Cooking Guide

Cooking Guide

Feb 28 Tansie  
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Cooking is an important life skill in Black Desert. It is used to create food which provide various buffs when consumed.

Check our Recipes list for Cooking

High Cooking skill can be quite profitable and is a great way to make money whilst AFK. All you really need to start, is a Cooking Utensil and a house to put it in. A basic Cooking Utensil can be bought from a food merchant for 1,000 silver, crafted using a Tool Workshop or bought from the Central Market.

After you have acquired a cooking utensil and placed it in your house, you can interact with it by pressing the R button to open the cooking window. Here you can select ingredients to cook or select a food/drink from the recipe list of dishes. The recipe list will not tell you the ingredients for items you have not prepared before.

When you prepare some dishes, you have a chance of earning a higher item grade.

There are 5 item grades (lowest to highest):

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange

      All dishes in our Cooking recipes list are the lowest craft-able grade for that item. The highest grade you can cook with all basic dishes is yellow grade, and specials have a chance to be orange grade.


      Cooking Utensils

      Ideally you want to use Advanced Cooking Utensils for the cooking time reduction and because of it’s high durability but this is really one of the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to cooking. You may have a hard time buying this utensil off the marketplace and should make them yourself. The other alternative is to use the Intermediate Cooking Utensil which has less durability but does not give the cooking time reduction.

      The base Cooking Utensil and the Balenos Traditonal Cooking Utensils can be bought from a cooking vendor for the prices listed below.

      Item Name Durability Effect Cost to buy Workshop Workshop Recipe
      Cooking Utensil
      100 1,000 Level 1 Tool Workshop Rough Stone x15
      Melted Iron Shard x10
      Black Stone Powder x2
      Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil
      500 Cooking time +5 sec 50,000 Level 1 Tool Workshop Rough Stone x8
      Melted Iron Shard x10
      Black Stone Powder x10
      Intermediate Cooking Utensil
      500 Level 2 Tool Workshop Rough Stone x25
      Log x10
      Melted Iron Shard x15
      Black Stone Powder x7
      Serendia Traditional Cooking Utensil
      1250 Cooking time +6 sec Level 2 Tool Workshop Rough Stone x15
      Log x20
      Melted Iron Shard x15
      Black Stone Powder x15
      Advanced Cooking Utensil
      900 Cooking time -1 sec Level 3 Tool Workshop Polished Stone x20
      Usable Scantling x5
      Melted Iron Shard x20
      Black Stone Powder x14
      Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil
      2000 Cooking time +7 sec Level 3 Tool Workshop Polished Stone x15
      Maple Plywood x8
      Melted Iron Shard x30
      Black Stone Powder x30


      Cooking Gear

      When cooking you really want to achieve the fastest possible cooking time. This is done using a combination of various buffs.

      Ideally, to get 1 second cooking time, you would want to use: Pearl store costume (-2s), Advanced Cooking Utensil (-1s), +3 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes (-4s), Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life (-1.4s) and Seafood Cron Mea (-0.6s). If you don’t have the pearl store costume you can use the Verdure Cron Elixir instead for -1 second and a +4 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes.

      Cooking Mastery clothes are not used for cooking because in most cases you need the Silver Embriodered Clothes to reach a 1 second cooking time. However, Mastery clothing is still used to hand in imperial cooking boxes for the extra bonuses.

      Item Name Cooking time How to obtain
      icon Teff Bread -0.3 sec Cooking (Beginner Lv.6)
      Recipe for one:
      Teff Flour x5,
      Mineral Water x3,
      Leavening Agent x2,
      Salt x2
      icon Teff Sandwich -0.5 sec Cooking (Professional Lv.1)
      Recipe for one:
      Teff Bread x1,
      Freekeh Snake Stew x1,
      Grilled Scorpion x1,
      Red Sauce x3
      icon Seafood Cron Meal -0.6 sec Processing window (L) > Simple Cooking
      Recipe for one:
      Balenos Meal x3,
      Calpheon Meal x3,
      Margoria Seafood Meal x1,
      Ancient Cron Spice x1
      icon Alchemy Stone of Life -0.5 to -2 sec
      depending on alchemy stone
      Alchemy (Skilled 5)
      Recipe for one:
      Shining Powder x8,
      Blood of the Sinner x5,
      Powder of Time x6,
      Pure Powdered Reagent x9,
      Clear Liquid Reagent x9
      icon Life Spirit Stone -1.1 sec Dropped from monsters in Kamaslyvia region
      icon Verdure Draught -1 sec Processing window (L) > Simple Cooking
      Worker’s Elixir x3,
      Elixir of Swiftness x3,
      Elixir of Time x3,
      Tears of the Falling Moon x1
      icon Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes
      (up to +5 enhancement)
      -1 to -7 sec depending on enhancement Costume Mill (Level 1)
      Cotton Fabric x9,
      Powder of Earth x10,
      Black Stone Powder x15
      icon Canape Costume Set -2 sec Pearl Store (F3) > Apparel > Costume
      (2,900 pearls)


      How to start cooking

      To batch produce a recipe, you simply go to your Cooking Utensil in your house and press “R” to use it. Right-click your ingredients and make sure you enter ingredients for 1 result. (Entering more will consume all of your ingredients and only give you 1 result.

      Next click “Batch Production”.

      Click “Yes” then enter the amount you wish to make. You can click “Maximum quantity” or press “F” to cook as many as possible. Then click “OK” and you will automatically make as many as you have ingredients or energy for.



      Imperial Cooking Boxes

      Imperial Cooking boxes must be crafted by opening your processing window (L) then selecting Imperial Cuisine. The amount of boxes you can hand in each day depends on your current Contribution Points and is shared for both alchemy and cooking.

      To calculate how many you can hand in, divide your total contribution points by 2. So if you have 300 contibution points, you can hand in up to 150 boxes per day.

      Imperial Cooking boxes weigh 50 LT each and you cannot sell the boxes if you are overweight. The amount of silver listed in the rewards is a base silver reward and will increase depending on your cooking mastery level, which is why you should wear cooking mastery clothing when handing in these boxes and popping a Seafood Cron Meal or Savory Steak to boost your mastery if needed. More information about mastery is listed further in the guide.

      Your daily turn-in limit resets with your servers daily reset. (You need to swap channels or log out/in to refresh daily turn-in limit.) The NPCs current limit resets every three hours. You can view the next reset on our website in the navigation bar and also set an alarm to be notified when the daily, or NPC limit resets

      I highly recommend taking a look at this Google Sheet or using Velia Inn which shows you the best boxes to make for profit. Prices are based on the EU market but you can make a copy of the sheet and change it to NA on the “Ello” tab.

      You choose ONE item to pack into a box. For example, if you are making the Apprentice Cooking Box you only need Teff Bread x390 OR High-Quality Carrot Juice x360. You don’t need all the items listed those are just alternatives you can use!!! You can also use the procs of the items. For example, you can use Spongy Teff Bread, which is the proc of Teff Bread and you only need 1/3 of the amount listed. So you can use Spongy Teff Bread x130 instead of Teff Bread x390


      Item Name Package ONE of the following Items Reward
      Apprentice’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Apprentice 1+)

      Teff Bread x390

      High-Quality Carrot Juice x360

      Special Carrot Juice x180

      Exotic Herbal Wine x180

      Fig Pie x60

      Smoked Fish Steak x180

      Fruit Juice x60

      Beer x60

      Fried Fish x90

      Grain Soup x45

      Five-Grain Chicken Porridge x30

      Boiled Bird Eggs x30

      Seafood Mushroom Salad x30

      Aloe Cookie x21

      Steamed Fish x30

      Fried Vegetables x15

      130,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      Skilled Cook’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Skilled 1+)

      Grilled Bird Meat x90

      Pickled Fish x120

      Date Palm Wine x60

      Honey Wine x60

      Fish Fillet Chips x75

      Fruit Wine x45

      Pistachio Fried Rice x36

      Seafood Grilled with Butter x36

      Fish Soup x33

      Tea With Fine Scent x21

      Steamed Seafood x30

      Fruit and Vegetable Salad x21

      Steamed Bird x18

      Seafood Pasta x18

      Omelet x18

      Stir-Fried Vegetables x18

      Delotia Juice x24

      200,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      Professional’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Professional 1+)

      Fruit Pie x24

      Fish Fillet Salad x24

      Steamed Prawn x24

      Fried Bird x24

      Meat Pie x21

      Aloe Yogurt x18

      Stir-Fried Seafood x21

      Desert Dumpling x18

      Roast Marmot x18

      Couscous x18

      Meat Stew x18

      Prawn Salad x18

      Freekeh Snake Stew x15

      Pickled Vegetables x18

      Soft Bread x15

      Fruit Pudding x15

      300,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      Artisan’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Artisan 1+)

      Coconut Cocktail x54

      Coconut Fried Fish x36

      Coconut Pasta x21

      Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt x21

      Teff Sandwich x18

      Pan-Fried Oyster x18

      Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich x15

      Meat Soup x15

      Delotia Tart x18

      Grilled Scorpion x15

      Borscht x15

      Grilled Sausage x15

      Cheese Pie x15

      Meat Pasta x15

      Lizard Kebab x15

      Steak x15

      Oatmeal x15

      400,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      Master’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Master 1+)

      Assorted Side Dishes x27

      Frank Sandwich x21

      Delotia Milk Tea x21

      Sute Tea x18

      Milk Tea x18

      Skewered Llama Cheese Melt x18

      Cheese Gratin x18

      Stir-Fried Meat x18

      Hunter’s Salad x18

      Honeycomb Cookie x18

      Lean Meat Salad x18

      Meat Croquette x18

      Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat x18

      Stir-Fried Bracken x18

      Delotia Pudding x18

      King of Jungle Hamburg x15

      Meat Sandwich x15

      Ham Sandwich x15

      Dark Pudding x15

      Ghormeh Sabzi x15

      Savory Steak x15

      550,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      Guru’s Cooking Box

      (Cooking Guru 1+)

      Kamasylvia Meal x33

      Margoria Seafood Meal x21

      Butter-Roasted Lobster x21

      Serendia Meal x21

      Valencia Meal x18

      Special Drieghanese Meal x18

      Knight Combat Rations x18

      Calpheon Meal x18

      Mediah Meal x15

      O’Dyllita Meal x15

      Khalk’s Fermented Wine x12

      Hard-Boiled Shellfish x12

      Special Arehaza Meal x27

      Balenos Meal x24

      800,000 Silver

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine] x1

      After crafting your cooking box, you can hand them in at an Imperial Cooking NPC at one of the locations show below (click tabs for each location):


      Witch’s Delicacy (Cooking Byproduct)

      Witch’s Delicacy can randomly drop whilst cooking. According to players it has a drop rate of around 2%, meaning you are likely to get one for every 50 dishes you cook.

      Once you’ve collected 10 of them, you can exchange them at Nadia Rowen in Olvia for one of the following:

      iconWitch’s Delicacy x10 iconBeer x500
      iconMilk x120
      iconContribution EXP 900 and Cooking EXP 30

      I highly recommend choosing either Milk or Contribution EXP. Milk is difficult to obtain since it has to be gathered by hand and is a bottleneck for cooking, whilst the Contribution EXP you earn from cooking is one of the easiest ways to boost your CP.

      Cooking Mastery

      For a full look into life skill masteries I recommend taking a look at our guide which explains how to get all the gear and how many points each piece gives.

      Higher Cooking Mastery has the following benefits:

      • You will receive more profit for Imperial Cooking Boxes (up to 114.9%).
      • The chance to obtain the maximum amount of food per cooking will increase up to 61.1% (e.g. if you get 1 to 4 results when cooking a certain food, the chance to get 4 will increase
      • The chance to obtain higher grade food will increase up to 19.3% max.
      • You will have a chance of Mass Cooking occuring. This means you will be able to cook in larger batches. (e.g. you will use x10 materials at once and get x10 food at once, but the durability of your Cooking Utensil will only decrease by 1). The chance of this occuring can increase up to 100% depending on your total Cooking Mastery points.

      However, mastery gear is not typically used when cooking because it is hard to obtain 1 second cooking time without wearing a Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes. The mastery gear is still used though for handing in cooking boxes.

      Emergancy food quests have also been added which will pop up at random times whilst you are cooking. Emergancy food quests require you to cook x1 of the food you are already cooking and then turn it in to an NPC. As a reward, you will receive a large amount of cooking ingredients.

      For example: [Emergency] Food for Calpheon Slum will require one random food among three types of food. The rewards are either 1000 Eggs or 1000 Milk.

      Food recipes to increase Cooking Mastery:

      Food Requirement Ingredients Effects
      Savory Steak Cooking Professional Lv. 1
      Cooking Mastery 250 points
      Lion Meat x4,
      Fig x5,
      Cooking Wine x2,
      Pepper x3
      All Life Skill Mastery +10 Points
      for 45 minutes
      Seafood Cron Meal None
      (Processing > Simple Cooking)
      Blaenos Meal x3,
      Sute Tea x3
      Savory Steak x1,
      Ancient Cron Spice x1
      All Life Skill Mastery +25 Points,
      Life Skill EXP +5%,
      Movement Speed +2,
      Max Weight Limit +100LT
      for 120 minutes



      What recipe should I use for Contribtuion Point EXP?

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      Cook Essence of Liquor, Vinegar, or Grilled Bird Meat.
      The recipes for these are below:

      • Essence of Liquor: Leavening Agent x1 + Grain Flour x1 + Fruit x1
      • Vinegar: Leavening Agent x1 + Grain x1 + Fruit x1 + Sugar x1
      • Grilled Bird Meat: Chicken Meat x2 + Deep Frying Oil x6 + Salt x1 + Cooking Wine x2

      Grain = Wheat, Barley, Potato, Sweet Potato or Corn
      Fruit = Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Banana or Pineapple

      You will get an item called Witch’s Delicacy and once you have of these you can exchange them for Contribution Point EXP from Nadia Rowen in Olvia.

      I also recommend using this calculator to work out how long it will take you to reach your CP goal! Gaining CP through cooking can be slow and you shouldn’t expect great results overnight, but it is still an AFK activity.

      How do I get 1 second cooking time?

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      Use an Advanced Cooking Utensil, Pearl store costume, +3 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life, Seafood Cron Meal.

      If you are using an Intermediate Cooking Utensil, or don’t have the pearl store costume, you can use a +4 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes and Verdure Cron Elixir.

      Shouldn't I use Life Skill Mastery clothing?

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      For cooking it’s really important to achieve the 1 second cooking time, this is hard to obtain whilst wearing the mastery clothing because the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothing greatly reduces cooking time.

      Mastery clothing is still used when handing in cooking boxes for the extra profit the mastery bonus gives.

      How often do special recipes proc?

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      When crafting yellow grade meals (such as the valencia meal) they can proc and become orange grade “special” meals. The proc rate starts at 15% and can go up to a maximum of 30% once you are over 10 cooking levels over the required level to cook the recipe. In other words, if the recipe requires master 1+ to cook, you will have a 15% chance of getting a special proc. If you are master 11 or higher you will have a 30% chance to get the special proc.

      What substitutions can I use whilst cooking?

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      You can subsitute some ingredients when cooking. There are exceptions to the rule but here are some guidelines you can follow:

      – 1 ingredient of green grade can be replaced by 2-3 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
      – 1 ingredient of blue grade can be replaced by 3-5 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
      – 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried fish and vice versa.
      – 1 dried fish will usually work for most recipes where 1 fresh fish is required.

      What should I cook for profit?

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      For profit you should start cooking the meals to pack into imperial cooking boxes for your current cooking level. You can buy the meals straight from the market but this really starts to cut into your profit. Cooking goes very well with farming as well to obtain materials that are more of a bottleneck, such as onions and garlic, and doing these together can increase your overall silver per day.

      Pickled vegetables for the Professional Cooking Boxes are a great start. The only thing you can’t buy from a vendor is grain for the vinegar, which you should be gathering with your workers.

      Sute Tea is also relatively easy for the Master Cooking Boxes. It requires butter, milk and Cooking Honey to make. Although milk is never in stock on the market, butter usually is, so you can gather your own milk and Cooking Honey, and then save your resources by just buying the butter.

      I highly recommend taking a look at this Google Sheet or using Velia Inn which shows you the best boxes to make for profit. Prices are based on the EU market but you can make a copy of the sheet and change it to NA on the “Ello” tab.

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