (blue rarity) x15 Base: 27,600 Delivery: 69,000
Masters Package Master Lv.1 Dark Blood Pudding (yellow rarity) x20 Base: 63,000 Delivery:157,700

To deliver them you must take them to one of the following NPCs shown on the maps shown below. There are 2 more Imperial Cooking NPCs in Valencia and Altinova. I’m not currently aware of the exact locations. If you have any information about this please post a comment in the comment section below.





You can then sell your Cooking package by clicking the middle button to open the trading window.


Make sure you are on the “Food” tab then click “Sell” in the top right.


There is a limit to how many of the same package the NPC will buy. This is approximately 250 for each and resets every 4 – 12 hours. You can see the maximum number of packs you can sell by “Remaining”. If the NPC will not accept the delivery package, try another or swap channels.

Golden Seals (Cooking) can be collected by handing in Imperial Cooking packages. Collect them to exchange for one of the following items:

  • 250 seals: Ancient Kamel Statue
  • 280 seals: Hardened Leather Saddle of Storm
  • 400 seals: Black Essence (Socket): Max HP +100, Weight Limit +20LT, Damage Reduction +2
  • 400 seals: Fine Horse Trainer’s Clothes

You can exchange them at the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC “Pasvinder” in Hidel.


Tips & Making Money

Tips for leveling your Cooking:

  • Cooking quests are great to start leveling your profession. Your Black Spirit can help you find them at any time by clicking “Guide”.
  • Some recipes will give you “trash” items. These can be exchanged for cooking experience.
  • Using the Cooking Merchant costume will decrease the time it takes to cook. Enchanting this costume will also increase the amount of profession experience you earn.
  • Recipes that require more processing will give you more profession experience. For example: crafting “Beer” for workers requires 3 items that can be bought from the shop and 1 item that doesn’t require any preparation. You’ll find that cooking something like “Cheese Pie” gives more experience because you have to create the dough, cheese and butter beforehand.

Tips for making money:

  • At first you’ll find it very hard to make a profit. You’ll also need lots of inventory space, weight, contribution and energy. It is however worthwhile at the higher ranks and can be extremely profitable.
  • Once you get to Masters level the best package to create is “Sute Tea”.

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